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samy: I think Tuesday is going to be too late. Even if you ovulated Monday, Tuesday would still be late. 


Darcy: call/email your doctor! How many dpiui are you? too early to do a hpt? You could be pregnant! I've read that progesterone causes nausea so it could also be that. 

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granite: I also enjoyed TBOBB. I had my DS at home and it was a great experience overall. We did have a situation that could have been very serious though. His cord was looped over his shoulder so that every time he dropped down his O2 was cut off and his heart rate dropped dramatically. Then, his head delivered fine but his shoulders were stuck (shoulder dystocia). Those two situations are each dangerous on their own and in combination, something like 15% of babies die during delivery (even in a hospital). Luckily, at the time I didn't understand how serious things were. His shoulder popped free relatively quickly and he was fine with APGAR scores of 8 and 9. Before I was pregnant the first time, I was SURE that I wanted a home birth. Now that I'm pregnant again, it just doesn't seem to matter as much. I am really having a hard time deciding where I want to have this baby. There is a great book called "The Baby Catcher" by Peggy Vincent that has some fantastic stories of home births. 


escher: Good luck! Sometimes you never know - doctors have all of these statistics that show what is "most likely" to work but it seems like you were still within the "possible" window even if it wasn't quite ideal timing. 


lizbian, Great to hear that things are going well and you're ovulating.


lovingisliving, welcome! 


Scorpioma, Fingers crossed for you!  


Friederike, You can do it!  It does sounds scary but I'm sure it will be worth it once you've gotten that BFP!


DarcySD, I would second the "call your doctor" advice. That sounds awful. Hopefully it is just a bug that passes quickly and not the progesterone.  


Samy, Unfortunately, I believe that with a KD (unwashed sperm inserted into the vagina), you really need to inseminate BEFORE ovulation. I guess it can take 24 hours for the sperm to make its way through the cervix to the uterus/falopian tubes to meet up with the egg. Fresh sperm can live up to 5 days so even several days before ovulation is better than the day of or after. Folks doing an IUI can get away with inseminating shortly after ovulation because the sperm is already separated from the seminal fluid (washed) and inserted directly in the uterus.


Sphinxy, Cramping and nausea sound like good signs! Keeping fingers crossed for you and looking forward to hearing about your test! 


AFM, I've been SOOOOOOO tired. I go to sleep at about 8pm every night. I'm in my last semester of nursing school and the semester has just started up again so that is keeping me VERY busy. I've had some nausea (all day when it hits) and I'm nervous about doing my 16 hours of hospital "clinical rotation" per week (caring for patients with all types of funky smells and bodily fluids). Normally, nothing about patient care bothers me but lately I'm never sure what is going to set off this queezy feeling.   I guess I can be moved to the "graduated" list for now. I'm at 26 days after insemination and the internet tells me that my baby's heart started beating yesterday or today (even though we won't be able to hear it for a while).

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Thanks everyone for the advice. Friederike, I am taking the suppositories. I will try to call Kaiser and see what they say. Twomommy, I am 10dpo right know and already took two tests BFN because my period is due today and I wasnt sure if the progesterone would work since I just started it. I will probably test again on Monday and Wednesday before stopping the progesterone. Thanks again everyone.
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darthtuna - Wow! Thanks for explaining. We just pay as we go at our clinic and would have a hard time coming up with the 3k all at once. 


escher - It's so nice that your RE does a beta so you can stop taking progesterone. I go to Kaiser and it take over a week to get results back so unfortunately I have to keep taking it! What bank do you use? I am looking for a new bank with a low family limit. 


San Diego - We get our sperm from another clinic so we paid for it separately. I am so sorry to hear DW isn't doing well. hug2.gif


fmorris - Doesn't that feel great! So glad temping/charting is going well!! 


Twomommy - Thanks! I would love to use a local bank! It would make it so much easier during crazy insem planning time. Glad you two were able to take the day off together!! We did the same think after our first insem and it was such a treat. 


lea - I'm so sorry.  hug2.gif


Lizbian - Our current bank is raising their prices too - We are actually trying to find a cheaper bank overall because we are running out of money already! Congrats on AF! 


Friederike - So soon! Much luck to you this month!! 


Justanotherjenny - I recently tried to order that book but I wasn't able to get it. It looks great!


