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Induced Lactation - Adoptive Mother

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Hi, just wondering if anyone has experienced with induced lactation? I am on day 2 of pumping and hand expression and I get tiny little drops coming out. I just started herbs and I have a mail order for lactation drugs coming in sometime probably next week. I saw a LC two days ago and I am renting a hospital grade pump. Without the drugs help induce lactation I fear I will just be producing these little droplets. The baby's estimated due date is January 19th, so I only have about three weeks left to prepare.
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I don't have any experience with this, but I wouldn't give up hope yet. Your body will do amazing things once you can actually smell your baby. Best of luck and you'll be in my thoughts!
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Have you posted in the Adoptive Parents forum? you might find advice over there.

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max-Are you taking progesterone as part of your regimen?  I was thinking about this because when a woman give birth it is the delivery of the placenta that triggers milk production.  The placenta makes progesterone, and the big sudden drop tells the body to make milk.  Perhaps when you stop taking progesterone, and start nursing, your supply will increase.  Just a thought.  I'm sure your LC would know more.  Good luck!

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Pokey- I was taking Progesterone but I stopped. The midwife I was working with has not heard of the progesterone supplements but in the literature I read it talked about doing the Progesterone in advance of the Domperdine. My LC will not discuss any drugs with me but she steered me in the direction of the midwife who prescribed them. I do feel a bit in the dark over this. I've been on the meds a week and a half and the drops are a little bigger but it's still just drops. When I pump and hand express nothing is big enough to go into the bottle. I just scoop it all into a little vile. Well, baby will be here soon. I'll just have to see what happens.
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Even if you end up producing very little, you can still nurse mostly for comfort. You may have to supplement lots but doing it at the breast with an SNS could be very helpful for your supply. It's so wonderful that you are working so hard to nurse your baby. Remember that the less mom produces, the more concentrated the immune factors become. If you like oatmeal, that can also help boost your supply. The fact that you can hand express anything at all sounds very promising! After the first four months or so I had a very hard time pumping or hand expressing anything more than a few drops. I had a full supply though and baby could access lots of milk. Babies are just so much more effective at emptying breast than a pump that there may be more milk than meets the eye. I think once you are able to hold baby and put baby to the breast you will have a much better idea of what your supply really is. You may have to supplement long term but every drop of milk baby gets is precious, valuable and a real triumph. There are numerous bio moms who aren't able to produce a full supply. Do stay in touch with a good LC and explore your local LLL to get lots of support in the early weeks. I want to say congratulations and I am really amazed by your dedication. This will be one lucky baby!! joy.gif
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This book has lots of info about how to deal with breastfeeding problems including supplementation with the SNS.  Since your are sort of in my 'hood, I could lend it to you.  Let me know.

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PokeyAC- That would be great. Any resources are welcomed.
I already have a SNS which I got from the LC. It's a little tube that leads to the bottle and can be put right at the nipple. I plan to use this. The nice thing about buying it from the LC office is that it was super cheap, a couple of bucks. smile.gif
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look up an MDC member named sundaycrepes. She fully nursed her adopted daughter and probably has a lot of info about pumping and such.

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Queen Jane, Thanks for the recommendation. I PM'ed her and she had a lot of good advice.

I visited my Lactation Consultant today and I feel like a rock star. Two weeks of being on my medications and almost three weeks of pumping, I'm getting in a good 2ml a day or more. This is great given my short time span of preparation. Hopefully when the baby comes along it will trigger more milk.joy.gif
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Maxk, I just wanted to say that the work you're doing is hard... I had to create a milk supply after mine dried up while ds was in ICU. Your baby is so lucky and I just wanted to say you're awesome.
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