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Wobenzym during pregnancy

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Just wondering if anyone has taken wobenzym through their pregnancy? I am taking it as suggested by my naturopath for Hashimotos.
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Bumping up for more input.  Does anyone have some experience with this?

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I have taken Wobenzym before, for Chronic Fatigue, etc. I mainly took it to help bloodflow. I guess your blood can become "sticky", and wobenzym thins it. If I recall, I did feel better on it. I feel better in general on things that either thin the blood or make the blood pump better (like coffee).


Here is my take: Doesn't Wobenzym have an "enteric coating"? That is the type of coating that causes a pill to survive stomach acid. This is why Wobenzym works so well....the enzymes survive the stomach, and work in the body beyond just helping digestion. They go into your system, hence "systemic", not just digestive enzymes. Look at the ingredients, and it should be the last ingredient, enteric coating. I would NOT take Wobenzym because of that!!!!! Unless for some reason it is a special one that doesn't contain phthalates, enteric coating is a big source of phthalates!!!! And as you may or may not know, those can impact a baby/fetus. Just google it. They work similar to BPA, from what I understand.


So I am avoiding probiotics with enteric coating (lots of them have this) while pregnant. I wasn't taking Wobenzym, so that wasn't an issue for me.


ALSO, during pregnancy, your blood pressure goes up, and so does your blood volume. Correct? Just checking as I'm not a doctor. This should help your bloodflow anyways, to where you won't need Wobenzym, my logic. I think pregnancy is actually making me feel better, because of that. It seems like my blood is pumpin'. I still drink a little coffee, but I think the pregnancy helps.


So I'd stop the Wobenzym, both because the phthalates "could" possibly harm the baby, and also because you probably don't need it right now. I wouldn't worry too much about the phthalates up to this point, because I'm sure many women are taking probiotics with enteric coating, but I would stop!!!!! Good luck.

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