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Originally Posted by BaileyB View Post

I really don't need to start another project to try and accomplish before the baby comes BUT I think I am going to take on our little mud-room/porch area. It's pretty good size but we can hardly walk through there right now. I am envisioning some sort of cubby system along with a work table since that is the area we (I) do a lot of prep work for gardening and stuff for the animals. Our nice little coat hanger thing that we did have (that had too many heavy coats on it) fell right off the wall so everything is in a heap. Bleh!

We need to figure out something for our office/storage room space! It's driving me mad!!! We had an organizer come and help us switch our rooms around- the big storage closet in the living room got turned into a play room, DDs room became the new office/storage room and our bedroom (newly rid of our office stuff) became solely a bedroom, with space to add the new king bed once we find the money to buy that. If we take the time to pick up everything (lol, when does that ever happen!), the only place that's an unorganized mess now is the office. I'm dreading it, but it's driving me bezerk just to sit here on the computer and look at all the stacks of papers, and lack of book shelves to store our many books. DH needs to hang wall shelves! 

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Originally Posted by CoBabyMaker View Post

NStewart, I hope you had a good Christmas celebration with your dad's side of the family!  I had been eying the 2012 in 2012 thread.  I'm not sure I really have that much to get rid of though.  I have gotten a lot better about what I bring into the house.  I feel like a lot (though not all)of what I get rid of was things that other people gave us as gifts or hand-me-downs. 





The 2012 thread was really open.  I am sure 2013 will be the same.  Many, many people didn't get to 2012 but it was having the goal and having ppl to "report to" that made it work for many, even if they didn't get to 2012 or never even planned to.  Also, some people would count each piece of garbage as one item, for example, whereas others would count a bag as one item.  Some would count each greeting card, others a stack, kind of thing.  I counted "mental clutter" items a few times too (getting all my missing tax info for the last several years so I could finally file returns blush.gif I counted each year as 1 item) So you make your own rules if that makes it any more appealing!

I am feeling the storage pressure too.  I think with DS getting Christmas gifts and feeling like I don't have a good way to store them it makes me just want to purge even more stuff.  I HATE clutter, it stresses me out.  I think un-decorating will help, but still.  I need to get that playroom done but I also feel like I want even less stuff but don't know what to get rid of after doing such a major purge last year.  I don't want to get rid of more clothes myself (I consigned or donated at least 4 or 5 big garbage bags last year of stuff that was too big or I didn't wear) although DH could go through his side of the closet.  I don't want to get rid of "hobby" stuff (DH's art supplies and tools, my fabric stash and sewing related items), I WANT to get rid of toys but have already gotten rid of a lot and feel guilty selling gifts to DS from people (especially my parents, because my mom notices and comments.  Too bad she doesnt' listen when I tell her we don't have SPACE for the GIANT ride on toys and that we don't WANT plastic, battery operated stuff and that we just don't need more of anything!)  Anyway, I think maybe I do need to join the 2013 thread too and just be ruthless with the purging.  It feels so good.


Bailey, I hope you figure out the BHs.  I don't have any other suggestions, except maybe to drink more water on a regular basis?


Trisha, I hope everyone in your family feels better!


And everyone who is getting larger beds - YAY!  We upgraded to a kingsize bed when DS was born and having the extra space for co-sleeping was essential!  And now that DS is in his own bed most of the night I love having my own space too.  DH and I are not "cuddle sleepers" so I like that we each have ample room (especially now that I am back to using 3 pillows!)

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Oh man Trish! Now I really want that washer!!!


I don't think I have had a BH today now so that is good. I am torn between taking a rest the rest of the day and purging/organizing/planning.

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Maybe if we talk up that washer enough, the company will send us all free ones?

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Originally Posted by BaileyB View Post

Oh man Trish! Now I really want that washer!!!


I don't think I have had a BH today now so that is good. I am torn between taking a rest the rest of the day and purging/organizing/planning.

Totally want to buy it now! Read some reviews that said that people had problems, but I think that if you returned it for a refund and bought another, that the replacement would work just fine. I wouldn't want to mess with waiting for a repair guy to come out! I'll have to wait til after my baby shower to buy one, but it'll be the first thing I order! (Who knows... maybe some wealthy relative will just buy one for me? How awesome would that be?!!!)


I would rest for today hug.gif


Originally Posted by eepeepee View Post

Maybe if we talk up that washer enough, the company will send us all free ones?

YES!!! I WOULD LOVE A FREE WASHER!! haha orngbiggrin.gif

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Trisha, I hope everyone is making progress toward healing today!  Bone broth is magical good stuff!  I usually chop some raw garlic into it when I am sick but my tummy still won't handle that right now.  That little washer is so cute!


