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Sphinxy Good luck and baby dust to you too! Your plan sounds perfect! We are hoping for a sticky, sticky bean for you. 


Soto  Don't give up just yet!


Scorpioma Harry Potter is about right! Weird dream but oddly reassuring....


Thanks to all for the good mojo! We are sending it right back.

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dust.gifDarcy, Sphinxy, KWP (I hope I didn't forget anybody insemming right now)

And yay for reassuring weird dreams. I'ld love to have a color changing metamorphmagus wizard kid like Tonks, because Tonks on Harry Potter just rocks. (And made me cry so much in DH when she and Lupin died)



afm - I finally got to make the appointment for the next US + potential trigger for friday next week. Can't wait.


I also found some mentioning on the internet that it might be problematic if a follicular phase is very short? I never heard about that before, only about short luteal phases. Does anybody know why exactly? I just found concerns about immature eggs. Last time my doc triggered on CD 9 with a 20mm folly. That size should mean the egg is matured enough, right? Lining looked good too.I'll definitely ask about it, but I know there are some very knowledgable people on here, so any input is very much appreciated.

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good luck on the insems girls!


Friederike great news on next week. I was under the impression 20mm was big enough but I'm no expert.



soto positive vibes, bet it will be nice when your other half is back Friday


AFM fantastic news - no knee op needed, problem is my kneecap maltracking so physio should sort me out which means we can start TTC next month if all goes well with my bloodwork tomorrow joy.gif YES!!!!

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Lizbian: awesome news! No surgery is definitely better than the long recovery that comes with cutting open the knee! Yay for starting ttc next month!

Scorpioma: you had excellent timing for insems this month! There's a bfp coming your way!

Kwpx: insemed today? So exciting! 3 big follies is great!

Soto: don't give up hope for this month till AF arrives. This would be a much longer than normal lp for you, right?

Friederike: thats wonderful that you scheduled us and trigger for next week! I think the problematic short follicular phase may only apply to women who aren't monitoring. If you have a long healthy follicle on an US on day 9 then the egg (I would think) is good. But I'm not really sure.

Fmorris: so much crazy weather coming your way. I hope your landlord finally turned on the heat!

Darcy: did you end up going up to pac repro? Two insems this month? I hope you caught the egg one way or the other!!

Sphinx: did you insem today? Baby dust!!!

Escher: I do educational and developmental testing for special needs students for many different school districts. Some of the kids are violent. My student for next week is unpredictably aggressive. So that's always interesting.

Afm, we adopted a shelter dog last weekend and we were finally able to bring her home last night. I'm working from home today, hanging out with my fur babies. US and (hopefully) trigger in 2 days, feels like an eternity!
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Originally Posted by lizbian View Post

AFM fantastic news - no knee op needed, problem is my kneecap maltracking so physio should sort me out which means we can start TTC next month if all goes well with my bloodwork tomorrow joy.gif YES!!!!


Yay for physio. Two of my best friends study physiotherapy, I swear they have healing hands! So great that they don't have to put you under a knife to fix the problem and you get to try so soon.I bet you feel like this now  jumpers.gif



Originally Posted by Twomommyfamily View Post

Afm, we adopted a shelter dog last weekend and we were finally able to bring her home last night. I'm working from home today, hanging out with my fur babies. US and (hopefully) trigger in 2 days, feels like an eternity!

 How great that you didn't buy at the store but adopted your dog2.gif. I hope everything is going well with the new family addition. And 2 more days, that is totally doable. Maybe take more walks with the dog(s) to grow even better follies? It seems like you're looking at a sunday or monday insem?

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OMG twomommyfamily, congrats! I am obsessed with dogs (we have two) and LOVE adoption! CONGRATS!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence on the timing- it looks pretty promising. Now the wait. Even with perfect timing, we just never know!  TWW... must keep sane! I was so insane last TWW that I plan to stay really distracted this month to avoid that state at all costs. I'm gonna pour myself into work, essentially. Lol.

lizbian, SO happy about knee surgery- that is the BEST. what a relief! Good luck with blood work & hopping on the TTC train! joy.gif


Friederike, congrats on the trigger & US appointment! Gettin' close!

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Friederike - I did a little reading in the Brill book for you regarding the follicular phase. It looks like as long as you've got enough time to produce a thick enough lining (their suggestion is 9mm), then you should be ok. During any of your work with your doctor, did you have your FSH levels tested? The suggestions in the book for lengthening the follicular phase and supporting FSH development include exercise and healthy eating, which a focus on getting enough protein (up to 100 grams per day, but not more), Vitamin B-6, and essential fatty acids. I don't see any specifics on size of the follicle. 


Twomommy - Yay for shelter dog adoption, congratulations! My little man in my profile picture came to us from a shelter a few years ago. It's such a wonderful feeling. In my Christmas stocking this year DW gave me an ornament that reads "My Favorite Breed is Rescue" luxlove.gif


Thanks, everyone, for the well wishes. I think the insem last night went really well. My temp was still low this morning, about the same as yesterday, so we decided not to do our second insem yet. I'm leaning towards this evening when DW gets home from work. Brill says that during the winter months when the days are shorter, most women ovulated between 4-7pm, so I'm thinking that a 6pm insem should be good timing.  

Darcy and KWPX2, lots of dust.giffor you today - good luck!!

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twomommy oooo what kind of dog? it's lovely you rescured one as so many are put down every year despite being wonderful animals.


Friederike that's exactly how I feel & can get back to running as well so it's been a pretty good day. I think my timing's going to be around Valentine's day so that could be one to remember! Good luck with the trigger & appointment.


