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Scorp,, I sure know what you mean about long cycles. I can't recall a 28 day cycle. Hopes for a + ASAP!

AFM,Well looks like I did miss the big O. According to FF it was on CD17. Last month was CD20. What are you doing cycles?? Comparing the data with the timing of our first nd second iui's makes meeh believe they were too early. Guess triggering is in the near future.
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fmorris, keep testing with OPKs to make sure!

sometime FF can be wrong if you keep temping, they might change the day of O... 

and thanks for the well wishes- I really think I will get a + tomorrow!

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Merstonefingersx.gif Fingers crossed so tightly for you! fingersx.gif


Scorpioma- That sounds like great timing to me if you O today or tomorrow. Our friend got pregnant with her last baby by insemming three days before O with fresh KD sperm. Good luck on this TWW! 


Chortles- I love your idea for the SNL sketch! That is such a hilarious concept!

Darcy & Granite- Good luck with your insems that are coming really soon! 
AFU- DW has been watching youtube videos on making your own cloth diapers for the last hour. We went over to our friends' house this afternoon and they have a seriously large collection of cloth diapers. So prepared! I love it. Anyway, we enjoyed oohing and awwing over adorable baby clothes and wishing them well as they do their first insem tonight. 
Thank you all so much for the congrats on the new job. I'm really looking forward to it, needless to say. I start on the 28th as I requested a few weeks to properly prepare my clients for my transition to a new job. They've all done such amazing work that I'd hate it if they fell through the cracks just when they are starting to feel supported. That's the only tough part, but I know I gotta take care of #1 right now. As for pregnancy signs, my boobs feel ginormous and my temp has been rising really steadily. I did that thing that one of you did- the chart overlay with my other cycle that I inseminated on FF and it looks really awesome. Here it is below. What do y'all think? I'll test tomorrow morning cause DW leaves for Big Sky country immediately after work. She made me promise that if its negative, I'll wait till Friday when she gets home to test again. That pissed me off, but what am I gonna do? 


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Sotohana... Not to be overly optimistic here, but WOW DOES THAT LOOKS LIKE A CLASSIC TRIPHASIC BBT CHART. Which is not a *guaranteed* early pregnancy sign, I realize, but it still definitely points in that direction!!! FX for you, I'm so excited for you to test!


I've never been one for ooohing over cute baby clothes under usual circumstances... Then yesterday I found some brand new baby wool at the thrift store and immediately abandoned all other craft projects to knit up the most darling tiny cardigan. I keep pretending it's for one of my many expecting friends, but let's be honest: I'm chock-full of ovulatory hormones right now, and every single stitch I make is a wish and a prayer for my own pregnancy!

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Wow!!! Sotohana, that chart looks awesome! I can't wait to hear about the test! I sewed some cloth diapers myself for my DS. We liked the patterns and PUL from verybaby.com best. The PUL that they sell at the JOAnnes fabric store near us fell apart after 1 month. The stuff from verybaby still looked great after 2.5 yrs though.
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Hi Everyone,

Lizbian: your donor choosing party sounds like a lot of fun! I can imagine it would be reassuring to have other people like the same donors you liked.

Scorpioma: How did your insem go? It seems like one of the (many) advantages of using a KD is the ability to do an early insem for insurance.

Fmorris: I'm sorry that the opks aren't giving you clear answers this month. Hopefully next month it will be much more clear!

Sotohana: Your chart looks amazing! Are you taking progesterone this cycle?

Granite: I have my fingers crossed that you'll have a little one to wear that sweater soon!

Hi to everyone else!
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granite, oh my word, you are so cute! send us all one! (just kidding, of course)


escher: insemination was good- waiting for OPK, but because I def. in the fertile window and my temp dropped tonight, we will be doing another insem. tonight- although I except the OPK today.

are you using a KD or sperm from a bank? when is your insem. scheduled? 


sotohana...that looks like a pregnancy chart to me... FINGERS CROSSED!




afm... as I mentioned above still fertile now... TONS Of ewcm and waiting for +OPK. Temp. dropped. O is probably tomorrow!

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BFN, but no period. Temp dropped too, but not significantly. I guess I'll just wait to see if AF comes and if she doesn't by Friday, I'll test again. My LP hasn't been this long since I began tracking, so that's a good sign. At least if Im not pregnant then my cycle is getting better. Today is Day 11, so I'm trying to keep hope alive. Still Im allowing myself a tiny pity party- stayed home from work today.
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merstone: Hurray!!! Congrats on the BFP


soto: congrats on the job, sounds like a great change for you. I am loving my new job, it makes such a difference. keeping my fingers crossed for you! DW and I saw some cloth diaper patterns at the fabric store! So cute, makes me want to start making them now. My internal dialogue goes something like: "it's probably better to make them now, spread out the costs over as long as we can, not just the 9 months we are pregnant and trying to save for everything else too" 


scorpio: glad everything worked out with KD, fingers crossed


afm: Talked to my acupuncturist, I've had chronic migraines for like 17 years or something ridiculous like that, he wants me to do a cleanse in March and then start trying in April. I want to talk to him about moving the cleanse up to Feb so that we can try in March. DW has really started taking ownership of this whole TTC process and it's really cute. She downloaded an app so that she can track my cycles and uploaded all my previous charts from FF and sends me reports on my projected fertile days each month with the potential due date. We watched the business of being born this weekend. Very interesting. DW is convinced now that we should have a home birth, and we're both pretty hopeful about the idea. 


fingers crossed for everyone else in the TWW, baby dust to everyone! 

