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soaked by morning (2yr old)

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I can double stuff a cloth diaper and its soaked through diaper, cover, clothes, and sheets by morning! How can I get a diaper to last till morning?

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If you overstuff pockets they tend to roll out exposing the microfleece and allowing for leakage.


Maybe try a larger sized diaper. Or we are really liking the Best Bottom diapers. I am using  a lg staydry insert with my 5mo, only thing that she won't leak through. They have a nighttime option too with more layers.

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I use a bamboo and a microfiber insert for my 2 year old. He's a heavy wetter, and it's VERY rare we have leaks at night :) 

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Mother Ease bamboo fitted with a Blueberry cover. Or workhorse fitteds from Green Mountain Diapers, with a cover.
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I had similar problems with my ds's. ended up using hemp diapers with extra hemp inserts and a wool cover (I think the wool cover was really the key). Oh, and also try putting a felted wool blanket under the sheets to protect your mattress. Good luck!
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Mother ease AIO. Looks ugly but absorbed 2 cups in our at home tests...the most of any diaper we own. And we own a lot of diapers!
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I agree that overstuffing a pocket can compromise the fit and the pee just rolls out.

We have two options for my heavy night wetter. My son pees only at the top front of his diaper, so I focus the goods there. My daughter when she wet heavily, did so right in the middle, so I focused there.


Fitted with an extra hemp insert folded in half and tucked inside or over the top of the diaper. PUL cover. I love fitteds because it is so easy to add extra absorbency inside or out. I have a Motherease toddler and a LoveyBums with a Bummies SWW or a Bummies new pull on (love them).


FB large pocket (which is on the smallest setting for him) with the microfiber insert and an extra hemp folded in half, under the microfiber at the front.

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