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CONGRATS LINDSEY!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif


So awesome, what a good month for this board!


Saw RE today, he doesn't want to do any testing yet (an HSG maybe down the road) because everything looks good...

Great luteal phase, other signs good, regular period & O... Just gonna keep plugging away. Possible HSG if there is still no pregnancy down the road.


KD still hasn't gotten results, not sure what we're doing this month yet, haha, I got EWCM yesterday so we might have to sit this one out. No +OPK yet, so we'll see.

Oh, the wait! orngtongue.gif


DP's birthday so I gotta go- more personals soon.

Hope everyone is well.

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Escher: I've read good things about supplementing with coq10 and DHEA, coq10 can improve egg quality overall so while it may not increase AMH #, it can make sure the egg you produce can be fertilized and is sticky. DHEA supposedly does the same but it can manipulate other hormones so I'd be careful with that. Regardless, AMH is just a number, and with the RE testing, there are so many numbers. The bigger picture is more revealing (to me) than each individual number. I'm happy to know that, clearly, I don't have forever to get pregnant. But I refuse to believe its impossible without IVF or egg donor. Dp and i would not go that route.

Sotohana: they definitely can be fear mongers!! So true. And some REs can be more aggressive in their treatment and negative toward not medicating a problem than others. My RE is very positive though. We did the testing because I chose to, it all together cost a fraction of the cost of a failed swim meet. I figured it was better to know first. I was also freaked out by my 8 day lp. Anyways, a little information goes a long way. I'm choosing to stay thinking I am still perfectly fertile as we proceed. Otherwise it's kinda heart breaking!

Fmorris: Yay for free follie scans! That's so awesome!! Better than nothing and makes the process more affordable!

Lindsey: interesting to see the chart overlay! Nearly identical! I've spent much time looking at the pregnancy charts on ff, can't wait to have one myself someday!!
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Sorry for the double post!!
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Twomommy, YAY two times for free follie scans!! I can deal with each cycle coming to around $575, which is muuuuuch better than what the first cycle cost...more than double the $575 so theres a silver lining on that cloud! I wish the process was easier than it is, but I guess thats what makes the LO's all the more special.

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congrats Lindsey!!!! energy.gif

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Hi folks!  We're having some sort of an issue.  Please refresh after you submit a post and you should see it.  Thanks!

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Congrats Lindsey!!! banana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gif

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Oops, got distracted and forgot to refresh and double posted

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I've been a quiet member of this group - minor surgery, holiday travel, terrible flu, busy time at work - but wanted to offer my congrats to those of you with BFPs (esenbee, Lindsey and Mrs&Mrs! Am I missing anyone?) and send good wishes to everyone else! I also want to echo what fmorris said a few days ago - it has been so helpful to feel like a part of a positive community when going through this process, even if I read more often than I post. Such a supportive and thoughtful and candid group. Thanks!


AFM - I'm 3 days into my TWW. My cycle got back on track a few weeks after the loss in November and so we did an at home IVI on Tuesday. I'm feeling like this one probably won't work because we had our KD ship to us using donor home delivery and he didn't follow the directions quite right and then Fedex couldn't find our apartment so I had to go pick it up at the shipping center. But, we'll know in a few days!  Good luck to everyone!

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Twomommy, YAY two times for free follie scans!! I can deal with each cycle coming to around $575, which is muuuuuch better than what the first cycle cost...more than double the $575 so theres a silver lining on that cloud! I wish the process was easier than it is, but I guess thats what makes the LO's all the more special.



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Welcome back, lea2012! I'm so glad to see you again... And in your TWW too, how exciting! That's frustrating that the shipping of the swimmers didn't get off as well as it should, but I'm always reading about how the fresh stuff can last for ages, you know? FX for you!


twomommyfamily, DP and I have also said that we'd draw the line before IVF and/or egg donor... But then we talked about it, I found out that for her that means no kids and for me that means adoption (which, honestly, was a tough conversation to have!). What does it mean for you two?


Happy birthday to your DP, scorpioma! I'm sorry to hear your KD's results aren't in yet... Yes, the *wait*, arrrrrgg! If there's one thing I wish everyone knew about assisted reproduction processes, it's that there is more waiting than anything else. I'm so glad your RE is so optimistic about your chances without any interventions! That must be a relief.


