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Prodromal labor. Yay.

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I think I can pretty confidently say I've hit prodromal labor.  I felt really good yesterday morning, had a decent night's sleep- a few contractions, but not too bad.  After lunch my body completely cleaned itself out, and I started having contractions a bit stronger than I have been having.  I took a nap, and they settled down for the 1st part of the nap, but then started stronger midway through, slowed down once I got up.  We went out for dinner, and they started again while we were out.  Went to dh's mom's to visit for a couple of hours- contracted consistently the whole time.  Finally went home, and I had to stand during them, but figured they were hurting worse because I was so tired.  I drank a half glass of wine and went to bed about 11pm.  Once I fell asleep I slept well until about 5:30, and woke up with the most intense contractions yet- feeling them in my cervix and my thighs.  I was having several an hour, anywhere from 12 minutes to 5 minutes apart and all intervals between, and except for 2 or 3 they were good and long, but not in a consistent pattern at all.  

I laid in bed for two hours, contracting and contracting, and finally decided to get up and eat a little something and hydrate myself.  They're still coming every few minutes, but not as painful now.  If I had some bloody show or mucus plug to show for all of this, I might think I'm in my regular ol' putzy early labor pattern.  But, since I was barely a finger tip 2 weeks ago I'm thinking this is just the beginning of more intense prodromal labor.  Yippee.  Skippee.

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Hoping it picks up soon! I'm right along with you...

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You and me both. I've had bloody show and since then an intense amount of discharge. Sorry for the tmi smile.gif
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