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sotohana keeping everything crossed for you, if not this time than going in the right direction x


escher - it was very amusing esp as most of them were straight & married!


2justice that's lovely your DW is getting involved. Mine absolutely freaks out about the thought of CM & won't even mention the words!!! quite funny though, she's interested but busy with work so think when we're trying she'll be move into it.

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Aw, poop. Looks like I O'd yesterday. greensad.gif

Will do personals later, as I'm on my phone...
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Darcy and Escher – good luck with your upcoming insems


Chortles – my sister is a comedian and our KD is her friend. I’m SURE our process is going to end up in a sketch or routine one of these days, if it hasn’t already.  Our first try with the KD (in person rather than by mail) was SO awkward.


Fmorris – good luck figuring out your timing.  I agree with Scorp – don’t reply on FF entirely – I know my cycle really well and it has not been entirely accurate in its predictions for me.


Granite – Tiny cardigans get me every time. Can’t wait for some kitting projects of my own. Are you thinking of still trying this month in that post-O window?


Lindsey (and Soto) – I’m so into this making-your-own cloth diaper idea. Thanks for the tips.


Scorpioma – Sounds like your timing is great! Hope you get that + on the OPK! When right before we did the insem last week I ran into the room and said to DP, excitedly and totally out of context “I got a smilely face!” She had no idea what I was talking about.


Sotohana – I agree that your chart looks good. Good luck with the waiting – it is so hard! And good luck with the job transition.


2justice – I hope you’re able to sort out the timing with your acupuncturist. I did a detox cleanse for ttc and was really glad I did. Hope it helps with your migraines!


Lizbian – it’s funny, dp is really into reproductive health and has even taught sex ed, but when I explained my charting to her she was like, “you’re keeping TRACK of your CM and writing it DOWN? Gross.”


AFM – Thanks for all the positive wishes. I’m 6DPO and just trying to be patient. I’m going to try to wait to test until a week from today. DP wants me to wait as long as possible, but I don’t want to wait too long because in the off chance it works out, I’ll probably need to start progesterone right away, but my doctor doesn’t want to do a blood test to check until I get a bfp. Ugh. Waiting. Interestingly, a colleague of mine is also TTC - we both had losses in the fall and and we both did our insems on the same day last week. We run a program together and I'm so curious to see if we end up pregnant at the same time and what that will mean for our working relationship and also for our program.

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Lea2012: Baby dust to you for the next week of waiting! How interesting that you are waiting with a colleague and that you both had losses at the same time previously. Why does the doctor not want to do the day 7 dpo blood test for progesterone? From what I understand, it also can't hurt to take it before you get your bfp.


Granite: Oh no! Thats awful that you already o'd! Its especially frustrating because your follicular phase is so long and now its another waiting game. I truly love what you said, "Every little stitch I make is a wish and a prayer for my own pregnancy." I know it can still work immediately post-o, would you run in to the doctor to insem today??


2justice: thats awesome that you are working with your acupuncturist to make sure you are perfectly ready to start. I think a cleanse is a really good thing to do before trying, if you can. I hope you can do it sooner rather than later though. Chronic migraines sounds so awful! 


Sotohana: I'm thinking a bfp is in the works for you still this cycle! Your chart looked so good!! 


Scorpioma: Lucky you with your multiple insems with KD each cycle. I'm so jealous! Thats so good that you have so many fertile signs, its always great to get "tons of EWCM" I think I get a good half a day of some (not tons) of EWCM each month, thats about it. 


Darcy & Sphinxy: Did either of you two insem this weekend? 


AFM, twiddling my thumbs, only half focused on work, and doing yoga daily to get through this follicular phase. This week is going to be a long one. The follie scan isn't until saturday and that seems age from now! 