Welcome Lovingisliving - I think what helps me is having a plan moving forward. Currently we are moving on to clomid because of some test results showing low AMH and low progesterone. We are also looking into a change in sperm bank to help cut some costs. It sounds like you have a good next step with the monitoring. It should really help you see how things are progressing and maybe even getting the trigger shot could help even more. 


Sphinxy - I already tested twice both BFN because AF was due to arrive today. I think the progesterone is working to delay it so I will test again on Monday and probably Wednesday, too. I don't want to keep taking the progesterone if I am not pregnant. Cramping is good!!! FX for you tomorrow!! 


Samy -  I think Tuesday would be too late but if it doesn't cost you anything to do it I would give it a try. 

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samy. . I think Tuesday is probably too late.  If it doesn't matter go for it anyway,it can feel better trying, even if it's a slim chance than waiting but if you feel like you have limited times to ask your donor, skip it.  Is your donor close enough that you could go there?  


scorpioma and sphinxy. . hoping for your BFPs  (and everyone else!!, I think they are just closest in waiting) 

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11DPO here- thanks Cordelia! Feeling angry/irritable today hoping I am not out this month... No way to know and that's the hard part. UGH...AF is due on 15DPO or 16DPO.

(Sorry for the complaining... I really am excited, too! shy.gif

Lindsey, So many congratulations to you joy.gif

Pop back in to QC when you can! I can relate to being in school during this process- intense!  We can talk more about that anytime- especially when I get pregnant!


Darcy, Great that AF is not here yet for you!


Friederike, I am afraid TBOBB was pretty accurate overall about the US. It depends on what kind of city or state you live in, but OB deliveries are much more common, I think. It still seems sort of unorthodox to use a midwife (in some places) and a home birth. 

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Scorpioma – fingers crossed for you as you wind down your tww!


Darcy – Thanks. My fingers are crossed for you as well! Curious to hear how things go with the progesterone and with your testing the next few days! As Friederike said, when I took progesterone last time (orally) my doctor had me only take it right before I went to sleep because she said it would make me feel woozy and weird.


Lindsey – I hope that your nausea and tiredness don’t interfere with your school and clinical rotation too much! But at least you’ll (hopefully) be around people who have a good 

understanding of what you’re going through! And the symptoms are such good signs of a healthy pregnancy, albeit inconvenient.


Samy – I’m with everyone else here, and I think Tuesday is too late as well.  Sorry the timing isn’t better with your donor this time!


Friederike –Good luck with the trigger shot and the team meeting on Monday!


Twomommyfamily – hope the tww passes quickly and you get good news at the end of it! For me the first week went quickly and the last week felt eternal.


Sphinxy – 9DPO now! I hope your minor symptoms are a good sign, even if they don’t follow an obvious pattern.  Good luck with the last few days! And thanks, I’m feeling better about things.  I’ve been mining my feelings about my coworker’s pregnancy and realized that I’m worried about losing the connection we had developed in sharing our ttc processes. We have to work pretty closely together and don’t always see eye-to-eye on things, so having this thing in common helped us to collaborate better. That being said, I know she’ll relate to what I’m going through and will be very supportive of my process, and I will definitely support her too.


Lovingisliving – welcome! Good luck!


Lizbian – We’re planning to also share info from the beginning about where our  child comes from (wherever that turns out to be). Good to hear you’re ovulating!


JustanotherJenny – thanks for sharing that book – looks like a great resource!


Esher – fingers crossed for you and your wife as well! And thanks – it isn’t that I want other people have a hard time getting pregnant, but I have lots of friends who have had such an easy time (and work quite a few teenage girls who are pregnant and parenting) and sometimes I just get cranky about the amount of time, effort and $ we are putting into the process.


Granite- thanks, and also thanks for the mention of that film – it has been on my to-watch list and was a good reminder! It is so interesting to me how the industry differs from place to place both because of laws and regulations, cultural norms  and insurance coverage. I’ve noticed very different prenatal and birthing experiences of my friends here in Seattle – lots of home births - and in NYC where I used to live – all hospital births. And there is mandatory coverage for IUIs in NYC and not here. Kind of wish I had realized that before I moved.


Sorry if I’ve missed anyone – cheers and good thoughts to all!


AFM – After a brief few hours of total despair and hopelessness, I’m now feeling better and anxious for the next insem. My doctor called with test results and everything came back normal. I’m going to start progesterone right after O next time, which I think is good, except that it means if it doesn’t stick and we have to try again in March, it will be harder for me to predict the timing for a cross country trip to where our KD lives in advance.  Thanks again for all the support!

