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~*Weekly Chat Thread for Dec. 28th - Jan. 3rd*~

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Nausea has me avoiding putting turkey stock in bags for the freezer, but otherwise I am keeping on keeping on. All the in-laws are here and are great with the kids.

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I can't imagine making turkey stock at the moment. I'm still going from intense nausea to raging hunger.


I set up my first midwife appointment for January 15 :) I wanted to wait until after my u/s on Jan 3....still holding my breath until then!

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I woke up today feeling way better than I have in like a week.  Not sure whether to be elated or terrified.  This pregnancy has been kicking my butt so far, so it's nice to not wake up feeling like total garbage.  On the other hand... garbage always was a bit reassuringshrug.gif  I have usually felt better sooner than most, but this is early even for me.  (I'm just 7 weeks today - usually m/s stops around 9-10 weeks for me.)  Well, we'll see what the day holds.


Leigh, I'm impressed that you made the stock to begin with!  If not for DH, no one in the house would be eating.  :)

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Well, I wrote too soon.  I'm back to feeling like garbage.  Feel bad when I don't eat, feel bad when I do eat.  Sigh.  But I'm happy to be able to complain about it.  redface.gif

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I told myself no need for ultrasounds this pregnancy, but now I am dying to have an early u/s and even made an appointment for one on Jan 9. I will be 7 weeks and just REALLY want to see a little flickering heart. But I know it's not necessary. Such ambivalence over this! Anyone else struggle with the decision to get one?

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Oh yes, totally, HippieIncognito! I'm seeing an Ob for the first trimester (for insurance reasons) before switching to MWs and I've heard this Ob has an in-house u/s machine that he basically uses every appointment. My first appointment is 1/14 and I totally go back and forth between wanting the u/s and not wanting it. I'll also be just on the verge of being able to hear the hb by Doppler (9.5 weeks by LMP, but I usually ovulate early and measure ahead), so maybe he'll humor me and try that first. If I can hear it by Doppler, I won't be so anxious about having an u/s. anyway, that was a long way of saying I am totally with you!
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By the way, is anyone else checking the Forums periodically to see if a September DDC is up? I know it's crazy, but I just can't wait to not be the newest anymore smile.gif
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I've had 5 miscarriages before this pregnancy - most around 9 weeks (but found out the heartrate was very low and growth was slow about 7 weeks). My RE does early u/s to make sure everything is ok (not ectopic, etc.). They give me HUGE reassurance. It's very hard to be so stressed out. My midwife last time told me that if an u/s takes away my stress and anxiety - it's worth it! I had 3 m/c before DD as well.  I wish I could just trust my body but to be honest I've unfortunately lost all confidence in myself :(

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Carmen, you have been through so much!  I am wishing all the best for you! 


This morning we went out to run a few errands and while I did eat a small breakfast, after the first store I turned to DH and said, "I realize it's not even 11:00 yet but I NEED to eat."  NExt stop was the mall food court eat.gif


Mostly I want to eat.  But I am not craving anything sweet, which is very unusual for me.  Typically I am eating anything with sugar I can find (pregnant or not - ha!)  I'm praying that means this one is a boy (have two DDs) but it's probably too early for that kind of wishing.  

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I had hoped for no ultrasounds this pregnancy but then when I went in and me wanted to do one to date my pg bc of irregular periods I agreed... Then found out about the possibility of twins and so now already have a second us scheduled for the 7th. And I absolutely cannot wait to get this to find out if there are in fact two!!!
I find it crazy how quickly I changed my mind. I will likely not HB if I am having twins either which is a total bummer. Still going for my consult w HB mw to discuss though...
I'm having nausea on and off mixed with intense cravings. It's so strange to me. I never had cravings with the other two and it was either full on nausea or none at all. I'm getting a strange mix of all kinds do things with this pregnancy.
So happy to have this forum to share and learn from! Hugs mamas!
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Hey mamas!!  I just had my OB appt. this am and we heard a heartbeat!!!!  174bpm!!  Yay!!!joy.gif  So exciting!!  And we told DS who was very excited as well.  So fun!!  I was surprised he found it at 9 weeks.  Dopplers must be getting more sensitive.  No u/s since he found the heartbeat and says there is only one in there. 


Oh, and nausea is gone and I'm starting to feel better, looking forward to the 2nd trimester energy.  Happy day!!

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Congrats FarmerCathy!


I am so jealous of all of you further along. I can't wait for my u/s, it isn't until Jan. 7, at which point I'll be just shy of 7 weeks. I'm so incredibly nervous. After 3 losses, I can't imagine not having an early ultrasound!

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Very ambivalent about ultrasounds here, too. My last pregnancy (first baby), I wouldn't do u/s until I was 41 weeks and I started feeling fearful. I wouldn't take nausea meds and I barely agreed to Doppler. I was planning on HB, but transferred to an OB/hospital at 41w6d. DS was born within hours! Ha.

Anyway, because I had a good experience at the end when I was so tired and helpless and exhausted after a long pregnancy, I just decided okay, let's just be open this time. So we had our dating u/s last week and it was so great to hear heartbeat and see a singleton in there! Plus, my OB prescribed phenergan, without which probably both my in-laws and I would be dead now. Ha.

So two different experiences and both worked for me at the time. I think ACOG still does not recommend routine use of u/s, but if it keeps your stress and fear level down, I think benefits outweigh the minor risks.
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hi everyone,

i'm with you mellybelly.  feeling terrible!!  i have horrible morning sickness.  this part is soooo hard.  hoping it passes quickly, but if it goes like before i have several weeks of feeling this way to go.  i'm 9 weeks today.  i see my midwife on jan. 3, hoping to hear the heartbeat like you all!  also hoping there's only one in there...  :). 

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Carmen, I know you feel with the anxiety about growth and such. I have had two ultrasounds already at 9 wks now, and each of them has taken away some of my worries. My friend is sending me my doppler that she borrowed, and I'm half-tempted to try it right away. Maybe I'll make DH hide it until 10 weeks, though.
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I'm jealous of all you ladies farther along! I'm only 5 weeks and wishing I was where you are now! smile.gif
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Me too, planegreen! I'm 6.5 weeks, and I wish I were farther along! I'm ready for this fatigue and ms to start receding!
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After my dating u/s, I found out I was 8 weeks instead of 6.5 and I was SO excited. Yep, I was pretty much in the heart of the beast then, but I knew I was that much closer to the nausea nightmare ending. Totally sympathize with you ladies! That said, I'm deep in the trenches at 9.5 weeks and I am not writing anyone postcards that say "wish you were here." Not even to my enemies (I don't really have any, but you know). Hang in there, ladies.
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Yay, farmercathy!! How exciting :) I think I was about 10 or 11 weeks when my midwife tried the doppler for the first time with DD. SUCH an amazing sound. I'm happy for you :)



coffeebean, I've thought about getting a home doppler but I'm worried if I couldn't find a hb that I would just get stressed out. 

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Yeah, no way should I ever own a doppler. Not only would I freak out if I couldn't IMMEDIATELY find the heartbeat, but I would also probably be using the silly thing every hour on the hour!

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