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I DO!! I Definitely see it!!!!!!! joy.gifROTFLMAO.gifbouncy.gifthumbsup.gif

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Yes!!!! joy.gif I see it!!!

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Originally Posted by Sphinxy View Post

Thanks, everyone. I did get back to sleep for a couple hours, including another crazy dream. Then, throughout the day, I had so many feelings that I was pregnant. So to heck with the idea of waiting to test, I bought a three-pack of the FRERs (thanks, scorp!) and took one around 5:30pm. I sent DW into the bathroom to look after 3 min, and at first she told me it was negative, but then we brought it to a brighter light... And it looks to me like there's something there, though very faint. So, I'm cautiously optimistic! We'll do another test with FMU tomorrow.

So what do you think, do you see a line?


Threadcrashing....I totally see it! No squinting or bright light required! Congratulations!

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Sphinxy! Definitely a second line! Hooray!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif
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Hurrah, Sphinxy, I see it too!!! thumbsup.gif

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threadcrashing ! because THAT is a line! i can't wait to see tomorrow's! 



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Sphinxy, that may not look like pos.gif that right now, but I must say I DO see the line, nd did as soon as I made the pic bigger on mye screen. Chalk it up to a +. WOOO! joy.gifjoy.gifenergy.gif

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Thanks, everyone! You are helping this feel a little more real, it's so nice to know it's not just me and DW who sees it!


scorp - A lot of it was a "gut feeling" (which DW keeps calling a "uterus feeling"), but I will do my best to share what told me to test today:

  • I knew that if those cramps on Friday morning were implantation, then my hormone levels could be high enough by today for a faint positive
  • I've been gassy since Friday (like, really), and while not quite constipated, I was close to it even though my diet was still pretty normal. (Sorry for the TMI, but since y'all have heard about my CM before, how much left is there?!?)
  • Though the nausea hadn't returned in full swing, I had that feeling of extra stomach acid and borderline heartburn all day today. 
  • I've been having these crazy vivid and emotional dreams, and every time I would wake up from one, I really felt like my body was trying to get my attention. 
  • The biggest thing for me was the wave of mood swings. I'm pretty in touch with my emotions I think, and I knew I was feeling the same kinds of waves that I attribute to the progesterone that comes right after ovulation. And so early this afternoon when I got teary for no reason for the umpteenth time these past few days, I thought, "This is it, this is the baby's progesterone kicking into high gear."


OK, so I'm still waiting to see what the test says tomorrow morning, but I'm feeling pretty good right now and just trying to enjoy that feeling without fear of jinxing anything.


Also Everyone - It's almost February! So, we'll be needing a new threadkeeper - any volunteers?


Best thoughts to everyone, and fingers crossed for those still waiting! 

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I'll volunteer to be threadkeeper if no one else has yet... 

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crashing again!  Sphinxy I think that's a line!!  Hoping it's darker tomorrow and at least one other person has a line to add tomorrow and many more to follow! 

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I'm new at this, but it looks like a line to this newbie! orngbiggrin.gif
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I see that line too, Sphinxy!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lindsey think I forgot to say congrats, so CONGRATS! awesome news


spinxy looks like it but will keep things crossed until you confirm Peace.gif


Found out there was raspberry leaf in the pre pregnancy pills I'm taking so sorted - thanks ladies! Babies are everywhere at the mo - next door's kid had one Sat same day as a friend. Baby boom, hope none of them steal our names. ROTFLMAO.gif

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Originally Posted by Friederike View Post

Hey Samy, from what I read in medicine textbooks, the egg slowly starts deteriorating after about 6 hours and has a maximum lifespan of 24 hours, some even say only 12 hours. Do you have any clue how soon after the surge you're ovulating? It could range from about 12 to 36 or even more hours. So I guess if you're a late ovulator there might be a chance for tuesday, however it doesn't seem very likely. I am sorry. If it doesn't cost you anything, I would still try though.

I ovulated Sunday as my temp dipped and then spiked today, plus I had some O cramping last night too, so 24 hours from that is Monday night...so yeah seems like no chance of Tuesday being any good at all to inseminate. But like you said, as it isn't going to cost me anything, and well.. you never know hey! I'll go ahead with Tuesday morning anyway with the slight hope for a super viable egg or something.


Goodluck everyone inseming this week!

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How quickly should my line be getting darker? 11DPO, and it's still very faint with FMU. This picture was taken about four minutes after I tested.

Eta: it does appear darker than last night I think, but just not by as much as I was expecting I guess.
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Sphinxy--Threadcrashing. It does look darker this morning...for sure. You are definitely pregnant. I would take another tomorrow AM to see if it is darker still. Fingers crossed for a sticky bean for you!!!!
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Sphinxy- our line progression was slow and we had super high hcg levels. I think we started beating the control shortly before hitting 2000. I think those tests aren't very useful beyond pregnant and not. And you are totally pregnant! Congrats!
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wow, bigfoot, yeah that sure does say something about the tests! so some people just get faint lines then?


twomommyfamily, yay for being thread keeper! thank you! when do you test?!


sphinxy, wow, has it started to sink in yet?!


samy, good luck with your insem! let us know when you want to be moved to "Waiting to Know!"


AFM, my temp actually went up today (either 12 or 13DPO, not sure which, FF says 13).  I am having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings, so tired, and the bloating... It's epic. mrsandmrs, like, EPIC. still have light and strange cramping, unlike AF, but much less than from 7-12DPO. 

I have one more FRER and tons of IC tests... Wondering when I should use FRER!  I feel like I might be waiting for awhile for either AF or a +, but I guess you never know!

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Sphinxy - Congrats!!

Scorpio - Test! Test!

I have a feeling it is going to be a big month around here.
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thanks easttowest!

I have such long luteal phases... I'm nervous for another early BFN!

I might test anyways...will post if i do...


Edit: Internet cheapie test was BFN! Dangwhistling.gif

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