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I was just posting about all of the classes I took in preparation for Baby #1. I took them all.  I wrote this up for WayWornWanderer, who expressed a desire to take classes she might not get to take. This incorporates gems from Birthing from Within, Hypnobirthing, and a Creative Movement for Birth class that I took.  For more about my experience of those classes, read my post here.  





Breath deeply. Imagine yourself about to descend a staircase slowly and with ease and interest. Know that your highest self will filter all suggestions offered, and translate as needed, in the way best for you. Begin your descent down the stairs, counting down slowly as you go. Feel your body relax, deeper and deeper, with each step. Feel peace and warm light flowing through your body, as you become more and more relaxed. 10.... 9.... 8.... 7.... 6.... 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1.  


Imagine yourself in February, when the time is right for your baby to come. You have done all of the preparation you want to do for the baby, internal and external.  You feel at ease and excited about meeting your baby.  You feel yourself going into labor, and you are delighted, and feel yourself surrendering joyfully to the process. You feel yourself entering a deep, relaxed state.  


As your labor progresses, you find yourself feeling more and more at peace and relaxed.  The universe supports you fully as you labor, bringing you just what you need, and orchestrating any help or changes that are needed for the most positive outcome in labor.  The "current of life" pouring down through you in labor, moves through your body unobstucted. Feel your trust for this current now.  


You are in a sacred space of support.  All those around you are playing their role perfectly, choreographed by your guiding power to give you exactly what you need.  You easily make your needs known to your supporters.  You feel completely at ease in your body. You feel yourself fully free to move and sway your body, to keep the current flowing through you as you labor.  You feel unhindered in making sounds to aid your labor, to chant in rhythm. You naturally move, vocalize, and do whatever helps keep the powerful current of life moving joyfully through you.  


Environmental sound and sights do not distract you from your deep, relaxed focus.  Upon hearing a loud sound, your body takes it as a cue to bring you into even deeper relaxation, opening even more. Upon seeing a bright light, your body goes yet even deeper into relaxation and ease.  Spoken words are handled with effortless response by a voice that feels almost detached from you, a voice that easily deflects unnecessary things, and allows only helpful, positive support to reach you. You continue to relax; to sigh and open up with even more ease, trusting entirely in the process of the body, and in the support of the universe.   


You trust the intensity of any sensations, knowing that all sensations are bringing your baby into the world. You find yourself so relaxed and at ease, that you even enjoy the sensations.  You trust it, and can imagine the sweetness of orgasm that some women experience in this blessed current flowing through the body.  You open to it-- the more you open, the more it sweetens.  You are comfortable enjoying this process, and give yourself permission to enjoy it fully.  


When you are fully open and dilated, imagine now, that when this time is right, your baby is beginning the journey of moving out of your body.  Allow yourself to see it now for a moment, as it will happen when the time is right.  See your baby moving down through your birth passage, between your legs, and coming out, umbilical cord still attached. See your baby moving out peacefully, into safe, loving, receiving hands, and immediately into your arms.  Know that your baby is entering a beautiful, peaceful world; one that will be choreographed in grace just for them. 


If there is any kernel of truth or wisdom you wish to be revealed to you now, take a moment and allow it to be revealed at this time.  


Allow yourself to feel completely at ease during your remaining ripening time, and at ease about your baby coming into your world. Allow this ease and grace to expand into a sense of greatest rightness, of being held in greatest blessing in all aspects of your life.  Know that you and your baby, and your whole family, in natural resonance with you, will experience this grace in their lives. 


Before you approach the stairs again, allow yourself to leave behind, forever, any feelings of fear or doubt in any aspect of your life.  When fear or doubt wish to arise, they will instead offer up their kernel of truth to you. If they have insight or information, it will simply reveal itself, leaving the unnecessary emotions themselves to simply dissolve.  


In deepest clarity, you approach the stairs.  When you have climbed the stairs, you will feel refreshed and alert, and easily able to access this deep place at any time you would like to.  1.... 2... 3.... 4.... 5.... 6....7....8....9....10.

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