Bailey, I hope your DD is better soon.  DD1 is skinny too and I worry about her when she gets sick. Trying to pack as much fat as I can back into her is always interesting.  Lots of butter, coconut milk smoothies, extra olive oil on things! Ha!  It sounds so backwards.  

A mudroom sounds great!  It would be so nice to have a space just for coats and muddy shoes!  I have contemplated trying to put some hooks in the hallway since we usually enter from the garage but I fear it's too narrow.  I say take it on slowly, with lots of breaks and water!


NStewart, I really struggle with wanting to get rid of toys too!  It's hard to be gracious when people are trying to be kind but we just don't need more stuff!  They are perfectly happy with the toys they have.  I think I've found a home for most of them now and I need to take pictures and print them for labels.  I think a couple things need to go to the garage to be stored for this next baby when he is a little older.  Things like the little wagon and stuffed rocking horse that the girls don't use much anymore.  DD1 was not pleased when she saw i was dropping off some toys for donation yesterday.  Once I explained that we didn't have room and she could choose to keep those toys or her new dolls she was ok. 


Eepeepee, I saw a show once where they hung guitars on the wall in the living room and made it part of the decor to help store them but still make them accessible.  I don't know if that's on option for you but it's an idea.  Depends on the instruments I guess- wouldn't really work with drum sets! ;)


I met some friends at the children's museum this morning which was fun.  It pretty old and many of the things are a bit rundown but the kids still love it and it's a good chance to get out of the house.  I think they are working on some updates so that is good. While we were there a little boy had a tantrum and threw some plastic shapes all over.  I felt so bad for him and his mom.  He was pretty upset and I could tell he just didn't know how to calm down.  We went through a lot of hard things like that with DD1 (she has some minor but still challenging sensory integration issues) so it just makes me want to give people a hug!  It's hard as the kid or the parent.  The mom kept her cool and several kids helped clean up and it was fine in the end.  Still, not fun.


Well, I speaking of all this washer stuff I need to go do laundry.  Ours pipes froze yesterday so I couldn't really get much done!

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Frozen pipes, that was us this morning. Fortunately watered the bunnies with snow. Can't figure out how our dog got in the chicken coop. But she was stuck in there this morning. Some of the chickens were pretty mangled. Midwife appointment went great. That put a good perspective on the day. Then burnt the grilled cheese and had multiple spills at lunch. Signed up for birthing classes at the last minute and got a heck of a lot of maternity clothes for a deal. So baby stuff is looking up the rest of my day was rough.
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I just realized I am turning 26 at the end of this month and my stomach dropped! I know I was always thinking that I would be 26 when this baby is born but I just realized the reality of when I actually turn 26. I am not sure why I am freaking out about 26, maybe because I am use to being the youngest one in our circle of friends. DH is 3.5 years older than me so I was always the baby in our group....man I've got some old friends. haha, just kidding.


Anyway, DH's grandpa came over to paint the ceiling in our bathroom so he ended up kind of in the area that I was thinking of purging so that planned failed. I also didn't feel like I could lay around and look like I don't do anything all day while 80-year-old-grandpa was painting a ceiling so that planned failed too. But I did spend a good amount of time on the computer looking at storage options and prices and trying to figure out a good budget to pay for it. I think I got it all figured out and at least I feel I was productive but off my feet too. DD seems back to normal so that is good. Hopefully no more sickness in this house for a while.

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I turned 26 in July. It's not that bad. wink1.gif Speaking of birthdays, my son turns 5 tomorrow! I seriously can't believe it. Eeek!
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FarmerMama, Our pipes froze yesterday!  Boo!  Sounds like quite a mixed day for you.  That's great that you got some maternity clothes-I love a good deal.


Bailey, Glad your DD is doing better!  I had to laugh at your post about turning 26.  A few years ago I decided it was a pain to remember a new age each year and so I would just stick to 26.  When I saw your post I said to myself, "I'll be 26 in a few weeks also!"  Really I'll be 30 and 26 sounds really good!

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Oh man, and here I am at 31 having my first kid!  Guess we're all over the place here...

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haha. I don't think 26 is old but it seems like, "Hey I was just 22 last year, right? How did I get to be 26 already??"

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I will be TWENTY-SIX in a month and a half! Also usually the baby of the group ;-)
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Just got off the phone with my insurance company and breast pump purchase or rental is fully covered if I go through one of their three suppliers. I got their phone numbers and was able to find two of the three online, but their websites don't show what breast pumps they have so I'll have to call. I hope I can get an Ameda again, but if not, I'll see what they have. Lactation consultants are also covered, but I can't tell exactly how much as their website isn't updated. Not as worried about that though right now.Other thing I need to do is schedule a maternity tour of the other hospital I might birth at, I really want to go back where I was last time, but it may not work out with my OB if I go on the weekend again.

