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Sick - need natural remedy suggestions

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Hi all! Unfortunately I have come down with a terrible hacking cough that has kept me up at night for the past few nights. I've been coughing so much that my chest/throat/stomach muscles all hurt :(

Does anyone have any natural remedies that I could try? Unfortunately I can NOT use honey because I am diabetic and it is way too sweet for me. All the natural remedies I've seen recommend honey and lemon! Help!!!


Thanks a lot in advance and hope everyone is doing well! :)

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Hot tea and hot soup tend to help with breaking up gunk for me, yes with honey/lemon is better for the tea, but if you can't just leave it out. If your nose is clogged and drainage is part of your issue, definitely use a neti pot, they are awesome and you can get them at about any drug store. I also will gargle hot water with salt dissolved in it, sounds gross, but it does help get rid of some junk too. Beyond that, lots of rest and lots of fluids. I hope you feel better, sorry if all this stuff is obvious, but I couldn't read and not post!
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menthyl is good for a hacking cough, also vitamin c and zinc xx

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Thanks ladies! It's weird because it is almost a dry cough - very little congestion ... maybe I'm gearing up for it ... I will give everything a try though!!! Thanks :)

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If you have essential oils, you could do a steam either in a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head, in a bath or shower.  It helps with the dryness too...I am dealing with sinus and bloody noses due to sinus/allergies.  The first I can think of is eucalyptus, then there is peppermint.  There are some others, but you might have these at home.  Also, up your Vit C.  


I also use the netti pot, it's really great after I figured out how not to snort the water down my throat!  


Lastly you could try Vicks Vapor rub which also has menthol some have eucalyptus.  If the regular is too strong or you are nervoud about using it, use the one for babies.  It will help with both congestion and a hacking cough.  I use it on DD regularly, especially for those nights when she wants to drink water constantly to stop the cough.


Hope you feel better!  Warm fluids, lots of rest too of course!

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I second everything mentioned above!  Warm salt water gargles was something my mama always had me do as a little girl for sore throat.  Also, if you eat meat, I drink a lot of homemade chicken or beef bone broth when I'm sick.  Warm and comforting.  

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Thanks everyone! The salt-water gargling got me through the night last night! Thanks for all of the suggestions.

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