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home made baby food

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Do any of you ladies plan on doing this? Have any of you? I am NOT crunchy by any means (I am going to be using disposable diaper for example) but thr idea of making my own baby food is appealing to me (seems much healthier for baby ya know?) Just wanted some advice if any has/will be doing it.
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This is my fourth. Only one of the previous three liked any sort of baby food home made or not. So, the last two ate a litttle though we did offer some mashed/pureed foods at 6 months.  We end up adapting our food once they could grab it themselves.

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I have made homemade baby food for many of the babies I have cared for over the years (I've been a nanny for over 12 yrs) and plan on doing the same for our baby smile.gif it's easier to me and much cheaper smile.gif
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We never have...but we skip baby food all together and just go to table foods. (obviously in appropriate forms for them to eat...they don't necessarily eat everything, but we always offer...I'm not big on solids early on anyway)  I figure it can't get easier than that. LOL

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As far as I know, giving baby food is really just for pleasure and getting aquainted with the eating process, as long as baby's breastfeeding, so I've never done full menus and meals of baby food.  I start when they're around 6 months and just do mushy finger/spoon foods like avocado and sweet potato and boiled apples.  So for me, making jarred baby food was not a money saver or time saver, since I didn't use much. As far as nutrition, when you look at the ingredient list of store-bought baby food, it's usually just water plus whatever the fruit/veggie is... rarely is there added junk,  so I've never felt I'm depriving them of good health by not making my own.

If you do make baby food, I will say that those kits made especially for baby food (processors, storage containers) seem like a rip-off and I think there are plenty of diy ways to do it with what you already have in your kitchen.

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I will be :) I did it with the other 2. I like knowing EXACTLY what is going into my baby's body and knowing all the ingredients. I -might- get a few of those organic baby food packs when we go places, but other than that, I'll be making my own. Cheaper and healthier IMO!

And you don't need anything really fancy like the Baby Bullet or anything.. I'm using a $10 food processor from Wal-Mart that's been used for the other 2 kiddos lol.

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We don't do a lot of jarred baby food either especially when we're at home (I'm also in the "just modify what we're eating" camp) but I will also pick up some organic packaged foods for when we're out and about. Since I WOH and baby comes with me, it's nice to have something convienent to feed the LO (that isn't frozen), especially when my diet is less then stellar at those times. I do usually make some "baby food" to freeze like smashed yams, apples etc but I don't can/jar it or anything.

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We sort of skip baby food. My girls both just started eating fruits and veggies with us when they were around 6 or 7 months. I did puree and freeze a couple sweet potatoes I think. They started with avocado, just plain. If you want the convenience of jarred food for outings it is so easy to just cook, puree, and freeze single servings for later of anything. 

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