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Favorite Mama Cloth & reviews?

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Hi Ladies,


I've used mama cloth for years (cloth at night and for light flow/spotting, Diva cup during the day) and love my cloth pads.  However, my last batch, which are probably about 10 years old, are wearing out and I'm ready to buy a new supply.  I've read a few threads on this topic, but they are all 2+ years old and I know the market for both commercial and WAHM products changes rapidly.  So could we have another chime in of favorites & why you like a particular style?  I've also found one cloth diaper site that rates/ranks mama pads & compares styles, and would love to find others.


Since I mostly use at night with heavy flow, I prefer something with a PUL backing.  I just find others tend to leak.  The ones I currently use have a removable liner, which works well for washing & line drying, but this is what is failing - the liners are falling out as the material gets worn & softens - not so great in the middle of the night irked.gif .  I guess after 10 years, I can't complain too much, but since the pads are otherwise still quite usable, it's sad that I need to replace.



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i'm interested in the responses too.  I have been looking to buy some as well.  I only have 4 and need to get some more to just switch over.  I went to a site where a lady was rating the pads she used and then she started making her own.  I'm not really up for making my own, but thought about buying a few online that were made my indviduals and then some from somewhere like Lunapads.  hmmmm....

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I'm writing from GladRags, so it's probably pretty obvious which cloth pads I use personally! winky.gif But I did want to say -- we have a big sale coming up tomorrow (shhh... our newsletter subscribers won't get the news until tomorrow morning) that we'd love for you to take advantage of...


Here's the details: get free shipping with coupon code NY2013 and save 10% on orders up to $49.99, 15% on orders between $50 and $99.99, and 20% on orders over $100 at gladrags.com. Hope that helps!


Also -- if anyone has specific questions about cloth pads, I'd love to help answer any questions!

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I love the pads from Peace Love Cycle. You can check her out via FB...also a shop called Pink Lemonade.

I will say if you prefer PUL, there is an ebay seller ..lmknoebel. I love her overnight pads. You will not find anyone cheaper and she is very sweet. You can also visit her directly...she is a WAHM, her site is littlebeecreations.


Let me know if you try any of them and are happy with your purchases. love.gif


Tracy ^^ I will add I do like my GladRags overnight pad...I do use it mainly at the end of my cycle. It is very soft... cost is an issue with myself and 2 teenagers....

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Ooooo, thanks for the info ladies. It really is time for me to buy some more !! I think I will just come up with my own kinda bag for now to use for travel and work.
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