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merstone, bouncy.gifROTFLMAO.gifbiggrinbounce.gifenergy.gifgoodvibes.gifbouncy.gifROTFLMAO.gifbiggrinbounce.gifenergy.gifgoodvibes.gif


CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing for a sticky bean, keep breathing, this is great news!

We will cross all fingers and toes for you while you get another conclusive BFP!


Sphinxy: How are things looking with the treasure hunt? Ha! Glad the swimmers are here!  whistling.gif Love this part, right? I am waiting too, for my OPK! EWCM is here but the waiting never ends!


granite, YAYAY! So glad you may still be able to O! I have "longer" cycles too (no PCOS, so not over 38 days total normally) so I can somewhat empathize with the LOOOONG wait, and it SUCKS!  But this is great news and you are seem so zen about it all. I am SO glad RE will be back and things are probably a GO. I want to see you in the TWW, friend!  lol.gif


Darcy: How many vials do you have of your sperm? Also, do you have one cycle telling you that you O'd 48 hours after surge or two?

What did the doctor say about timing? I would do one at 36 hours just to be sure, if you have two, and then maybe the following am? Anyone else want to chime in? 

YAY, insem!! Excited for you!  biggrinbounce.gif


sotohana, CONGRATS on the job! So awesome! Nothing feels better than that and it sounds like a better fit for you. love.gif


Leah2012: So glad you get to rest in the TWW now, congrats to you! I hope the timing was great- DP and I have never used the kits but people have had good experiences on here, I know! Good luck and keep us posted! I agree, it's a great place to be, this community.  luxlove.gif





It may be as soon as tonight if I get a +OPK today. I have TONS of EWCM and so now just waiting for OPK. We might insem. even without it tonight, not sure. WOW, we were both shocked when he texted, we really thought we'd have to skip this month. He worked really hard to make it happen for us.

So grateful.

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What a week!! I think this means wonderful things for us on the board, good luck with timing this weekend Scorpioma, Sphinxy, and Darcy!


Granite: How awesome that the doctor will be back and your O is coming and it looks like timing is working out great!! Regarding your question if we would adopt. Yes definitely. We started the adoption process first a while ago then truly thought about it and realized that we want to try to get pregnant. Also my DP wants to carry our second. So we will be mommies one way or another.  


Sotohana: I forgot to mention congratulations on the job!! That is wonderful! You are getting close to testing soon too, right? Maybe more good news!!

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merstone - Congratulations!!! Fingers crossed for you!!


RS11 - Yay for the positive OPK - that must have been so great to see! Much luck to you for next month and have fun picking out your donor. I loved that part!


scorpioma - my clinic only does 1 insem and I only have 1 month of temp tracking to show the 48 hour stat. I have a lot of control (which is weird for me) on timing this insemination so I'm not sure if I should insem around 4pm because of the whole 90% of women ovulate between 4-7pm or if I should just inseminate 48 hours after which would probably be around 9am. I think 36 will be too early - ahhh I don't know! If I don't get any other advice I will probably just do 48 hours after and see how that goes..Since my follicles grow so slowly it might make sense that it takes longer for my egg to release after the LH surge. I am so so glad your KD checked out this month. How cool of him to try so hard to get things done! How exciting that it might even be tonight!! How many insems will you be doing? I am so jealous of your fresh long lasting sperm!!






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darcy - If you think 36 might be too early, how about splitting the difference and going for 42? I think you would catch a late afternoon/early evening O, and the swimmer lifespan might make it through to the next morning. Just a thought.
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Hi Everyone,

Sotohana: Congratulations on the job! Hooray! When do you start? I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed for this cycle for you!

Fmorris: Hooray for getting some things covered! Dealing with insurance can be so stressful. I'm glad that things are looking up!

Scorpioma: Happy birthday to you DP! It sounds like you have lots of great signs of fertility. And hooray for your KD's normal results! Good luck with the insem!

Twomommyfamily: Thanks for the information. I'll have to check out CoQ10 supplements.

Lea: I have my fingers crossed for you. When will you test?

Granite: How exciting that you may get to insem this cycle after all! It sounds like you have lots of great fertility signs this month.

Darcy: Good luck with your insem!

Sphinxy: Good luck on your insem too! I hope that is comes soon!

Merstone: WOW! I have my fingers firmly crossed for you. Stick, baby, stick! sticky.gif

RS: Hooray for a positive opk! Good luck with the donor decision. I always found it very hard to pick a donor.

AFM: CD3 is a nice and boring time. The sperm will arrive at our clinic on Thursday, but we don't expect to insem until the following week.
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sotohana  congrats on the job!!!!!!! awesome news


fmorris a few years ago I had a crap Jan & decided Feb was the new start of year & it made me much more positive so I hope it helps.


lea welcome and good luck for your TWW xxxxxx



merstone fx for a BFP I hope it all goes to plan for you xxxx


rsll  good luck for choosing your donor - we had a 'donor' party with some friends who came & chose from our 12 shortlisted donors. Funnily enough they all chose our top 3 which was reassuring.

