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My DS has been on a 5am wake up kick needing milk, we have been lying in bed nursing but he is usually anxious and ready for play by 6am which wakes our 3.5 year old which makes EVERYONE crabby. I think he is used to the morning time routine and I know he is tired and would go back to sleep but I can't get him past the need for milk that early in the morning. He woke up with daddy and was fine without milk for an hour while I rested but I am exhausted! I work a lot of nights and those 5am wake ups kill me. He nurses almost 6-8 times a day. He has severe food allergies and we have gotten that taken care of. He is teething but that's nothing new. He used to wake at 7 and then daylight savings came and we haven't gotten past the 5-530am!


Anyone have similar experiences?