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Granite, Woo for are proud charts. Iono anyone else TTC by monitoring this way either..besides you all! Mye chart looked how it should be and I understood it. spikey temps, then drop before O, and higher temps until AF got close and the day I started spotting mye temp had significantly dropped. I love understanding!!!! Hive 5 for our charts! (btw, i was just stalking yours and scorps lol)


Scorp, You're chart looks good so far, I was just telling Granite I was stalking your chart after I looked at hers! Sure hoping for a BFP for you this cycle! Your wait is almost over, nd that test today was just a break down. There's plenty of time for a BFP!


Twomommy, Glad the insem went well. Nd you're numbers look great!! FX for you!


Lea, Sorry for the BFN hug2.gif. And as far as the coworker being pregnant...mye co-worker who sits right next to meeh is pregnant...they weren't "really" trying. I can understand the bit of jealousy, because Im feeling it right now. Our time is coming though. But I'm sure glad you'e feeling better than you have been. This process can be trying!


Friderike, always exciting when the swim team arrives. Oh I hope you have an easy insem with a BFP!


Lizbian, Glad you got great news and are raring to go! Best of luck to you, and hopefully the postman won't be too nosey lol! We'll also be telling our LO's from when they're small, just don't want the kids to think we're trying to hide something from them. Yay for AF in town!!!!


Escher, you have no idea how much sense mye chart is making in correspondece with what mye body's doing...little bit of amazing! lol And you never know until you test...FX!!!!


LovingWelcome.gifYou've definately come to the right place for tips, advice, etc. I'm 24, and will be carrying. I've also had 2 unsuccessful IUI's one medicated with Clomid and the other medicated with Femara. For the next try I will be using the trigger, just to pinpoint timing for better chances. I also have been drinking the Fertilitea. What do you think about it? I wasn't sure how it'd taste once I got it, but after tasting it, it's not bad at all. Well I hope you have a great cycle coming up! Good luck!


Sphinxy, 8DPO already!? Times a moving isn't it? I hope those are the right kind of cramps we want!! I'm hoping with everything I've got you see a BFP this time!


Darcy, It actually makes meeh feel like I'm in control of mye cycle...nd I love it!


AFM, hanging out on the heating pad and hoping for a speedy work day!


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lea, I'm glad you're feeling a bit better... Good news on the test results! I'm amazed that IUIs are covered in some areas but not others... It's just so complicated.


Complain away, scorp, that's what we're here for!!! And we're all still rooting for you! That first BFN was meaningless!


Congrats on graduating, Lindsey! joy.gifYes, that does sound like a scary situating during your first birth... It's pretty much exactly why my DP still wants a midwife-delivered hospital birth for our eventual pregnancy, and I totally understand why. Regardless of what we end up going with, I'll be choosing a midwife instead of a doctor for my care, if only because they give many more pre- and post-natal visits, and also can sign clients out of the hospital as soon as the baby is deemed fit: One friend of mine was literally there for only two hours! I'll have a look for the Baby Catcher at my library.


Hi samy, I'm sorry to say I'm with the others: It really is a long shot... But amazing things can and do happen, so go for it!


Yes, Friederike, I thought that there was some interesting divisions in the stats in TBOBB too: Like in Germany, I think most of the midwife-deliveries are also hospital-deliveries here in my part of Canada, which made me wonder how they did the math on that. Having a midwife around here is more about pre-natal care than it is about the location of the birth. I wish my local hospital had a birth pool, how rad is that!!! Even if we plan on actually birthing at the hospital, friends have suggested setting up a pool at home anyway, in case of a long labour... The hospital sends clients home for that, and our bathtub is probably too tiny to be much comfort.


How made DPO are you, Darcy?!! I took progesterone (on a stalled cycle, to restart it) and had no side effects at all... FX that this is actual early pregnancy for you!


Lizbian, you can probably buy it online... If not, let me know and I'll send you some! (Heh heh... Cuz customs officials *love* seeing packages of dried herbs sent from my part of Canada...)


Fx for you, twomommyfamily! And booo for bloating... I'm starting AF and feeling the same.


And fx for you too, Sphinxy! Looking forward to hearing tomorrow's news... And it's still so early, a BFN wouldn't be definitive by any means.


Welcome.gif, lovingisliving! I hope your stay here is short and sweet.


