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Hi everyone

I'm serena, I'm 36 and this is #1. My DP and me have only been together 8 months but been trying for 5 of those! Lol I know my age is against me so we wanted to get started.

I'm a catering manager in a private nursing home and work 12 hour shifts, it's gonna get hard lol

I had a very early miscarriage at 6 weeks in oct so a bit worried about losing this one too. I've had a bit of cramping today, just hoping its nothing. A bit of heartburn and a little breast tenderness.
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Oh and my due date is Sept 6th!
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Hello all!

I'm Maggie. I just turned 34 and have been married for 5+ years. We have an amazing little boy who will turn 3 at the end of March. We found out Christmas morning that after only a month of trying we are expecting #2! According to the Internets my due date is September 3rd. I work part time outside of the home but hope that someday I'll be able to be a SAHM or at least a WAHM. I like all sort of domestic and crafty things like cooking, baking, gardening, knitting, sewing, embroidery and too many others to list. I lean towards green living and attachment parenting. When the time comes I would like to homeschool but that is going to depend largely on our work situations.


Last pregnancy I ended up getting Gestational Diabetes so we're crossing our fingers I won't get that this time around. Not a lot of nausea but a good deal of hip and lower back pain. I'm going to start doing prenatal yoga so hopefully I can reduce that this time around. So far a few waves a queasiness and some heartburn but that's really the only symptoms so far. Son is still partially nursing at night and that is starting to be uncomfortable so I think it's time to move away towards that more. 

Last birth was a hospital birth with more interventions than I would have liked. Because of our insurance this next one will also be in the hospital but hopefully we can make it more natural this time. 

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Hi, I'm Christine! I'm originally from Nuremberg, Germany and  came to the US as an au pair in 2003.  I've been married for 6.5 years and this is our second baby. My daughter Elliot (Elli) was born on New Year's Eve three years ago. I'm 28 for a few more days. We had a very early miscarriage a little less than a year ago, but I'm trying to think positive and hope that this one sticks. We got lucky and got our BFP on our first cycle really trying. We tried for a long time after Elli turned one, but I was still nursing so much that it never happened. I was a SAHM for the first two years of Elli's life, but I decided to go back to school to finish my BA last spring. I'm an anthropology major and I absolutely love it. I go to school part-time and because my DH has a flexible schedule we can switch off watching Elli a lot of the time. She's a night owl though, so I end up writing my papers very late at night. I'm hoping to change our sleep habits a bit before this new baby arrives. We live in Portland, OR in a small one bedroom. It's tight, but we make it work somehow. We're on the wait list for a bigger apartment and I really want to get in before I'm carrying around a giant basketball ;-) I'm not going to even entertain the thought that I might still live in our current place after this new baby arrives. Not going to happen (positive thinking!).

So far I get nauseous when I'm hungry, have mild heartburn and pee a lot. Oh, and I'm craving deli sandwiches and hard boiled eggs. Hopefully this pregnancy will be as "easy" as Elli's was. We'll see. I'm also hopeful for a home birth this time around. Elli was a hospital transfer with a two day NICU stay, which was not fun. Everything turned out alright, but I'd much rather spend the first few days pp at home in bed than anxious and worried at the NICU.

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MamaMash - Wow, you're right! I wish we were closer together, I hardly know anyone with a similar aged kiddo to mine. And hopefully in 8ish months we'll have another set of close-aged ones!
LOL - I just noticed that our anniversaries are only a few months apart too lol.gif
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That's just nuts livingsky!! Sooo similar. Now lets hope for sticky little beans this time too so we can have another set of close kids 😃
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You might be pregnant if...... this was your dinner:

I'm trying to do a pre-emptive sugar detox (because last time ALL I craved was cake. And ice cream.) So it's spelt sourdough French toast with bananas sizzled in butter. No syrup. Is that cheating? Lol.
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that sounds so delicious i am drooling at my desk. 

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Just a quick hello! I am 42, and this pregnancy is a bit of a shock! I haven't told my husband yet - I may wait until I'm sure all is going well at my first appointment. He won't be thrilled, and I don't want to argue until I know my own position! We have a 7 yo son and 5 yo daughter, who are fabulous little people! I want to tell everyone, but am keeping it quiet at the moment since the pregnancy is so new, and the statistics aren't really in my favor! Am I the oldest is this group?

So far, symptoms are manageable, but very present. I had a surgery for a suspected ectopic pregnancy last year (after the surgery, the doctor informed me that it wasn't an ectopic, but I did have internal bleeding from an undetermined location). I miscarried three days after the surgery.

