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It's noon, and I'm already XP for the day. This sucks.
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Originally Posted by Banana731 View Post

I wish my mom were here. She takes charge of the house and it works like a well oiled machine. She rocks.


Banana, my mom too. No fuss, it just gets cleaner and everything a little more put away.

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I seriously need to figure out what I'm going to wear to work on Wednesday and still hide this bean for another month. I have tubs full of clothes from friends, but the pants are all too big still. Oy.

Nausea seems to be slowly settling down for me, although still the worst in the morning until I can eat. I caught the same cold everyone else around here has, so the post nasal drip taste is super awesome... No more coffee for me as well, overnight it became repulsive to me.

My sister leaves today, then perhaps some snow shoe-ing or sledding with a friend tomorrow if the cold wind decides to die down. The house is a wreck, I have to clean it up before DH leaves next week on a business trip. It will be bare minimum while he's gone...

Happy new year everyone!
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GISDiva, I have been having good luck with skirts. I am wearing them a little higher, but they cover the bump and the waistband squishes it a little, without being uncomfortable.

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Sounds like you all mostly had good holidays, even if there is mess to deal with. My mom is a machine too. The woman is only ever in Canada to get a joint replaced (she has RA and lives in Africa), but somehow she just go go goes when she's with me. I feel sort of guilty, but then, I also really enjoy the clean walls and constant stream of clean dishes and laundry! She claims to enjoy it. Crazy lady. 

GISDiva - tunics, tunics and more tunics! Really. Unless you're unfortunate enough to work at one of those workplaces where tunics have been banned as "unprofessional". In that case, I have no suggestions. 

I have had some spotting/bleeding today, and am on the verge of hysterical. Although, another part of me is quite calm and rational about it. I still have m/s, which is reassuring. I've just never, in three past pregnancies, had any sort of spotting or bleeding. It was bright red this morning, and has just been streaks of brownish-red this afternoon. We did have sex last night, but, seriously, that's not *that* unusual, and it was not even close to "rough". I was feeling pretty confident prior to today, so maybe this is just to knock me down a peg or something. I hope. I see the midwife for the first time next Wednesday. I'm not sure how I'll wait until then, but we should be able to get heart tones with a doppler then (10w2d), and I know I'll feel better after that. Just gotta make it until next week! 

Any big plans for NYE? Those of you who are first time mamas, I think you should all go out and live it up (in a non-alcoholic sort of way!). Seriously, there is so much good coming your way, but this is the.end. of things like this for a few years! We're being very old and very boring. We have fondue for dinner, and I found a few Christmas crackers in the bottom of a bin when I was putting Christmas decorations away (heaven only knows how old they are! Could be 6+ years!). As luck would have it, there were exactly four: enough for each of us. I think the kids will get a kick out of it. Crackers are a huge part of Christmas and NYE for the English half of my family, and it's fun to hand those traditions along to our own children. I'm not doing very well with the French Canadian bits though, and that 3/4 of my kids' heritage. Ah! We use real maple syrup and have a few mealtime blessings we sing in french, but I don't think that quite cuts it!

Whatever your plans, I hope you all have a lovely night, and so, so much good to come in the new year. (eeeee!!! 2013!!)

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Sounds like you're doing okay to me, Quantum.

Happy New Year!
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Originally Posted by CraftyMcGluestick View Post

Oh Banana, all that math and meal calculating made me dizzy! Don't know if this is an option for you, but there is a web site called mealbaby.com where friends can sign up to bring dinners when you're sick or compromised or whatever. You can always offer to return the favor once you're up to it. I have done this a lot with my friends and it's usually no trouble to just make a bigger batch of what I was making anyway. And there's always takeout!
Well I'm 10 weeks today and can Ijust say: week 9 was from Hades! Argh! Not that I am magically better today, but week 9 with Christmas and everything was just intensely uncomfortable. At least this week, my son will be back at Montessori part-time (so I get a reprieve from most neglectful mother ever) and on Friday, a lady is coming to clean our pukey, filthy, barfy house. Although, bad news: I just filled my last refill for phenergan. At least the doctor's office will be open to make my case for more refills. So here's to silver linings!
Big hugs to everyone feeling bad. Leigh, like you, I'm probably in this for awhile, 30 weeks last time (before heartburn took over!), but surely this is the worst, right? Right? Somebody? God? smile.gif

I know, it sucks. I'd love to do a meal train, but then I'd have to let the cat out of the bag :/

It does get better eventually, though it seems like sooner for some than others greensad.gif
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Ugh...I have felt awful today. Nauseous and absolutely exhausted. Thankfully we are still at my in-laws and I have been able to nap a lot of the day. For me it's my MIL who is awesome, she cooks, cleans and runs the house like clockwork, and loves taking the girls. It is awesome to visit her and to have her visit! I am not even 7 weeks yet so I have a ways to go. We start homeschooling next week too, I am not sure how I am going to handle all that when I feel so useless!