LindseyW, thank you so much for sharing your comparison chart: It's so neat to see! Congrats again! As for the laws here in Canada, donor sperm is actually regulated as a controlled substance under the same act that legislates distribution of drugs. I am not joking. So, it can only be "administered" by a physician. It's nuts... I've just got to laugh.


Congrats on the job, sotohana! How absolutely wonderful! It's funny you mention cross-border-inseminating: When DP and I first started looking into TTC seriously in 2011, we actually *did* look into traveling to Seattle. We thought maybe we'd get a doctor there to sign for the delivery from the bank, then go to a hotel room to do our own IUI... Like a romantic getaway, only with a speculum and catheter... But in the end, it seemed to make more sense to have the care and monitoring of our local fertility clinic eyesroll.gif


I'm so thrilled you're getting a break on your costs, fmorris, and also that you've had a happier day. I agree with the others, just ditch the first part of the month from 2013 and pretend they aren't even part of this year. Thanks also for letting me know you'd come on a midnight raid with me, heh heh...


AFM: Hope springs eternal around these parts!!! I got a call from the clinic: Yesterday's bloodwork showed that I'm not as close to O as I thought, so they want more blood tomorrow and then an u/s first thing Monday... When the RE is back!!!  I did an OPK just now and got the second line almost instantly. Usually, I get a fade-in over several days and in recent cycles haven't even gotten a totally dark second line at all, so that's why yesterday's fairly dark second line made me think I'd O today. But this latest line is so much darker and I'm swimming in EWCM, I think my surge is on right now... My cervix is still closed and I've got no ferning in my saliva. So it's still entirely possible that I won't O until Monday or Tuesday, which would mean we're all systems go for an insem this cycle after all. I'm on CD37! How ridiculous! nut.gif

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granite - thank you! Sorry to hear about the timing this month. Are you working with a small clinic? Are they open 7 days a week? Mine is closed on Sundays so I always get a bit nervous. EDITED - I just saw you posted above me - that is such great news!!!


fmorris - Thank you - that is so cool to hear about your mom having you on her insurance! Thank you for the words about this board being such a support. It's so true!! Sorry to hear about the fight with DP and the accident. I hope she is okay. 


sphinxy - thank you! 


scorpioma - Looks like insem will be Monday or Tuesday - any advice on timing this cycle? Knowing that last month I ovulated 48 hours after surge would you do a morning or afternoon insem on the day of ovulation? Thanks for your help!! Glad everything went well with your appt and just fyi if you decide to do tests down the line at Kaiser the total for probably 10 fertility related tests was less than 100 bucks. Yes, the wait is terrible. How many days of EWCM do you usually get before you surge? When does KD get the results back? Lots of luck to you this month. What a roller coaster!! Happy Birthday to DP!!


Lizbian - Thank you! So happy to hear about the great response from your mom. That is amazing!!! The things she said about you and DP were so lovely. 


2justicemamas - Thank you for the support. 


Twomommyfamily - Thanks for being so sweet. The hug is much appreciated and I felt much better the next day after letting everything sink in. I think my AMH is .74 but the paper is in the car so I will have to double check later. Where have you read the best info on low AMH? I want to do some research. 


Chortles - Thank you. I took a few months in the beginning to work on getting healthier and currently I am still at the same weight (always a struggle) but I have managed to kick my life long diet coke habit and haven't had one or anything caffeinated since September! I didn't think I could do it but trying to get healthy for pregnancy has really motivated me to make changes. 


sotohana - Congrats on the new job and lots of luck during your TWW. 


escher - Welcome!! I hope you have a much easier process this time around. 


Lindsey - OMG Congratulations!!! Such amazing news. I loved hearing about your IUI on the other thread. It's very inspiring! Also loved the chart overlay - very cool.


lea2012 - good luck during the TWW! Nice to "meet" you! 


AFM - finally got some EWCM this morning. What a relief! Swimmers arrived this morning so now we are just waiting on the positive opk. Thanks again everyone for your support. 

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Granite, So looks like group consensus says, mye year starts February! Things are getting better thank goodness! Lol I would have loved to paint mye face nd put on all black and be all stealthy into the lab! lol Good news on not being out for this cycle after all! How awesome is that!! Guess your cycle was just waiting to get good until the RE got back! All swimmers go!!