I have a lot of anxiety that the next few weeks will be stressful as I wait to miscarry or worse,
but I really am just keeping busy, eating well and doing my yoga. Time will tell if this was meant to be!
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Korova; I hope this pregnancy goes well for you with out any issues. And hopefully your husband will take it well too. Congratulations smile.gif

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Hi guys, my name is Heather and I'm expecting my second babe. Dh and I have been married for 5 years and my dd will turn 3 in feb. I had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with dd, so I am hoping this little bean is sticky.
I got my bfp on Xmas eve, what a lovely Xmas present smile.gif I did have some spotting for a few days but it went away and my pregnancy tests got darker quicker as the days went by, so here I am!
I just got over the stomach flu and a cold, so it's been hard to tell what's pregnancy related. Now that I'm not sick, I just feel tired, round ligament pain and not much appetite. If I eat a normal portion size, I feel nauseated and heartburn-y.
Keeping my fingers crossed until my first u/s appt on jan 31.
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Hello everyone. My name is Rebecca, and I think I am in the correct due date club. I stopped taking the BCP in the middle of November. My period never came in December, but 5 or 6 pregnancy tests said I was not pregnant in mid December. I just figured it was my body getting used to being off hormonal birth control. I continued to take a test once of twice a week. Hooray for Dollar Store tests! Yesterday the test came up positive. Since I had so many negatives I assume I conceived around Christmas or a little earlier.
My husband and I just got married in October, but have been together for over 7 years. I was only on the BCP as to not have my period during our wedding, and prior to that used a symptom-thermal method of BC. I didn't expect to get pregnant this soon, and hadn't been charting unfortunately, which makes pinpointing the due date a bit more difficult. The doctor will see me at the end of January, so hopefully I will know then when this little grain of rice is due.
I work as a children's facilitator at a local women and children's shelter and clean a funeral home on the weekend.
In my spare time I like to sew, watch movies with my husband, play games, and garden.
We have a dog, a pit bull/Dalmatian mix, and I have 5 chickens.

So far I've been feeling pretty good. Tired. Hungry. Good. My breasts are a little sore, but not too bad. I already feel like I have to pee all the time, but perhaps that is because I am trying to drink enough water.

If all goes well, this will be our first baby. But I have been dreaming of a baby for years, and when in grad school would look up baby stuff as my procrastination tool of choice. I have already made over 30 cloth diapers, 50 cloth wipes, and some wool longies.

I look forward to getting to know you all as we journey through our pregnancies.
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Jumping in!  My due date is Sept. 2nd, so I'm guessing the first week of Sept. is my most likely due time and I get to hang out with you lovely ladies.  :-)


I'm 30, married for 7.5 years, together 11.5.  DH and I have been trying for over two years, had two miscarriages (6 and 9 weeks), and have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility (in other words, they don't know what's not working and can't do anything to fix it).  So we are thrilled and excited for this pregnancy and it looks like this one is sticking around!


We have one cat who loves us but is terrified of every one and every thing else.  I'm joking that of course she'll love the baby, I'm growing an extra person just to add to the number of people who can pet her. :-)


I'm a consultant who works from home, DH is a professor and we live at least a plane ride away from all our family.  We are new to our area, so I'm feeling a bit isolated and sad to be going through this pregnancy physically alone other than DH.  No one to go baby shopping with, recommend a good pediatrician, etc.  


However, I'm excited to be planning a homebirth.  I've found a midwife I think I really like, DH completely supports the idea, and everything surrounding it seems to be falling into place.  Because of my job I do a lot of research, so for the last few years I've been researching pregnancy, birth, and raising kids to try and figure out what might work for us, which is how I found mothering.  

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I'm Sara, mother to a fairly independent almost 3 year old girl, Emagene. We currently live in north Texas, originally from Portland, Oregon. I am looking for a part time job so as to stop commuting to Tulsa for work. My husband is a flight instructor here in town. We have a dog, a cat and 4 chickens. We do our best to live sustainable, purposeful lives and not get lost in the weirdness that comes from being 2000 miles away from our family.

First pregnancy was a breeze, medically. Emotionally, It was really tough for me since she was a honeymoon surprise. As in we found we were pregnant on our honeymoon. And i spent most of that pregnancy alone, with the female puppy who adopted us the week we conceived, in Oklahoma. But with #2, I have high hopes for a more emotionally positive pregnancy. I am surrounded by wonderful women here and have the option to birth at home (something my insurance didn't cover last time around.)


