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Indoor Zen/Play Sandboxes

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Hi Everyone,

I am a Mom/sort of new Grandma/Designer and this Christmas I think I designed something I am really proud of for my 18 month old and 4 year old grandchildren! When we left yesterday they still had their hands in it!

It is a free standing Indoor Zen/Play Sandbox that is about upper waist high to them that has a cover and looks very furniture-like when closed. It is perfect for an adult Zen Garden for adult play and perfect for Matchbox cars, boats and diggers!

When everyone is done playing it can be a small side table, play table or seat. You could even have a cushion on top!

The design is very clean and minimal with a shelf underneath for storage/play.

I would really like to market these if anyone is interested, just email me at scldrgnfly@gmail.com.

They are unlike anything that is out there right now. The children really love playing in the sand in the living room. It has a lip all around so the sand does not easily come out and it is very stable and sturdy, so it won't get tipped over. The lid assures it won't get contaminated by furry friends.

The coolest thing about it other than the play experience is, it is a very creative non-invasive, interactive way of teaching your child about care-full play! My grandchildren even enjoyed trying to make designs with the Zen Garden Rake and stones! It was so easy talking them into being careful not to spill any sand on the carpet. The lip helps a great deal to keep the sand in its place.

Let me know what you think. I should be putting up a small video of it on my YouTube Channel - scldrgnfly - shortly.
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I forgot to mention that the 18 month old is a boy and the 4 year old is a girl and they BOTH loved playing with it!....Even though the room was filled with other new toys!!
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That's a cute idea! Try googling "sandtray therapy" for some neat ideas that you might incorporate into your designs. I was always baffled as to how expensive the furniture-style sandtrays are, especially the ones with built-in storage. There should also be some great links to fancy sand for them.

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