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hehe thats really funny :)

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I'll be 32 early May, so I'll either be 31 or 32 when this babe arrives.  I don't feel "old".  In fact, I often forget how old I am because it doesn't really matter, it's just a number! Actually, you know what makes me feel old?  Those wheely shoes.  Because I just don't get them. lol.  I like being in my 30's, actually.  After going to school for 9 years and having student debt, car, mortgage, etc. I feel like I'm finally in a place where my life isn't a series of financial stresses and feeling the need to accumulate stuff.  I don't even WANT stuff anymore!  It's nice to feel "comfortable" and secure, which wasn't the case in my 20s at all.


Good news on the pump Katie!  I have a PIS and was happy with it, but it didn't get a ton of use as DS didn't take a bottle after 3 mos old and I didn't return to work until he was 1, so I didn't HAVE to pump.  I kind of hope that this babe takes a bottle.  It'd really be nice to be able to get out by myself from time to time or on a date with DH and that's really tough when you have a babe that won't take a bottle no matter what.

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Nstewart - that is really interesting that your DS wouldn't take a bottle after 3 months. Usually if they are use to a bottle that's what they stick with. Did you pump and nurse the first 3 months?


Just popping in to say hi. DD ended up throwing up in her bed again lastnite after seeming healthy all day and since she puked on her security blanket she had a hard time staying asleep and ended up getting up a total of 4 times lastnite and then waking up for good at 5:30. We took her to urgent care this morning and the doctor said it is a viral thing that is going around (which I figured) but he gave her a Rx for zofran of all things. We also got some OTC emetrol and I have been giving her some garlic tincture (which she loves, NOT) and honey as a chaser. I am really hoping, for her sake and ours, that lastnite was the last of the puking and waking up multiple times. I feel like I am on the border of getting run down so I could use a break from middle of the night mommy duty.

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Originally Posted by BaileyB View Post

Nstewart - that is really interesting that your DS wouldn't take a bottle after 3 months. Usually if they are use to a bottle that's what they stick with. Did you pump and nurse the first 3 months?

mostly nursed, but DS would have a bottle a week, approximetely, just for convenience or so DH could feed him.  It probably wasn't frequent enough for him to be used to it.


I hope your DD feels better!  It's so exhausing when they're sick and all they want is mommy.  I hope you can get the rest you need too.

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Oh wow, just read through all of these posts to catch up.  You've all given me way more ideas about what I could be doing if I were already back in the US, but since that isn't happening for another 3 weeks I'll just have to be happy with giving away and tossing stuff to get our shipping boxes down to the minimal number!  At least it's a type of cleaning and purging redface.gif


Age and stuff, ugh.  Now I do feel out of my league....I'm 37, will be within 2-3 weeks of 38 when this baby appears.  Age...well that has a lot to do with mind and matter...DH is, dare I admit, 42?  He just had a bday on Dec 30.  We feel...well-aged like a good wine bouncy.gif


We've been busy with going places on our last ditch effort to explore Tokyo.  We took DD to Tokyo Disney Land for her bday (12/31) but we went on 1/1.  Boy was it crowded, despite what was predicted.  The day was beautiful, but cold.  We had a lot of fun and I was not nearly as exhausted as I was after Disney Sea in October.  Then I took DD to the National Museum of Science and Nature in Tokyo.  She had fun and it was a good outing, but I think I am done for a few days.  I had a long walking shopping trip on the day before Disney and I was shocked I did not feel exhausted.  But today, after sorting out 4-5 boxes and packing up 2, I am suddenly exhausted.  We were supposed to have one of DH's post-docs who just arrived last night over to dinner tonight.  But I am too exhausted.


