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Spine and hip alignment for better birth

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My last pregnancy, labor and delivery were less than fun.  I knew at the end that my hips were out of alignment and that baby was sadly out of position.  I was scared to go to the chiropractor though because I've seen friends go into labor after adjustments.  Since I have a history of PRM I wasn't willing to chance it.  During labor my DD did not decend right but I pushed her out anyway and screwed myself up even more.  The healing process was slow and I still wake up every morning 18 mths later with pain and stiffness. I cannot sit for more than 5 minutes without my fingers and toes going to sleep.  I need a chiropractor BUT I know that my muscles are too tense to hold an adjustment correctly and the only doc that I trust to work on me is a 45 minute drive away.  I'll undo any progress made sitting in traffic on the way home!  I need to find a way to gently release this tension and ease things back into place myself.  I'm considering acupuncture or Bowen therapy.  I'm currently 17 wks pregnant and could really use some advice, I'm scared to death of a repeat performance!

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There are ways you can adjust sitting in the car to not undo the work as much. It would be worthwhile - perhaps more visits at first, then less. I have had to go during my first two pregnancies and anticipate it again this time...because of pelvic/pubic symphosis pain.


There are adjustments a chiro can do, if knowledgable, when you're near to due date...they shouldn't do those if you're not full term, so otherwise, I wouldn't worry about labor.


There's a blog called Katy Says, and it has a lot of good information about pelvic structure, which would apply to you well. She gets into doing the right kind of squat to strengthen glutes, which helps your whole torso in pregnancy. You could get going on some stretches there to loosen the area.

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I recommend yoga (be sure to be following second trimester guidelines - no twisting, no tummy time). If there isn't anywhere that offers prenatal yoga near you, try ordering a dvd or watching videos online. I broke my pelvis in multiple places (during a car accident, not a birth, thank god!) and yoga was the only thing that got me right again. 


i also agree that you should try to see the chiropractor anyway! or maybe someone who does body work? 

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I am new to Chiropractic care but I highly recommend it. This is my 3rd pregnancy I'm currently 29 weeks along. This is the first that I've been virtually pain free. There are occassional twinges of pubic pain or slight round ligament pulling and I mean slight. I'm not in better shape it has been almost 7 years since my last delivery, I'm thinking the reason for this has been my amazing Chiropractor.

I had heard about it before for pregnancy but not while pregnant, I wasn't sure my thoughts. My chiro is also my mw's assistant and she is phenomenal. I highly recommend finding one you trust and trying it for a month or so and see how you feel. Sounds like it might take a little while to get you balanced but once you are you are going to feel really good. I'd also combine massage with it if you can since you feel like your muscles are really bound up right now.

Hope you get some relief soon.

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I recommend the exercise from the pamphlet/book and website called "Spinningbabies" and also "Hypnobabies". 

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