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so this morning I decided to take a test and I thought I could see a line, then i remembered i saw the same thing on another test so when i went to check the test it had this on it... now i took this picture on my ipod so its not great but i can see a line? can you guys???


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Just wanted to add something a little while ago.. in what i think is my uterine area i can feel... like pulses? or twitching? its so confusing but feels so wierd i thought maybe i needed to pee so.. i did and its not my bladder or anything..

it feels soooo wierd and its still happening

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hi katnisse. i can def see one. how old was the test when you came back and saw this line? the test window looks a bit dark, like it may be an old one? what cycle day are you on? hope it turns out to be a positive for you!

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its so hard to tell where I am in my cycle if I Od when I usually do then im 11dpo, the test isnt old but I walked away for a few minutes so im not sure when it came up
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ohhh no no i see what you mean this one is from yesterday BUT that line was there then too i just got a chance today to put up the picture of it thats why the window looks dark sorry should have said lol

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I hope it's okay to jump in. I see a line on there too if that helps any. Good luck!

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Thanks chrissy yeah its there but im losing hope cause I tested in the evening and it was negative greensad.gif
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Bummer. I'm so sorry. Hugs to you.
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I'm pretty sure I'm out this month but I will do one more test to be 100% sure the day before AF is due in a couple of days.

I have been using only FRER tests and apparently they are known for Evap lines? So I'm going to get a clear blue test not the digital kind because to be honest they cost quite a bit of money and that way I will know for sure but I'm pretty sure its going to come out negative anyway.

I'll keep you guys posted but thanks so much for your replies so far :) 

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Okay so all the pharmacy had was clear blue digital and I didn't want them so I bought a sure sign test? anyway I tested a few minutes ago and got a BFN :( but I'm still getting those little shadows on the tests even this one. I will not be testing with FRER anymore I looked at an old test that was in my trash (obviously handled it with gloves) and ladies the evap line was unbelievably clear i shon a light behind the test and there was no colour in the line thats how i know it was an evap anyway its happened with another test. 

I'm sooooo sad that I'm out this month.. such a let down we have been trying now for 6 months and I know my ovaries are working right as I had a check up.. 

I'm probably just over thinking but still it sucks...

hope all is going well for you ladies though :) 

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Katniss, don't give up hope until AF makes an appearance!  Maybe you ovulate late and are just testing too early.  Have you seen this FAQ which shows why some women just can't test early? http://www.peeonastick.com/hptfaq.html#1  Good luck!  My AF is due in 3-4 days and I had 2 BFNs yesterday.  Hopefully we'll both get a BFP later this week :-)

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I really hope your right.. :( I'm really starting to think that something is wrong I keep getting these shadows on the tests I even changed to a different brand of tests I know some women don't get there BFP's until AF is late but I know some also get it before she shows her ugly head too. 

I just don't understand that's why I think I am out this month, I'm trying my best but I am losing hope :(

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I just received a call from my nurse and she said my progesterone level was 10 meaning I ovulated! for the first time since August!

is that normal?

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since august??? Im not quite sure if thats normal arent we suppose to ovulate once a month or something?

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I'm new here I dont all the slang that well but here's my story. Me and my hubby are tcc for a while now. We have sex regularly like almost everyday. I went to out of state for a month the whole month I was spotting a little and had like brown spotting as well it never really stopped till a few days before I got back.my moms friend told me some girls bleed like that there first trimester. I don't have sore boobs but I do feel a little sick from time to time through out the day. I sleep a lot through the day but feel restless at night. I have been constipated and very emotional and super horny if that makes since? Anyways my stomach has felt weird and I think I could be pregnant. Idk if anyone has ever experienced this but I'm afraid to test and be negative and its a long wait till my next af thx!
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well af showed up ladies in full force and im in so much pain i may throw up:( 

and miles i would test if i were you

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Sorry to hear! Hopefully you will have luck this go around. Are you taking prenatal vitamins they really help or at least take folic acid its a vitamin and it supports the reproductive system and its only like 3 bucks at Walmart
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No this will sounds stupid.. but I thought you take that stuff AFTER you get pregnant? I didn't think you were suppose to take it before?

I had one test left so I said for fun I would take it anyway and I got a shadow again T___T so annoying 

I'm thinking about just going to my doctor even though AF showed because for the past 4 days now Ive been having a weird bubbly feeling in my low low low abdomen.

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