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food allergy/intolerance whine

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Saw this on another thread and had to copy it here and comment.

From Chicharronita's post on another thread.

A silly metaphor:
Have some soup.
No, thanks, I'm ok.
Please eat some soup.
No, I'm really not hungry.
Eat it!
Why? Wait, what's in it?
Don't worry about it! Just eat the damn soup!
Why are you freaking out, what's in the soup??
Just eat it!!! Now!!!
No way! I don't trust you or your soup!

I actually had a conversation like this with my mother! About soup, even! I am dairy allergic/intolerant, and my mother knows I "claim" to have a problem with dairy, and there was milk in the soup! I found out after a miserable rest of the day!

Ok. Enough self-pity!
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That's just wrong! I had to chime in with my sympathy, although I myself don't have any food allergies. I have seen friends and family go through this. Hope she can come to her senses soon.

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She's 84. I doubt she'll change at all.

Edited to add : Sorry I'm so pessimistic tonight. I'm going through a tough time right now.

Thanks for the sympathy!! I do appreciate it!
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Yes, much sympathy.  I've never been given a hard time for refusing food, at least not to my face, and your story helps me appreciate that all the more.


My sister's think I'm overreacting about my allergies.  Apparently, if I'm my throat isn't closing up I'm not allergic! This from 2 sisters who don't go to the doctor for anything.  My older sister's son is becoming more severely lactose intolerant, so she might be softening a bit.  


My MIL is more likely to feel bad if she makes something I can't eat, despite my attempts to let her know that it's not her job to accommodate me.  It took her years to stop stressing over her flubbed attempts to find something our entire family could eat.  Our family is impossible, taking everyone's allergies into account, and the girls' pickiness on top of that.  She takes everything so personally.  Finally, she's learned that she doesn't have to try so hard, I've got it covered.

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One of my sisters had my mother convinced I was anorexic, because I was complaining about vomiting after eating. That was before I knew dairy was the problem.
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