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Where can i get my records

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I am applying to nursing school and I need to have my shot records...the problem is one im in my 30s my mom had a horrible car accident back when i was younger and lost all of my records, went to my pediatrician they said they couldnt get my shot records because they were in storage somewhere, i cant afford to get my titer shots at $500 a pop...any suggestions i checked with my high school and because i graduated more than 5 years ago they dont have it where might i find this info...i cant get into nursing school with out it...

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Your shot record is likely on file with your county health department wherever you lived when you got the shots. I found that my doctors office had shredded all my files as they were over 10 years old, but the health department was able to access things very quickly and were quite helpful.

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Also you current doctor may have some record if they got your files from your pediatrician when you changed doctors. When I recently tracked mine down my doctors office suggested that I bring them in and they would add it to my file so I could get it easier later.

If you've ever had to provide vaccine records for any other job they may also have something. I work for a hospital system in a non medical capacity, but I had to provide shot records and they surprisingly had a pretty comprehensive record.

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Also, I'd call around and find out other prices for titers.  $500 a pop sounds awfully high.  Did you call your health department?  I had mine drawn about five years ago and paid under $150 total.  Also, does your nursing school have a student health clinic?  If so, call them.  Ask the nursing admissions office for advice too.  Good luck!

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It will be hard. I became a CNA in spring of 2012 and had to have mine. I couldn't find them. I'm 44. I had titers drawn at my doctors office and they found out what I'd had by that.

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I agree with rnra.  I just had my titres drawn for grad school - it was nowhere near $500.  Either the student health center clinic at your college, or even your county health department should be able to draw them for a reasonable fee.

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