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prenatal care options Austin, TX

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Hello all, I'm new to the Austin (Texas at all!) area and wondered about prenatal care options in the area. I'm 11wks with my first and feeling overwhelmed. I don't know anyone who has given birth in the area. I really don't want to do the hospital route when I give birth if I don't have to. Can anyone help?
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There are a few midwife centers in the area, and a couple of homebirth midwives. I am pretty sure most of the birth center midwives also do homebirths, but not positive on that.  Here is a site that list several centers and midwives in the area. http://austinhomebirth.com/


Two others that I know of that I did not see on that list are.

june lamphie-I have heard great things about this lady.- http://www.austinareamidwife.com/

Emma Morrison- I am currently using this Midwife and love her.- http://www.beautifulbeginningbirth.com/

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I gave birth at Austin Area Birthing Center (North) with my first and am going there for this baby as well. I don't live in Austin but its still well worth the drive in my opinion. For us it is a great middle ground since I knew I didn't want a hospital birth, but my husband isn't comfortable with a homebirth. I am able to play a huge role in my care, yet I'm two minutes from the Women's Hospital if a transfer were to be needed. They provide free prenatal classes, yoga classes, breastfeeding classes, and more. I went to the birthing center in Georgetown and felt fairly comfortable there too but they couldn't work with my insurance like AABC could so it was easiest to go back to Austin, plus I know all the midwives already. Welcome to Central Texas and I hope you have a great birth wherever you choose to have your baby smile.gif
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Hi Sammi! Congrats! You've probably found prenatal care by now but just wanted to let you know I also gave birth at Austin Area Birthing Center and it was an AMAZING experience. I totally completely recommend them. Not sure where in Austin you're located but they have a North and South location (I went to North). Good luck and best wishes!
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