DD is acting so weird.  So very strangely.  She was running a low temp yesterday, I've noticed her breathe smells terrible and no amount of brushing helps.  She doesn't appear to have a vit deficiency that I know of and won't be tested again until we go back.  She lost a tooth today so we thought things were going to get better.  But she just doesn't do things when we tell her to and expects us to wait around for her to do them.  Today DH had to go meet someone at a specific time.  She wanted to go, so we told her to get ready and be ready when DH was leaving.  But she didn't and now she is crying and upset because he left her at home.  It's like her add/adhd has just suddenly gotten really, really bad.  I have no explanation.  I did find that she was sneaking candy this past week.  It's the first time she did it, I think, but I tried to explain to her it was not a good thing to do.  Her father has a strong tendency to do this and although I don't approve, he doesn't hide it from her and often gives her a LOT of candy when she visits.  There are times when I think that I am dealing with the maturity level about 2-3 years below.  She did have testing done last year and she was a bit immature for her age at the time, but it suddenly so much worse since Christmas.  She has stalled on her homework time and again this time (not unusual) but then has a major breakdown when we enforce the punishment.  It's like she thinks we won't enforce the punishment when we have never not enforced it unless it was very unfair (rare).  I am about to lose my mind.  She was so perfect when we back in the US which makes me think this is related to the Japan switch.  Sorting out her toys that she is leaving behind (only ones that she was given by other children who were leaving Japan) was traumatic this morning.  I hate that she won't clean up her room, refuses by spending hours 'doing it' with no success and I refuse to go in there, again, to clean it up.  Am I expecting too much of a 7 year old to put her clothes in the dirty clothes bin, her books in the stacks and toys in the toy bin?  It makes me want to put her back to bed although she has been on her near normal sleep schedule almost this whole break.  I just do not know what is going on, but 2 1/2 weeks with just mom and dad has been too much for all of us.  She returns to school on Tuesday, but probably not before I pull all of my hair out.




If you read all that, thank you!

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That's tough Jacqueline, when they don't act like their normal self. DD has been struggling this whole pregnancy too. I found out I was pregnant right at 3 weeks along and ever since then other than her potty training herself (basically) she's been struggling. Her sleep has been off, she wakes at night now even when she doesn't seem sick or teething, she doesn't listen as well, etc. I think it's because of my pregnancy, because it's winter and she is bored with being inside all day even though she has a lot of toys and stuff to do, and probably just that she is almost 2 now. I had good stuff planned for her to do this winter but her finger injury put a hold on her ability to swim for the last 10+weeks and now we were suppose to go to the zoo today but she is still sick. I feel like I can't help her much at the moment.

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Oh hey! I just realized I am 23 weeks today! Holy crap!!!!

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Happy update!
Running water in the house again today. We went to boyfriend's house overnight. Haven't been home without water this long. Just put a heater in culprit spot overnight so it wasn't much work. Chickens all seem to be doing all right. Age is a funny thing. I just turned 33. My boyfriend is 37 but ten years later starting the parenting thing (I have a 5 year old). He seems younger to me in many ways. Well at least in life stages. But that obviously doesn't coincide with age.
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Anything on her tonsils? I had a nasty case a few years back and only knew because my breath stunk no matter how much I cleaned my teeth.. Wen we eventually looked my tonsils were black!! Yuk.. ALS a dodgy stomach can cause bad breath and generally being Ill mixed with such a huge change coming on (new baby, moving back, etc) could really cause her behaviour to be a bit off .. Hope it gets better xx
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This is possibly TMI... so don't read the rest of this if you don't want to read about going #1. redface.gif

Does peeing feel weird to anyone else? Before when I had a full bladder I used to feel such relief when I finally got to go... but I don't feel that anymore. And it's also like it comes out slower than normal. It's definitely a different feeling, but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is.
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Bailey, I'm sorry your DD is sick again!  It's hard when it goes on like this for a while.



 I hate that she won't clean up her room, refuses by spending hours 'doing it' with no success and I refuse to go in there, again, to clean it up.  Am I expecting too much of a 7 year old to put her clothes in the dirty clothes bin, her books in the stacks and toys in the toy bin?