Went on probably my last work trip yesterday, it was a pretty easy 3 hour drive there, site visit with some of my favorite folks with our client and 3 hours back. We even had a pretty good lunch, it was a sandwich with fries & cole slaw on it, mmm. Not a very healthful choice, but it hit the spot smile.gif My parents are visiting next weekend for Christmas/DH&Mom's Birthday so that will be nice. Have to clean some this weekend, but we've been better about keeping up with clutter, so it should go pretty quick.

BaileyB, thanks, we were so excited to get a good deal! It's weird how age can hit you all of a sudden, but 26 sounds young to me at 33 smile.gif Not that 33 is old at all, my parents still don't seem old to me and they are 60 & 61 now. How did you BHs turn out? I've been fine so far with drinking water and slowing down or sometimes laying down to get rid of them. Staying hydrated is much harder this time, so when I make a better effort on that I seem to avoid the BHs completely. Glad your DD is feeling better, that Kale smoothie sounds yummy, I think I'm going to be making a lot of smoothies later on when my stomach is too crowded.

Trisha, mmm chicken broth, I am such a soup lover anyway, but even moreso right now! I hope everyone is feeling better. The washer sounds cool!

CoBaby, too funny, sounds like me and DH. He wanted to put bookshelves in the kids' playroom, I'm thinking for the kids' books obviously, but no he's thinking about all his D&D and other role playing books. I brought up that he really doesn't want those in the kids playroom getting potentially ripped up. I told him we should get a tall bookshelf for our room (we have a 2 shelf short one) and add his books to that and then move the small shelf to the basement. But he doesn't like where that shelf is in our room now, so who knows! It cracks me up how our brains work so differently sometimes. Sorry about the frozen pipes!

FarmerMomma, sorry about your dog getting into your chickens greensad.gif Glad your midwife appointment went well! Sorry for the frozen pipes too, haven't had that here, but it has certainly been cold :brr
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Alright, called all the different suppliers, Apria would get me a Medela PIS or I could rent the Medela Symphony. I've heard lots of good things about Medela PIS, that and my Ameda Purely Yours are the two I hear the most recommendations for, so I am leaning towards that one. Genadyne would do a Lucina Double Electric pump, per some reviews it apparently only has 2 speeds and full suction adjustment, so I'm definitely not getting that one as I constantly adjust suction and I don't want to be that limited. Edge Park would get me a Enjoye double electric, but reviews of the company are not so great and the pump while adjustable according to two folks is less powerful than the Medela & Ameda like pumps. Also, Edge Park says I can't get it until 30 days before my due date or after the baby arrives, I don't want to wait that long. Apria can get it to me as soon as I have a doctor's prescription, so that one is sounding better and better. Going to track down some more reviews and I'm bummed I can't get another Ameda as I know that works for me, but I figure at worst I will have 2 solid pumps (one with over a year of use) so I'll have a backup whichever I end up liking more, though I hope to make the new pump my primary pump as I know they will replace stuff for a year on that without problems.

If you will be wanting a breastpump, make sure to call your insurance sometime and see what they are covering now. Mine covers 100% with no co-pay or deductible requirements and I've seen some that cover 50%. Either way, make sure to get yours covered as they are a pretty big expense!
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Katie - great info! I need to call my ins co...


Bailey, 26! Are you kidding??? Sorry, I am laughing, I'll be 40 in April and completely freaking out about it, I'd love to be 36 again, forget about 26, that is lifetimes away. I feel ancient. Although I don't feel any older than any of you ladies. Perspective...


Happy Friday everyone! I am looking forward to a weekend, even though being back at work these last few days has been kinda nice (did I just say that?).

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Katie, 100%  coverage for the pump is so great!  That's awesome!

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26 is my favorite number :D I'm one of those people that agrees age is just a number... I married my "high school sweetheart" at 19 and had DD at 20, took us a little longer than expected to conceive this baby (#2), but I think everything happens when you are ready, regardless of age. 

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thankyou all who responded to my panic :) i think i need to just start and then it will seem less daunting.. gonna set aside a week to clearing the spare room and then i will at least have room for stuff!! 

26 isnt old.. im going to be 27 in march and thats still not old.. oh is 37 and even hes not old (even tho he begs to differ) try not to panick about your age.,, it feels weird because it just feels so definately away from early 20s and so definately into mid-late... but 30's is where its at nowadays.. 20's is just getting ready :P and also i think 26/27 is a really lovely time to have a baby :)

Hope your all doing well :) i have a dodgy tummy and lots of dizzyness.. aswell as baby kicking up a storm..  but its all good :)

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Hi ladies! A friend sent me a link to this car ad video targeting moms, and it made me LOL. Hope it brightens your day too!

It has naughty language in it, so NSFW or little ears!

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