Sphinxy good luck


KWPX2 keeping everything crossed for you which does make typing harder but is worth it wink1.gif

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Sphinxy (rescue is most definitely the best breed!), Scorpioma, Friederike, and any other dog lovers:



The tan dog to the right is the new shelter baby. We haven't yet decided on a name. Teddy is to the left, adopted 3 years ago from the mean streets of south central LA. orngbiggrin.gif

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Lizbian- That is fantastic news! Yay for not having to have knee surgery!


Twomommy- congrats on your new fur baby! I love puppies. My brother's dog recently passed away and we were all so close to her that I've been thinking that maybe I'd like to get a boxer dog and have it around when our kid is little. 


Sphinxy & Scorpioma- Sending you positive, calm vibes for this TWW!


AFM- feeling a lot more positive this a.m. Slight temp rise! And still no AF. This is the longest luteal phase ever if I am not pregnant, at least its a really good sign for future tries. :)

Almost right after I entered my temp this morning, I got a text from my friend saying that she's chart stalking me. lol. I think she wants a pregnancy for us just as much as we do. Here's my chart if you also want to chart stalk me. 


[url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3ee97f/]My Ovulation Chart[/url]

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twomommys - cute! I'm a pet photographer & we ran a 'dog of the year' competition in November. 110 dogs entered and the top 3 places were all won by rescues. One was rescued from the streets in Italy & another from Barbados where a farmer was shooting at him. I do hear some lovely rescue stories and you really make a difference to that dog's life.


Here's the link in case anyone wants to see some cuties!




soto - thanks still doing a little dance in celebration.

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Lizbian - Somehow I missed your update this morning - that is such wonderful news that you don't need surgery! I'm so happy for you to get TTCing next month. 


Sotohana - What day was your insem this cycle? Such a good sign that your temp went up! fingersx.gif


Twomommy - Cuties!! Thanks for sharing. 

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Hi Everyone,

Darcy: I expect we'll be insemming sometime between CD 13 and 17, but it varies a bit from month to month. How did yesterday's insem go? Did you end up doing another one this morning? Good luck!!!

Scorpioma: Hooray for ovulating! It sounds like you had perfect timing.

Sphinxy: Hooray for all your signs lining up so well! Good luck with your second insem today!

KWPX2: Good luck with your insem today! A 36 inch baby would be quite something! Googling just now, it looks like the longest baby ever born was either 27 inches (in 1992) or 30 inches (in 1879). You could have a world record baby!

Sotohana: I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you! I look forward to hearing your test results tomorrow!

Friederike: I thought (like Brill says) that the concern about a short follicular phase was that the lining wouldn't be thick enough, so if your lining was fine then I don't think you need to worry about it.

Lizbian: That is wonderful news! Hooray!

Twomommyfamily: Congratulations on your new dog! What does Teddy think about having a new friend?

Probably just a week now until we insem!
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Sphinxy- I insemmed on CD 13 and today is CD27.

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Soto, I have all my fingersx.gif for you. Are you still planning to test again tomorrow?
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sphinxy - I love to throw money at problems which is why we are having a housekeeper come tomorrow before MIL arrives! I am so glad you finally surged. Such a good feeling and for you to be able to do two insems is awesome! Much luck to you this TWW! Can you move me to waiting to know!


KWPX2 - Good luck to you during the TWW!


sotohana - fingers crossed!!


Friederike - How exciting that next week is just around the corner!! 


Lizbian - So happy to hear you are just about good to go! That must feel amazing!! 


Twomommyfamily - Yes, I went up to Pasadena this morning for the insurance insem. The awesome NP there actually gave me a free ultrasound to see what was going on and she said I definitely ovulated yesterday/last night. So we will see how this all goes. What is making me nuts is that my temp didn't rise by much this morning. My sleep was crazy last night so maybe that's why but it's odd right? It will be interesting to see when FF says I ovulated. Congrats on your new fur baby - she is beautiful!! 


escher - You have a longer window like I do. Hopefully it doesn't make you as cuckoo as it made me this month! Yes, we did both insems so hopefully that increases the odds this go around. Only one more week for you! Very exciting! 


Scorpioma - How are you doing? What was your insem timing like this month? Thinking of you!! 


AFM - So glad the last two days are over! My insemination at Kaiser yesterday went really well and I think the timing was right because when I went to PacPro this morning she said I already ovulated. We did the 2nd insem for insurance and will just keep our fingers crossed. I am thinking more and more of trying to to at least one ICI insem at home each month in addition to one at Kaiser if this month doesn't work. 

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soto - This chart looks great! This is a really strong LP length for you. And not everyone goes up and up in temp, you are still above the coverline!


darcy - So exciting. Sounds like you have really taken charge of your plan. Sounds like you had great timing!


afm - Second insem is done, now we wait!

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Darcy loving the housekeeper idea - my MIL is a housekeeper & obsessive about houses so I could do with that! Good luck with the TWW, it sounds like your timing was spot on.


sphixy FX for you


AFM we have snow here! That is VERY unusual & only happens every few years. I have to reschedule my photo shoots but then I can have a play day with the dogs! whoop whoop!

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A big yay for well timed insems energy.gif


Sotohana - how are you doing. DP back and test on the way? I am crossing my fingers for you!


Liz - I just spent a significant part of my workday looking at way too cute dog pics. Luckily my boss is out of the office today.


Thanks everybody for your feedback to my question. Where did you guys buy your fabled Brill book? If I check Amazon US it sells for 60-200 bucks, same if I try to find it over here. Sold out and  Is there an e-book copy available somewhere? A secret black rainbow market somewhere?

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friederike When I got my copy a few months ago, there was a used book seller through amazon selling it for less than $20 in like-new condition. I just did a quick google shopping search for you, and it looks like buy.com is a good option right now for the same price point. Hopefully they'll ship internationally.
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