I had a really hard time with cleaning my room when I was a kid.  I would go in my room and just cry for hours instead of cleaning it.  Part of it (I think) was just feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start.  I still feel that way sometimes as an adult, although I can usually not cry over it now.  ;)  One thing that helped me were having clearly marked bins for things (though I always longed for a single toy box to toss it all in).  Sometimes my mom would put numbers in a bowl for me to draw and go pick up that number of things, then come back for another number-That really helped!  Sometimes DD freaks out but it helps her a lot if I offer to help her.  I don't actually do much really, maybe put away 5 things.  I mostly just move slowly and tell her she needs to pick up the books, ok now the play food...Etc.


DH is sick, achey and tired.  DD1 woke to have a bowel movement which is unusual for her.   DD2 had some loose bowels this morning.   My tummy is always a little upset this pregnancy so I can't really tell if I am any worse for the wear.  I guess I better start another batch of chicken stock and just be prepared!  Hopefully it won't get too bad for anyone.

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Originally Posted by CoBabyMaker View Post


I had a really hard time with cleaning my room when I was a kid.  I would go in my room and just cry for hours instead of cleaning it.  Part of it (I think) was just feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start.  I still feel that way sometimes as an adult, although I can usually not cry over it now.  ;)  


Yes!  I was (and still am) totally the same way.  My parents weren't/still aren't the most organized people in the world, so it was kind of the blind leading the blind in that respect.  Hopefully I'll pass better habits on to my kid!



I've started researching and contacting doulas this week, and have somehow ended up committing myself to interview seven (!) of them.  I can't remember the last time I've been this proactive about anything!  First-timers: are you guys working with doulas at all?  And second-/third-/etc- timers: what did you guys ask your doulas when/if you met with them?  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed (a bit like trying to clean my room)...

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I totally cry cleaning my room. My son tends to have the cleanest room in the house. I help him a lot and tell him he can't get that toy out till he picks up 3 other toys (after Xmas). Wish someone would tell me this. Time to start crying. My house is a wreck. It's like a single artist/ farmer lives with a 5 year old with no neighbors around to care. Where the heck is this baby gonna fit? I feel more and more like having baby here than boyfriend's house cause I don't feel at home enough there.

My cousin is a doula and I've invited her. She can do double duty and help with my son. Maybe I could look into other doulas but what the heck. More than I had the first time.
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TJ - I've noticed that peeing has gotten as you described recently and I'm pretty sure its due to my uterus moving up and away from my bladder. Since the babe isn't pressing on it anymore, its different, not as much pressure, and yes, slower.


Jaq - sounds like your dd is under some stress with all that is going on plus some strange thing physically, all factors that won't help in the listening & doing what she's told area! Mine is 8 and I don't think you are asking too much in terms of cleaning. We went through a tough time with room cleaning about a year ago...well, that was the height of it, but things have improved hugely since. What I realized is that she was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do (even though I know she knew where everything belonged), it was hard for her to get started and also she got distracted easily. Some things that worked for us were: me helping her, I would try to do this for short periods of time and then leave for a bit while she got in the groove, but I would basically find something, ask her where it belonged and had her put it away. Also just being there and reminding her what she was doing helped. Making a cleaning list also helped her a bunch, she's into lists, so it made it fun, I posted it on her wall, it was basically instructions: 1. pick up dirty clothes and put them in the hamper, 2. pick up books and put them on their shelf, etc, etc... A huge thing we had to get over was getting rid of stuff, she didn't want to get rid of ANYTHING, bits of tissue and things she collected from outside, UGH! But with some work, it is MUCH better now. These days she loves to clean her room, but often will resist at first if I tell her to do it, although there are times when she will initiate on her own. It definitely took a lot of work, but is much much better.


Anyone else having mid-upper back pain? Mine is killing me, especially if I sit, in just about any position. It is best if I am on the ball, but I try to sit on the floor in the evening and it freaking kills! I avoid the couch because it hurts there too and I try not to do much leaning back, but sometimes I just want to be supported while sitting. I think I am going to get out to the chiro and also a massage. I do get a little relief from doing pelvic tilts/cat/cow type stretches, but it is pretty temporary. I think I may try my heating pad this evening. Any other tips, exercises out there? I feel like there has to be something, this can't go on for another 4 months!


Hope all the little sickies get better quick! No fun at all.