And, oddly enough, we were adopted by a male kitten the week we conceived this one, so I fairly certain it'll be a boy.


With that, I bid you welcome to my life! May we have encouraging times!

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I hope you can avoid the NICU as well! My SIL works in labor and delivery at OHSU and is an awesome L&D nurse, if you need to pick your hospital.


Im really hoping to move back to PDX this summer as I am having a really hard time adjusting to Texas. Keeping my fingers crossed the DH can get a job up that way (which I know is a long shot in this economy!)


Anyway - best of luck to you!!

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ps. i'm new to these forums. that last comment was supposed to be a reply for happybunny.

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Does anyone else get sick super early? I'm 5w3d and I am already so nauseated. I have been able to stop myself from actually vomiting, but it was close this morning. I started vomiting daily at 6 weeks with dd. I was really hoping it wouldn't be so bad this time around because I still need to be a good mom to my dd and a good wife to my dh. I'll make it work though! Gotta do what you gotta do 😉
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Hi I'm Carly, 29 years old, first pregnancy.  I found out the day after Christmas, and, as it was not planned, I was pretty freaked out.  My fiance was (and still is) really happy.  He's 25, will be 26 in May.  I was charting/temping to avoid, which actually works, but we messed up ONE TIME (I guess that's all it takes) and didn't use a condom when I knew we should.  I am really lucky though that fiance is so happy and supportive.  He's amazing and I love him so much, so that is making this so much easier for me to deal with.


I'm a tutor and he's a web designer.  We are trying to build up his web design business, with me as the social media marketing side of it.  I also do some affiliate marketing.  To be honest though, finances are very tight, which is why I was so freaked.  We had been talking a couple of months ago about getting married next Spring or Summer, but had decided to wait.  Now that I'm pregnant though we re-decided to get married then.


The plan before the baby was to build a cob house on our friends farm.  That is still the plan, though I'm nervous about getting it done in time.  We are lucky because our friend who owns the farm (a nice little organic, free range farm, where I help with milking 4 days/week) is very knowledgable on herbalism (she's always giving me nettle tea :D)  and proper eating.  She and my fiance are really into Weston Price.  I had heard of it, but had a pretty bad diet for a long time.  I was a vegetarian for 12 years, but after reading some stuff the recommended I went off that over the Summer (even though I wasn't trying to conceive at all).  I drink a lot of raw milk at the farm, as well as kefir, raw yogurts and cheeses, bone broths, etc.


I'm feeling fine (well, I've had a nasty cold last 2 days); to the point I wonder if I'm really pregnant!  I have bigger breasts (which DF loooves LOL) and they are a little sore if I push on them too much.  I had some slight cramping last week but it stopped.  A few moments of slight nausea, but that could be the cold.  I've been pretty tired.  I've definitely gained weight, but I think that's just holiday weight, which now I can't even lose!  Luckily DF always tells me I'm beautiful, even if I don't feel it!


I've told my mom, grandma, and a few friends.  I think some other friends and my dad will not be too happy, mainly because of money and because I'm not married (just told him when I saw him over Christmas that we're engaged, which he was fine with, though a little surprised and concerned about our finances, like usual).  As soon as I found out I was pregnant I applied for medicaid (I want to use a midwife), but there has been so many problems just getting through to them, so there's another thing making me nervous!


OK, I'm rambling!  I'm just so happy to have some support!  

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mamamash- not too sick yet. Just queasy.

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Originally Posted by emagenesmomma View Post

I hope you can avoid the NICU as well! My SIL works in labor and delivery at OHSU and is an awesome L&D nurse, if you need to pick your hospital.


Im really hoping to move back to PDX this summer as I am having a really hard time adjusting to Texas. Keeping my fingers crossed the DH can get a job up that way (which I know is a long shot in this economy!)


Anyway - best of luck to you!!

Thanks! One of the midwives we're considering has admitting privileges at OHSU, so if we go with her practice and needed to transfer we'd go there. I've read up on OHSU a bit and it sounds like a great hospital for women who want a natural birth. 

Wow, I bet Portland and Texas are like two completely different worlds. We lived in SC before we moved here (by choice and without jobs... thankfully everything worked out somehow) and it was very interesting. Since I grew up in Germany, I feel a lot more comfortable in Portland than I did in SC. It's like a miniature Europe, lol. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can find your way back here! 

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