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New Here...Hallo :)

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I am an Army Wife originally from Vermont, currently living in Germany, but will be moving back to the States this Summer.greensad.gif

I have a 13 year old daughter, 3 year old son who share a Halloween Birthday and 5 year old Mini Schnauzer. We are also expecting baby #3..EDD 9.6.13. Baby will be born in Augusta, GA...which is where I had my son.

I love to travel and most recently went on a quick trip to Amsterdam which may have been my favorite European trip since we have lived here. I also love to read, love fitness and nutrition and starting to really love to cook...oddly I never loved it until a few years ago. I mean, I could cook, but didn't have fun doing it. smile.gif

I nursed my oldest until she was 33 months old (I had her when I was 18) and at 38 months my son is still going strong. I just found out I am expecting baby number 3 and so far no sore nipples. Willing to tandem nurse, but we will see...maybe he will wean before baby arrives?

I ended up having an epidural with both of births, and would live to do a homebirth this time around, but since we are moving this summer, I don't see the timing working out and us getting our household goods and unpacked/settled enough for me to feel comfortable planning that greensad.gif So, I am planning to get a Doula...but as far as I know there is not a birthing center in the area and water births are not allowed at any of the local hospitals greensad.gif Needless to say, this will be our last baby and I really want to do it naturally.
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