AFM: Spotting today, expecting full AF by this evening. Which means I'll be starting clomid on Monday or Tuesday, and I'm so excited! It's funny, I'd just be so grateful if my body would actually ovulate and my RE would actually be available and I would actually be in town for the insem date... I mean, of course I want a healthy pregnancy and a kid, but right now I'd settle for a successful attempt at getting there!

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fmorris, thanks for stalking my chart!

I was just stalking yours as well, and granites! orngbiggrin.gif


Friederike, So interesting what you and granite said, of course I think documentaries often skew statistics... I should have been a more critical thinker when I watched it but I was in baby lust at the time and got swept away... 


lea2012, I totally know what you mean with the depression and forlorn period and then BACK to the game! glad you're on for another insem. soon- will it be in Jan/Feb?


I am testing with FMU tomorrow with FRER... Who knows, right?

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Scorp, Now I understand mye chart I look at you all's and am like...these look goood! lol! I hope you get ur BFP!


AFM, winding down the workday and planning to Netflix The BOBB :) should make for good watching while DP is out of town.

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lea great you're a bit happier about everything now you've had a couple of days


granite ha ha - thanks for the offer, going to get some online. Let's hope customs doesn't start to flag me as a high risk! good luck getting everything together at the same time.

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Ugh, it's a little after 4am an I can't sleep. I'm on my phone in bed, so forgive me for limited personals, I'll be back online later tonight.

lizbian - can you get either the Yogi or Traditional Medicinals brands of teas on your island? Not sure if those are just sold in the states but they both make single use raspberry leaf tea bags.

scorp OMG I'm crossing everything for you!! And I'm racking my brain, but what is FRER?

And wow, we have a lot of BOBB watching happening. I'm impressed - cant bring myself to do it actually. It's like, I have a feeling that I know what kinds if things it is going to say, and I guess I'm just nervous that it will put me on an emotional roller coaster that wouldn't be healthy for me right now. Plus, for me personally, I'm lucky to know that the hospital where I want to give birth has really invested in their maternity ward over the last few years. There's a midwifery practice in town that works closely with the hospital, and the ward has birthing tubs available, so I don't even think I would need to make the tub vs bed decision ahead of time.

So DW and I talked over dinner about POAS, and decided not to buy any tests because the early BFNs are so hard on me. I'm 10DPO and my LP is long - 14-15 days usually. But now I'm sitting up in bed, unable to sleep, feeling a bout of upset stomach (maybe nausea?) coming on again, wishing this wait were over. Oh, an I've been having these crazy emotional and vivid dreams these last 4-5 nights. Not rare for me occasionally, but I can't remember ever having such a consistent stretch of them.

Ok, enough whining, time to try to sleep again...
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Lea: I'm glad you're feeling good and that you got excellent news from the doctor on test results! Thats awesome! I know what you mean about the relationship with your co-worker and how this changes since you were on that path together and now you arent for the moment. But soon you will be. Maybe you'll just be a month behind her!


Scorp: fingersx.gif is "FRER" first response early result? I'm wishing and hoping and thinking positive thoughts for you! 


Sphinxy: I hope you got some sleep. I can see how watching TBOBB would be kind of difficult when you aren't sure what your test is going to say in the next couple days. Every birth in the movie, even the c-sections, made me and DP cry. Like I said above for scorpioma, I am thinking very positive thoughts for you too. When I woke up this morning, I had this feeling that there would be good news on this thread today... 


AFU, Since everyone else did it, we did it too. DP and I watched TBOBB last night. The birth footage is absolutely amazing and beautiful! Naturally DP and I began to plan out how we could move the coffee table to make room for a tub and just tell our neighbors to not worry if they hear some screaming because we want to do it at home! But then we thought about complications and what my mom has told me about my own birth- cord around my neck 3 times. So anyways, Kaiser, my insurance, does employ a team of midwives in their labor and delivery suites so thats most likely what we will do. But it seems like in the hospital setting its hard to experience the pain of the contractions and not demand the epidural. 

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twomommyfamily,  I know, aren't the birth scenes so amazing? I want to watch it again... I loved it, and I didn't feel so upset by it, just inspired.


Spinxy, so sorry you couldn't sleep. Terrible. This wait is taking forever. 

Maybe next month we can link our charts to the main page of QC. I might ask whoever is thread-keeping next month to do that.

