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Augusta/Fort Gordon, GA

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We were at Fort Gordon from June 2008-January 2010 and I had my youngest there in October 09, so I am familiar with the area but was pretty checked out of there and ready to move overseas when I had my son. We will be moving back this summer and I am due in Early September.

So, do any of the hospitals allow water births? I think a homebirth may be out of the question as we may not even have our household goods until then or shortly before. Also, do you know of any midwives that accept tricare. I did deliver at Trinity before and my experience was pretty good....but I did end up having an epidural. When I was there before none of the hospitals allowed water births..and I am a tad scared of MCG because as far as I know they have a really high c/s rate (pretty sure all of the Augusta area does but MCG may be the worst) I def plan on finding a Doula.

I also am looking for good playgroups and other mama groups in the area. Thanks smile.gif
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ICAN of Atlanta's message board has some info on providers in Augusta.
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I live in Tallahassee but one of my friends moved to the Augusta area and she told me that they have birth network meetings on a regular basis, including meet the doula meetings.  I also know that area is starting up a new ICAN group as well.

I would guess that this is the birth network: http://www.augustabirthnetwork.org/

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