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Still feeling like it's not real - anyone else?

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I'm on the early side for our DDC - 15 weeks. It's still feeling unreal to me that I'm pregnant. I did hear the heart beat once on Doppler so far. But no ultrasound and no feelings of movement. I definitely have physical discomforts to prove I'm pregnant and yet I'm having trouble imagining a baby at the end of this.

Am I the only one?
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Me too! I've seen baby on u/s and heard the hb but every time I look down and see a belly I'm still shocked! lol  I think it has to do with this being a surprise  pregnancy for us and that I already have a baby I'm babying. I just can't get the idea in my head for some reason. Oh, and I'm 15 weeks tomorrow so I'm due later too. :)

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I am also at 15 weeks and only just now showing a teensy bit.  For quite some time the pregnancy didn't feel real - other than feeling like crap most days!  But now we have been acquiring quite a few hand-me-down baby things and as they fill the baby room its feeling more and more real.  Now that I am finally showing (slightly) it is feeling a bit more real.  Oh, and my crazy increased appetite is a good confirmation, too.


Hang in there - I am sure it will be all too real far too soon!

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I still kind of feel like it's not real too, or like it could vanish at any moment.  I'm not really sure why I feel this way.  Everything has looked fine so far.  I feel pregnant and my tummy is growing.  I have a dr's appt Thursday where we should be able to hear the heartbeat again, and I think that will be very reassuring. 

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Willsmomm - This is a surprise pregnancy as well which I imagine does factor in. I am 15 weeks today so you are just one day ahead of me.

Spotty4 - With my first pregnancy, it took quite a while before I was showing. I took a picture before the big ultrasound and I didn't look definitely pregnant even then.

PokeyAC - I am planning to make an appointment for next week and will hear the heartbeat again. But the Doppler just doesn't thrill me. Maybe I'm weird on this. It's just that it doesn't really sound like a heartbeat, more like a computer version of a heartbeat. I got to listen to my last bub with a fetoscope once and that was awesome.
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I go through times (usually right after my appointments) where it feels more real and times (as the appointment gets further away) that it feels much less real.  And I am showing, have had an ultrasound, and can feel the baby move! I think once we have the growth ultrasound and find out the sex I will buy a little something for the baby (I don't really need much this time around)...with DS, buying things definitely made it feel more real, so I am assuming that will make things more real this time too.  As it is, it's something I have a lot of trouble wrapping my head around until pretty close to the birth anyway.  Neither one of my pregnancies were really actually planned though (we wanted kids, just weren't trying).  I wonder if that makes a difference?


I wouldn't worry too much about it...it IS real, and the baby will come! But I don't think it's uncommon to feel as though it's a bit surreal.  It's one of those things that we know we are pregnant NOW, but there's not much we can do about it (other than take care of ourselves) until the birth, and I hate that "hurry up and wait" feeling! Which I am sure contributes to my feelings of surrealness. 

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I am 15.5 weeks along and on many days it is tough to realize that this is all real.  Sometimes I feel like it's just going to go away like a sickness or something.  Like I can just say, ok body, I don't have time to be sick now, so stop it.  

I am excited about this little being that I am creating, and the life adventures we will share together, it's just so new and so big that it's very hard to realize that it's actually happening.  It could be that I am 34, and for the majority of my life thought  I would never have children because I was too selfish with my time.   Until about 2 years ago when I started hearing that unfamiliar clock ticking, and started to figure out I was wanting a baby.  My partner and I realized that we may want one in a couple of years, but that couple of years decided to be now.  Surprise!!!

It's getting harder for me to get dressed in an outfit that feels good, so I guess that's more proof that it's all happening.

Excited for this life transition, just still having a hard time knowing it's real and such a huge deal!

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i definitely feel the same way. almost like im in denial. im hoping that changes when we find out what the gender is...

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