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My newborn stash

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So I've built a NB stash, and was just wondering if anyone thinks I should get more/has any recommendations? I HOPE to wash every other day, but washing every day isn't really an issue, but I'd hate to be washing multiple times a day ALL the time if I have way too little... My stash is:

2 dozen NB prefolds, 3 Snappi's(one for home/day use, night use/spare, and a diaper bag one), 4 Alva NB pockets, NB Goodmama fitted, WAHM fitted, 6 covers, 2 NB AIO's, and a few infant size prefolds(not sure how many, the momma making my covers is giving them to me)

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My guess is you will be completely fine. We had about a dozen fb (useless for newborn,) two thirsties duos, and 12 prefolds, and we were fine.

I'm cutting it close with this one bc I haven't purchased anything yet and I'm due in few weeks, but I'm planning on 2 dozen prefolds (half premie, half newborn,) and three thirsties. We have some flips my dd doesnt use anymore, so we'll have two of those covers as well.

Haven't decided what we'll do as she grows, prolly prefolds or Alvas. I want to wait to see her body type before I buy long term diapers.

Good luck!
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You are totally fine. If your babies are like mine you could last three days.

I had 3 dozen diapers for Monkey and never used them all before washing every two to three days.

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