Also, yes, sorry- FRER is First Response Early Result. Just a good test, I hear. So I have 1 left! BFN this morning, DUH, haha... Sigh.


Afm, I might actually be on 11DPO, FF might have miscalculated O day, but timing of insems still good. Just might have to wait longer to find out, since my LP is normally 14-15 days.

Temp is still high, although lower than yesterday, and my mind is making me crazy (afraid of the drop tomorrow).



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scorpioma - Thanks - I guess the progesterone is working because AF still isn't here! No more throwing up since I cut my dose in half. RE had me on 200mg/day. I am scared to test again tomorrow. I almost just don't want to test, stop taking the progesterone on Wednesday and see if AF shows up. I am just stressed about money and dont want to have to scramble to find some for next month. I only have dollar store tests left and I know those aren't as good as FRER. Sorry about the BFN and getting nervous for temping tomorrow. I actually hate that my temps aren't accurate right now because of the progesterone. I prefer the slow let down/warning that I am getting AF. I am trying to stay positive but it's really hard. 


Lea - I am glad you are feeling a little better. I have heard of sublingual progesterone (which I would love) but my RE only does the suppositories. They are gross but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. 


Granite - I am 11dpo and will be testing sometime before Wednesday which is when I will stop taking the progesterone. I am so glad AF is starting for you. Must be so exciting to get a shot this month!! 


Twomommy - Have you met any of the midwives at Kaiser yet? Do you know if you get to choose one to work with throughout the pregnancy or do you still work with an OB? Glad you aren't having any trouble with the progesterone! How much are you taking each day? Any symptoms yet? 


sphinxy - So sorry you had a rough night. I was up early and thinking sleepy thoughts for you so I hope you were able to get some rest. I watched BOBB a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I will definitely be giving birth in a hospital for a few reasons but I really want the option of having an epidural. I will be using a midwife though so I am happy about that. I decided to use your bank if needed for next month. Thanks again for reminding me about them wink1.gif. My top donor from a couple years ago there reached his family limit which made me happy because at least they actually follow through on this stuff and it isn't just something they say they do. Vivid dreams are good!!! I hope you are having a good day. 

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Darcy, I am sorry the progesterone is tough. So sorry. Keep the faith, take good care of yourself through this waiting period. 
Hugs to you. I did buy some internet cheap strips- they are like 80 cents or something. They are pretty reliable I hear... You could order some of those for next month (hope you won't need to!) at saveontests.com.
FRER is expensive and dollar store tests are just as good if you test past missed period. I got FRER mail-in rebate so that helped since I am testing before missed period.
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Sphinxy, Hope you finally got back to sleep and got some rest. Nd in regards to the BOBB, it actually swayed mye on the fence decision of wanting a natural home water birth. Just like twomommy, I was visualising moving the sofa and the coffee table to clear out the living room. lol I really did enjoy it though. Brought to tears by all the beautiful births though! I hear you about the early testing and BFN's. I made it through mye TWW last time and then tested. FX for you!


Twomommy, So you and DP were teary eyed as well during all the births..as was I lol. I'm looking into mye insurance to see what they cover in the midwivery area. There's actually a birthing center about 10 minutes from me..who knows!?


Scorp, you're temps are still up there...I'm hoping they'll stay right up there!!! You're mind is the worst in the TWW! I tried everything to distract meeh lol! FX!


AFM, working overtime on a sunday...not mye ideal day. DP just got back in town and I cant even spend the day with her, as it'll be super late when I get off. *sigh* I was also getting ready to watch the 4 episode follow up "More Business of Being Born" its also on Netflix. I will say, if everything permits and I get cleared at the time...I'll be opting for a natural home water birth. I was on the fence, but not any more lol Now all I have to do is get pregnant! lol ...Am I going about this backward??? lol Birth plan then pregnancy lmao!

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Thanks, everyone. I did get back to sleep for a couple hours, including another crazy dream. Then, throughout the day, I had so many feelings that I was pregnant. So to heck with the idea of waiting to test, I bought a three-pack of the FRERs (thanks, scorp!) and took one around 5:30pm. I sent DW into the bathroom to look after 3 min, and at first she told me it was negative, but then we brought it to a brighter light... And it looks to me like there's something there, though very faint. So, I'm cautiously optimistic! We'll do another test with FMU tomorrow.

So what do you think, do you see a line?
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Tell us more about how you knew to test!!! 

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