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Although I am looking forward to a little normalcy in scheduling post-holidays, I am dreading going back to work. I am not ready to tell my co-workers yet, but how else can I explain that yes, I've been and still am sick since Thanksgiving almost? I guess the silver lining is that I am the boss and I don't have to explain anything to anyone if I just don't want to. Still, I like to be a good example and work as hard as anyone. I have some work trips coming up that I can't get out of, but otherwise I may just work from home and continue with my uniform of yoga pants and sweatshirt. The thought of getting dressed and drying my hair seriously exhausts me. Oh how far you can fall!

Happy New Year everyone! We just ordered Dominos and are watching the latest Batman on demand. Probably in bed by 10:30. Three cheers for keepin' it wild! smile.gif
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Originally Posted by CraftyMcGluestick View Post

Probably in bed by 10:30. Three cheers for keepin' it wild! smile.gif

Woo hoo!
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Happy New Year! We live in a very small neighborhood and this is the 4th year in a row we've had a rotating party - about 45 minutes at everyone's house with each one serving a different drink/food. DS goes to bed early so I can't leave, but we hosted our segment. It's like a whirlwind of partying coming through the house and then disappearing again. I'm still winding down from it. Luckily DS can sleep through quite a lot.
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Originally Posted by planegreen View Post

Stormikris, do you have a lot of options in your area?
That is nice you don't have to switch. There are several hospitals and a birth centre in my area. I just have to make a few calls to find out where I want to plan the birth.
Happy new year everyone. 13 is a lucky number hopefully 2013 follows suit.
To be honest I am having a really bad week emotionally. DH and I haven't been talking since we disagreed on parenting styles. I was already blue about not having found work yet. This has not helped at all. I feel so bad for this baby that I am feeling so depressed right now. I don't want to worry all my family in Canada so I am really feeling isolated in this too.
I am thankful to have you ladies to talk to.
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Stormikris, Are you a Canadian living 'down south" too?

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Dh and I made lobster mac and cheese for dinner tonight. My kitchen is disaster area, but I though it might be nice for New Years smile.gif
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Banana, that ordinarily would sound awesome. Lucky gal! I'm just pleased that I was able to make and eat dinner tonight: vegan black eyed peas, greens and cornbread. It's one of my absolute favorite dishes (funny since I'm a northern girl through and through), but I wasn't sure how it would go with the m/s. It went pretty well.

I'm actually feeling much better generally. It's still 2 weeks until my first appintment, so I'm trying to squelch any negative thoughts associated with reduction in symptoms, but honestly I'm pretty nervous.

How's everyone else feeling? I have been peeking into the hyperemesis thread since I was 5.5 weeks and feeling like death. I find you women so inspirational. I hope you find some respite soon.

Happy New Year, all. Sorry this is so fragmented. I'm typing on an iPhone and have a hard time writing anything of length.
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Anyone else dealing with round ligaments yet? I'm 9wks and realize it being number 5 makes everything earlier, but it caught me off-guard!

Still nauseous most of the day. Only getting sick sporadically, but not knowing when it will happen doesn't make it easier. :/

I don't feel like cooking but can't afford to eat out and still have four kids to feed. :/ I'm immensely exhausted, easily sleeping 12 hours and still tired. The exceedingly high stress from personal crises is not helping. greensad.gif Praying 2013 is a much, much better year!!!
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Melly, I'm making a vegetarian hoppin' John right now- cant wait to dig into it. The salty, peppery foods have been sitting well with me when other foods haven't.
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Melly that's funny about the greens and cornbread. I am from the south....I forgot all about that.

I am one of the hyperemesis mamas. I don't post much here, mostly cause I'm too weak and tired to type much, but I do read all the time and I wish you mamas the best. smile.gif
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Happy New year!  Just catching up here.  So glad to be able to check in and see how everyone's doing. I have my first OB appt today, very excited/nervous. just shy of 8 weeks so hoping they can find HB. If all is okay so far, will be looking into switching to a midwifery practice with birth center for this one, something else to look forward to. 


Mellybelly: Its hard to imagine anyone looking at me lately and describing it as "inspirational" but thank you!  I find the other mammas on the hg thread inspirational (and supportive) too.  

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Hey, lookee there, we're not the newbies anymore.  Sept DDC is up.  :)


And now I want greens and cornbread.  eat.gif

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