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Sotohana, when I was pregnant with my DS, my chart looked so awesome that I was sure I was pregnant but I got a BFN on 11dpo. We waited until 13dpo to test again and got a BFP. Did you use one that was advertised as a super-early test? I'm still crossing my fingers for you! It is also great to hear that your LP is lengthening even if it does turn out that you're not pregnant. Does your dw have Skype available in her hotel rm? Maybe she'd agree to an Wednesday test with her virtually present?? It is sweet that she wants to experience the BFP with you.
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Thanks so much for all the encouragement y'all. I did ask DW about Skype, but she said no. Our first time insemming she had to be out of town, so she was on Skype while I had the IUI. It's starting to feel more okay as the day wears on. This morning was super rough, but I'm feeling better now- 'bout to go to Baby's R Us with little sis so she can finish her registry. I'm throwing her a pink polka dot, hearts and baby elephants baby shower on 2/10.
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sotohana, I totally agree with Lindsey on this: Skype in your DP and take another test!!! Okay, okay, I'll calm down, and totally respect your choice... I'm just really stoked about that chart you showed us. And it really is so sweet that your DP wants to share in this as much as possible. Edited after I saw your above post: Hugs!


twomommyfamily, I admire you for doing yoga daily! I keep intending to do the same, but I find it hard to enjoy outside of a class (and can't fit in a daily trip to a yoga studio). Do you practice on your own at home, with or without videos for guidance? I was looking for online yoga videos specifically to aid fertility, and there's lots, yet I'm unfamiliar with many of the poses and it makes me not want to try them for fear of hurting myself. What style do you practice?


Thanks for mentioning "The Business of Being Born", 2justice. I was trying to remember the name of the film just this past weekend; I've never seen it, and would like to watch it with my DP. Currently, she's against a home birth (whereas I see it as ideal)... I'm glad you and your DP agree on that.


AFM: At my ultrasound this morning, the doc first told me that all the bloodwork from the previous days showed I wasn't close to O'ing yet, but then saw lots of half-developed follicles in each ovary (the classic "string of pearls", my major PCOS symptom)... And then he found a corpus luteum in my right ovary, which is where I *knew* I had a developing egg! So yeah, a corpus luteum means the egg's popped out already, and I just checked my progesterone test results to confirm that they are sky-high: I'm a day late to the insem parade, and it's left without me. Arg!!!


Not much to do now but wait for AF, then start Clomid again... And in the meantime, knit furiously away at tiny little articles of clothing. Depending on how crazy I feel in the next couple weeks, I just *might* end up knitting enough baby cardigans for *all* of our future infants, like scorp suggested!

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Aww granite, that must be sooooooo frustrating. Each cycle brings new information though, right? Blah! Trying to find the silver lining but that really just sucks. It is great that you could feel the O and really had proof that you were right.
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Oh, btw, since you mentioned knitting Granite -- have you seen these:

A friend of mine was making one (called a baby cocoon) and it totally made me want to finally learn how to knit!
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Just popping in to say I am still waiting for the smiley face! Testing 3-4 times a day sure feels like a waste of money!! I am really late as last month I got it on CD15 and all months previous I got the smiley on CD19. I am now going on CD21. I got so nervous this morning that I made another mid cycle ultrasound appointment for tomorrow - what's another 200 bucks ugh! Best case scenario is that she finally sees a follicle big enough to trigger and we do the insem on Thursday. Worst case is that my follicles are still tiny and I send back the tank and sperm because it's so expensive to keep for who knows how long until the smiley face appears.The silver lining here is that I still have a small amount of ewcm and my temps are still low. I do wonder if this long wait is due to a new exercise/diet regime I started last week. I know Brill says not to change any of that stuff while TTC but the changes I have made have been small and necessary so I guess I have to live with that!


Good luck to everyone in the TWW and Granite I am so sorry about you missing your O. I thought blood work was super accurate but I guess not all the time.


Twomommy - What cycle day are you on? Very excited for your follie scan this weekend!!


2justicemamas - loved that documentary! If I wasn't going to be high risk I would definitely do a home birth. 


Scorpioma - any smiley yet?

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Thread Starter 

chortles, scorpioma, and cordelia - I love the awkward KD SNL sketch ideas.ROTFLMAO.gif Probably not as funny when you have to live through it, but doesn't laughter make it all feel better?


And granite, sotohana, and lindsey are totally feeding my addiction to updating my imaginary baby registry and daydreaming about little things. Anything to pass the time. 


merstone - Did you get in touch with your doctor today to discuss the bleeding? I'm still crossing my fingers for you!


granite - Ugh. How frustrating. I'm feeling bitter on your behalf about the crappy regulations and timing issues.


soto - Perhaps it's a blessing, frustratingly disguised, that you promised dw you would wait to test again. 11DPO is still early, and at least in my experience, repeat BFNs are torture. 


darcy - We seem to have quite a few members of the "The longer I TTC, The longer my cycles get" club. You are not alone. I was pulling my hair out where you are last month, and didn't O until CD23, when my previous average had been CD18. I like to think that my body has figured out what is happening and is just being super thorough in its preparations. 


Afm, twiddling my thumbs at CD17 (well, it's past midnight here, so I guess I'm on CD18 now). I feel like I'm doing a good job being patient, but I also know that I just need to take it moment by moment. I had the creepiest dream about EWCM last night, that basically had me accidentally removing it all while checking my position/texture. 


Just a reminder to everyone to let me know when you want to be moved around in the first post categories.

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