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Thanks all on the pump! I'm excited, DH was basically asking why I needed another since I had a pump already, so I had to explain and he still wasn't excited, but I knew you ladies would understand smile.gif I will be going back to work and with twins will definitely want to be taking a break here and there with some expressed breastmilk in bottles fed by someone else, so going to need a workhorse.

timesway, once you start, it will be fine! Sometimes it just seems so daunting when you are looking at it all, just decide to do one small piece first and take it from there.

twilightjoy, thanks for sharing the video, too funny! I get the same feeling when emptying my bladder, it's hard to empty it all the way for me anyway when pregnant as everything is so squished by my uterus. And I can't pee as fast unless I lean way back.

nstewart, yup, that kind of stuff makes me feel old too. Like twitter, I mean I kind of get it, but I have zero desire to participate.

BaileyB, oh I hope that was the last puking for your DD, I hate when my DD is sick greensad.gif

jacqueline, weird on your DD's behavior, it is hard when they start acting weird. Not much advice, but I don't think you are expecting too much of a 7-year-old at all, but if she is feeling bad mentally and/or physically, maybe she needs a little help or direction like CoBaby suggested or a chart like adventuregirl suggested, it may be just a doesn't know where to start kind of thing for sure. I am sorry you are so frustrated, BTDT!

FarmerMomma, hooray for running water again! Glad the chickens seem ok.

CoBaby, I hope everyone feels better soon, DH is having major sinus issues. He finally took some drugs (he doesn't like to) and that is helping some.

eepeepee, wow 7 doula interviews! Good luck with them all smile.gif I didn't use one my first pregnancy, but I am thinking about it for this one, dunno, need to talk to DH.

adventuregirl, no back pain (yet), but I have a hard time getting comfy in chairs and in bed pretty often!
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Adventure Girl, Have you been to see a chiro?  I don't typically have mid-back pain unless something is out.  My hips are my issue in pregnancy but yoga and chiro seem to keep them pretty well in check.


Farmer's Mama, I'm sorry you don't have more support. I still have days where figuring out where to start with cleaning makes a feel completely overwhelmed too.  Sometimes I try to blame the kids but truth is that it's usually my crap that all over.

Does your boyfriend want  you to have the baby at his house?  It seems like it would make more sense to have the baby where you are living.


Eepeepee, Wow!  Seven doulas is  a lot to meet with, go you!  I've never actually hired a doula so I'm no help.  I wish I'd had one for my first, DH wasn't sure what I needed and a doula would have been great.


Well, DH is doing better today although his stomach is still a bit off.  The kids seem to be fine.  I think part of it is all of our eating has been not quite up to par these last few months.  Between morning sickness and then the holidays things were just not normal.  I've been making lots of broth and trying to get good probiotic pickles and kraut into us.  Getting sweets out of the house too and started having produce delivered so I feel like I have to eat more to use it up before the next box is delivered.  I'm hoping I can get better about exercise now that things have calmed down a bit too.  It feels good to get back to better food instead of being so willy-nilly.

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My boyfriend wants me to have baby where I'd be most comfortable, but he'd love it if it was at his house. We live 1.5 hrs apart. However he's not making much effort to make his house more home to me, by let's say giving me a key. I go out of my way to have midwife apts there cause he has a 9-5 and can come on lunch break. I got there before him and was locked out. Usually I can send my son through dog door in back of house, which doesn't feel homey either. This time that was locked and of course I have to pee after the drive. He texts me to pee on a tree which I'm not against when it's not freezing. Do I have to ask him or can't he figure this out? A key would be welcoming. I know I don't always do a good job of expressing my needs but sometimes when I express the common ones I feel too needy. And he doesn't have that opportunity to say look here's a key I've been thinking about ya. I guess where birth would be would be symbolic of where we would spend most of our time. And transition there. Moving is a scary word.
When we spend time together in nature we really connect. But I didn't see him at all this weekend when I didn't have my son. We really need some deep talks but there was a wonderful opportunity blown. I'm just not seeing the effort. Sigh. What do you think?
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