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So who is testing soon in the TWW?


And which ones of us are entering the TWW this week?

Me, Darcy, Sphinx, maybe granite?


We are doing our first insem. of the month tonight!  om.gif

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Sphinxy, you're right. Im hoping things will turn around asap! Hope your O date comes soon!!!


Merstone, Thats definately positive! Congrats! Everything will be fine, Monday's just a hop skip nd jump away!!


RS11, WooHoo on the unmedicated O! I hate sperm bank paperwork too..its soo much sometimes! Best of luck next month!


Escher, Thanks! Two hoorays for that! And you're right, I never knew what a hassle insurance can cause until it happened lol. Things are looking up and I love it!


Lizbian, Its good to know Im not the only one who has dreadful January's!! Looks like February is really mye new year.


AFM, Felt like I might have been O'ing (from the pain in mye left ovary) but I used a digital nd had no smiley. Did I miss it or something? Im not sure but even on the cheapies I didnt see a definate positive (when I took it yesterday) like I saw last month. HMM?

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scorp good luck on the insem!!!!

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scorp - SO excited for you! I will live vicariously through your insem plans until my time comes. No EWCM yet, still creamy. With three tries behind me I feel confident in my cycle now - not to jinx myself, but I always O, I always get EWCM, and I always get a positive OPK. So this time around for me is all about patience and waiting for the best signs.

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Fingers crossed for you Scorpioma!
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thanks everyone!



Sphinxy, Can you move me to Waiting to Know? I may not be on here again tonight! Thanks! 


DP is going to pick up the sperm tonight at 9 (he drives to KD's house, which is only 10-15 minutes away, and waits in the car. KD comes down, they exchange awkward small talk, and DP brings the sperm home in a jar wrapped in a towel. We have a routine! HA!)

I will of course announce when FF has confirmed my O, but it takes a couple days so it's hard to say now!


fmorris: how many OPKs are you taking per day?

escher: hi, so nice to meet you!! Congrats on starting TTC #2!  wave.gif

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Lol "awkward small talk" should be an SNL bit wink1.gif
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Example. This happened on our first night inseminating w KD.


DP: "Hey, which jar do you want to use?"

KD: "Omg, that is a big jar! well, um, I am not going to like, fill it up or anything..."

DP: "No, no of course not, well, we just wanted you to be comfortable..."

KD: "I will take the small one."

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FX for you goodvibes.gif

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fmorris, I just checked your FF chart, and I'm sorry to say that my guess is you O'd on CD16/17, and indeed did miss it... But your temps really were jumping around a lot, so maybe not...? Let's see what tomorrow's temp is like.

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Scorp, I'm normally doing 2, more knowing when I get closer to O. But I usually have pretty good signs from mye body and when I test their spot on. Maybe all this stuff thats been going on has stressed meeh a bit. We'll see, because I'm pretty sure I was feeling O pains this morning. I'll test again when I get home and see what happens.


Granite, I thought that but then I wasn't sure. Nd mye temps were pretty spikey. Im going to test when I get home and see. The lengths of mye cycles have been varied between 29 and 33 days, but closer to the 30, 31 range. We'll see with the temps tomorrow as well.

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Wow, another BFP this month. Congrat Merstone. This board is really taking off right now. Let's hope all the ladies entering their TWW in the next days are soon to follow! Lots of baby dust to everybody.
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Originally Posted by scorpioma View Post

Example. This happened on our first night inseminating w KD.


DP: "Hey, which jar do you want to use?"

KD: "Omg, that is a big jar! well, um, I am not going to like, fill it up or anything..."

DP: "No, no of course not, well, we just wanted you to be comfortable..."

KD: "I will take the small one."

I think this conversation happened almost exactly in our house!  We have a whole list of awkward conversation too.  also since KD was visiting from out of town, we used to leave him in our apartment and go on "the sperm walk" until he texted when he was done.  At one point he was meeting a friend after for a drink and the friend went on the sperm walk with us which we think made him an uncle.   Then when we were visiting our KD's but staying a few blocks away, they texted, "heading over with sperm and the crackers you left here"  NICE . . 


oh and good luck!  Hope this is it! 

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hahahah Cordelia, sperm and crackers? Amazing. 

My DP drives to KD's house and picks it up, which makes him the "Sperm Chauffer."  LOL!


Thanks, I have not gotten an +OPK yet, which is frustrating on CD20. I will test a few more times today and just keep being patient. Last night's insem. was sort of insurance in case I miss my surge... I hate having long cycles! Last month I got my + on CD20...



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