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A lot of cramping and 6 weeks pregnant

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I found out it was pregnant 4 days after missing my period. Ever since then I've been having these uncomfortable menstrual cramps about 5x a day and sometime sharp pains. This is my second pregnancy and I'm worried because I don't remember this much cramping with the first. I'm not experiencing any bleeding or loss of breast tenderness. I can't get a straight answer from anyone about how their miscarriage happened. Should I be worried? The cramps just don't go away. I also don't know if it's just morning sickness or what but physically I feel like crap - always tired and cold and achey. My gyno will not see me unless I am 8 weeks pregnant - stupid insurance - so I'm seeking some advice please!
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Not pg currently but saw this pop up in new posts and thought I would toss in a couple of my pennies. I'm sorry you're so crampy; the first trimester can be pretty rough for sure. I had cramping with each of my pregnancies and it can certainly be with the painful. I would think good thoughts still if you're not bleeding, are feeling quite sick, and haven't lost any breast tenderness. If you're so inclined this thread is extremely helpful while trying to figure out m/c issues. It can be very graphic and these ladies bring it straight no chaser so proceed, if you choose to, with that in mind. I hope all is well for you and that you're feeling better soon. Good luck! Off to bed for me sleepytime.gif .
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Are there other providers in your area or are you limited to the gyn who won't see you yet?

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Thank you mamacatsbaby. That thread helped a lot! I had been looking for a thread like that to compare what I have been experiencing with an actual m/c. A lot of the stories explain the cramping to be after bleeding not prior. I haven't experienced any bleeding thankfully. And to know that you had cramping with your pregnancies helps me too. I've been trying to stay positive - I really want this baby and am super anxious about it so I'm CONSTANTLY thinking about it.
I know if I see bleeding I will go to the ER no question. I'll write an update if anything negative or positive happens.
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Hi, I just thought I would give some more words of encouragement.  I hope things continue to stay positive for you! I had pretty solid cramping for the first two to three months with each of my pregnancies.  My first MW said that it was probably round ligament pain, and I still don't know if that makes sense or not...but everything worked out okay with my first and I am 18 weeks along in my second.  My cramps were exactly comparable to my menstrual cramps, and in fact I just kept waiting for AF to appear because I didn't know I was pregnant! I didn't have bleeding with my first, but I DID bleed with this pregnancy.  The bleeding for me did not happen with the cramps, it was a separate issue, so FYI, that can be normal too.  If you are having the cramping and bleeding together, you may want to seek help though, although I did have a friend who thought she miscarried, but she still had a baby in there - the twin survived, so ask for an ultrasound if you do seek help.  Good luck! The first trimester is HARD both physically and emotionally.

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I had some cramping early in this pregnancy and so far so good - heartbeat and all.


I also was VERY crampy and had some cervical cramping before and during my miscarriage. The cramping started a few days before I started bleeding in my case. But, the chances are very good that this won't be the case for you. First trimester can be so nerve-wracking.

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I'm glad I was able to help sfausto. Definitely stay positive as things are still looking great for you! hug.gif Please do keep us posted. Lots of sticky dust.gif for you.
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Well, I said I would post news good or bad....so I made it to my 9 week ultrasound yesterday ROTFLMAO.gif I'm so happy. The baby is healthy...ultrasound confirmed the growth is right on track and so did the Hcg levels. Now I can finally plan an announcement lunch/dinner to the family! It has been hard the past few weeks, seems like they took an eternity to pass. The cramping has subsided but the nauseousness hasn't, which I hear is a good thing! So I feel a lot more confident and look forward to having another healthy baby in 7 months joy.gif

Thank you to all you that responded and helped me keep a cool head. Thank you for sharing your stories.

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This thread made me feel so much better. With the cramping, lack of breast tenderness (tho I am nursing a 3yo!) and lack of morning sickness so far I'm feeling much less prego then I did the second go around which resulted in my DD. I had a m/c at 8wks before her and am so terrified it'll happen again.

So glad to hear your U/S went well! The 1st trimester is soooooo hard!
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YAAYYYY!!! So glad for the good news!

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I thought I'd chime in, I'm 8 weeks pregnant, and have also been experiencing the same cramping!!! I've been to my doctor within the last week though, and ultrasound showed everything was fine, heartbeat and all! I've heard that these cramps are from your uterus stretching and growing though, so it seems to be normal. Good luck with your pregnancy!

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