Darcy, No need for thanks! But you're welcome! :) I didn't think to much of it (mostly because it's mye secondary insurance) until she started saying its covered. Probably because mye insurance through work is out of Florida bc that's where the world HQ is. Unfortunately Florida has no mandated coverage for infertility or IVF, BUT mye state does and mums insurance is through our state. Lucky meeh! Now we've just gotta bake this LO before I'm 26 (nd believe meeh its approaching faster than you can imagine)! DP is ok and we're ok as well, I don't think she realises that this is actually a very stressful process even when taking a break or what have you, bc I still temp every morning and all that. WOO on the EWCM! Sounds like an insem is about to happen!!! FX and best of luck to you all!!!!!


Oh yea, did any of you all here about the New Hope Fertility Clinic offering FREE IVF clinical trials?? They're trying to compare Mini IVF to Traditional IVF. Everything is covered from consults, to meds, to retrieval, and fertilisation! It's being conducted in New York for any ladies thinking of tryin and are in the area. I don't think you could ever beat FREE IVF and it'll help for future education and better understanding of IVF. Here's the link to the website for any interested parties :) www.ivfclinicaltrial.com/ 

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soto - Congrats! So excited for you, and I hope this is just the first of many bits of good news you get over the next few days fingersx.gif


fmorris - hug2.gif It's never too late to start over!


Lindsey - That chart overlay is SO cool!


scorpio - I hope so much for you that the stars align. Wishing DP the happiest of birthdays!

lea2012 - So exciting! Nice to meet you wave.gif Good luck!


granite - Oh, I'm hoping so much for you that the timing is right. What a roller coaster! 


Afm, the swimmers are here! Now we wait for my EWCM. Could be a day, could be a week. whistling.gif Oy, I just want to get this thing DONE. 

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What a big week! Congrats to esenbee2 and Lindsey!!



I only have a few moments to write but I am in a total state of disbelief and worry. I thought I had AF all week - although it was a light-ish period it looked like much more than spotting. That said I still had all the symptoms - slight cramping, dizziness, a bit queasy, a weird taste in my mouth. I was so irritated bc I just KNEW I was pregnant during the tww, then AF arrived and I was so bummed, but then I was mad that I was still queasy. I felt like it was unfair to have the symptoms and still feel pregnant when I was so clearly not. Then tonight, after a day of sore breasts and dizziness, I decided to take the last clearblue test and immediately saw the +!! I'm really concerned about the bleeding, and my temps have been low this week. I can't get in for a beta or hcg/progesterone levels until Monday, which feels so far away. There's so much going on in my head I just don't know what to think!


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MERSTONE!!! I know you want to be cautious given the bleeding and low temps, but that looks like a BFP!!!!!

I'm so happy and hopeful for you!


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merstone !!!! Yay for a BFP! FX for a sticky baby!
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Congratulations essenbee, lindsey and merstone!


Wow, I go off the boards for a couple of days and miss three BFPs! I'm sending lots of baby dust your way!


Sphinxy: Good luck! I've got my fingers crossed for you!


Lea: Good luck!


AFM: I got a positive on an OPK! This is a really big deal for me. The last time we were TTC, I didn't get a positive unless I was on the fertility drugs. Now, I know I've been ovulating regularly for months because I've been having regular cycles, but when I didn't catch the surge last month I felt a bit bummed out. I have historically had short surges, but it turned out I had a bad batch of test strips. Not only did I catch the surge this month, sans drugs, but it was a STRONG surge; my line was almost twice as dark as the control!


We don't have access to sperm this month because of the sperm bank's (imo, ridiculous) paperwork requirements, but we will next month! TTC here I come!


We've got a list of nine donors and will pare it down more before calling the bank to get pregnancy numbers and so forth on each one. My requirements are simple: similar ethnic background to both of us because we don't want to give the kid any more issues to deal with right from the start than we have to, intelligence, a positive blood type (I'm O+ and will not risk blood type problems if I don't have to) and several past pregnancies. What this has translated into is a list of 6'+ tall Vikings. Oh well.

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Oh, merstone, what a confusing way to get good news. I can't imagine how difficult it is to wait for some clarity. Are you still bleeding? Did you actually get full flow, or was it heavy spotting? Fingers crossed so tight for you!

rs11, how exciting! Good luck sifting through the donor profiles!
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Lindsey - YAY!!!! joy.gif


Escher I know what you mean re sibs but we just thought it would be nice for them to have some of the same genetic material, although if it doesn't work out it's no big deal smile.gif

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