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Congrats Sphinxy!! that is a line for sure. We are wishing you lots of sticky bean now!! I have given in to the urge as well and tested. No lines yet but your post makes me feel like it is coming!


Scorpio - I get the delimma, testing with the FRER and not getting a BFP would then make me doubt the others as they don't seem as sensitive. So save the FRER and use the cheaper ones and maybe have to deal with the let down but then wonder if the FRER would have possibly picked up a faint line! So which will it be? I used up my last FRER this morning. Still negative but I am going to march right out to the drug store and pick up another and mail it in for the rebate! Good luck and let us know what you find. Your symptoms sound promising for sure.


Friederike - Good luck with the trigger and such today!


Twomommy - Thanks for picking up the threadhosting!


AFM, I feel a little whiney of late. I felt a little like I might be pregnant over the weekend as I seemed to have this super-smeller for a bit. The shower smelled funny (which forced me to scrub-a-dub it and it still smelled weird). We cooked some broccoli for dinner and all I could smell was the chlorine in the boliing water. DW said she didn't notice it, I thought it smelled like the pool at the Y! Salt isn't really pleasant right now, the taste is so overpowering! These are all weird things for me. I've not been nauseated. I'm not really moody. I have had some mild crampiness but that is about it. I am hopeful that everything worked out and there is a little bean nestling into its environs for the long haul but I do have periods where I wonder. My temps are still up but I am also taking progesterone. So....I wait....

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KWPX2! Sounds like we are in similar circumstances! Haha, glad you got the FRER with the mail-in rebate too!

I decided I am going to test with my last FRER in the morning which would be 13 or 14DPO. 


Sounds like you have some promising symptoms, eh???

When do you stop taking progesterone?

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Oh my goodness scorpioma and kwpx! Sound like some more BFPs will be posted here soon!!
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In all of my commotion, I missed a few people over the last few days - my apologies!

lovingisliving - Welcome!! wave.gif Best of luck to you!


Twomommyfamily  - Sounds great! I will be traveling all day on the 31st, so I probably won't get a chance to make any updates. Want to start the new thread then? Good luck in your TWW, I know it's long but you can do it!


scorpio - I have such good thoughts for you - yay for your temp going up! Your chart looks great. I know that line hasn't shown up yet but I have faith. Can't wait to hear how the FRER goes tomorrow morning. Either way, it ain't over til it's over!


samy - Sorry it sounds like this insem will be a longshot, but honestly, the more practice the better! And, as someone (can't remember who) on this board reminded me once, in order for it to be an "average", somebody's eggs have to last longer - so why not yours?!?


lea - Sounds like you have a great plan for this cycle, good luck!


granite - I really think you are onto something this cycle, you are going to get that attempt done! fingersx.gif
KWPX2 - Ooh, those sound like great signs - how many DPO are you?
Afm, well, DW went out in the snow this morning to buy a pack of digitals for confirmation, and there it is. biggrinbounce.gif I'm still in shock.



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Congrats Sphinxy!


Good luck scorpioma and kwpx2!

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sphinxy YAY for the digital confirmation!!! I got suck faint lines that I went out and got a digital to confirm. It is more comforting to see that word!
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So excited for you Sphinxy!

Fingers crossed for good news soon from Scorpioma and KWPX2! Apologies if I'm forgetting anyone on my phone....

AFM: went to grad school get together this weekend. DW got wicked baby fever - we are the only couple left with no kids. Lots of babies and one friend announced she was due soon. She had the "went on vacation, got drunk, and wham! Pregnant!" experience. My ego still has a hard time with that as does DW, so it made for a solemn weekend. Sigh. But lovely to still spend time with friends who love their kids and have such support for us! One (straight) couple had gone through IVF so wanted all the ins and outs of our TTC plans smile.gif it isn't all that common for me to have IUI conversations at a cocktail party!
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Sphinxy: Yay! So happy for you! joy.gif


KWPX and Scorpio: Excited to hear your results...fingers crossed


lovingisliving: Welcome! 


Good luck to anyone else in the TWW and inseminating soon. Sorry to make it short, life/work has been all consuming these days 


AFM: Got some disappointing news from KD, he and his long time GF just broke up, so we are not sure what the future holds. DW and I briefly discussed other potential KD's and the bank option. Sigh....Trying to look at the bright side that we'd prefer to have a baby in spring/summer. 

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Hi Everyone,

Sphinxy: I'm so excited for you! That digital confirmation is beautiful! Hooray! joy.gif

Scorpioma: It's still early, and you seem to have nice long luteal phases. Your chart looks good! fingersx.gif BFNs are so discouraging, but I try to think of them as just not giving information. So in my mind if you take a pregnancy test there are only two options: pregnant or no info. Clearly I'm delusional, but it's a useful delusion for me!

KWPX2: Nice smell symptoms! I have my fingers crossed for you too. When will you test again? fingersx.gif

Justanotherjenny: We like What Makes a Baby too! So far it is too text-heavy for our toddler, but my wife and I enjoy it!

Lovingisliving: Welcome! It sounds like you're doing some good work with your RE.

Twomommyfamily: How is the TWW treating you so far? Is this your first cycle on progesterone?

Darcy: I'm sorry that the progesterone has been giving you a hard time. It messed with me when I took it too. Our bank is TSBC. We love it and would highly recommend it.

Lindsey: Congratulations on graduating! I'm sorry you've been so tired. It's exciting that your baby's heart has started beating!

Lea: I'm glad that your test results looked normal and that you have a plan to try progesterone. It's annoying that progesterone makes it harder to predict cycle timing.

Granite: It's exciting that you get to start clomid soon! I can't remember: have you taken it before?

Chortles: I'm sorry you had to deal with lots of babies and pregnant folks. I'm glad that there were at least some people who had struggled to get pregnant.

2justicemamas: I'm sorry to hear your KD news. How disappointing.

Hi to everyone else!

AFM: 5dpo. So far it feels pretty calm. Since this is the first cycle we're trying (for this kid), I don't really expect it to work, so it doesn't feel too desperate at the moment. Of course that could all change tomorrow, but it is nice to feel calm about it right now!
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Sphinxy -what a beautiful picture!!! I hope KWXP and Scorpio followmin your footsteps in the next days.

Afm I am officially in the TWW as of 5 minutes ago.
Yeah, I am basically liveblogging from my insem. Did my home IVI with 2 straws in the 10-19 Mio motile range and 2 straws in the 20-29 Mio range. The best part, I'll stay in bed and can go right to sleep now, in an hour or so and avoid leaking the good stuff all over the place. Oh and the trigger wasn't as bad as I expected, it did get in alright but still, I managed to break the neck of the glass phial incorrectly because I pushed at the wrong point and almost got splinters into the water solution that is needed to dissolve the hcg powder. It's a learning experience...
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wow - so much happening!!!!!


sphinxy - YAY!!!!!! joy.gif that is such fantastic news, let's hope the little sucker hangs on in!!!!!


scorp & kWpx2 - Let's hope you guys are in the same boat soon.


Friederike oooo I am not looking forward to our first bumbling attempt. Actually I am but I think we're going to need a bit of practice. Did you use 2 vials at the same time? We've ordered 3 vials, thinking of having 1 12 hours post surge, one another 10 hours later & a 3rd after another 10 hours. We'll see though, could also do 2 at once I guess.  I really hope it's worked for you, sending positive vibes.


escher I'm in the same boat re the first cycle & am sure I'll probably change my mind too!


chortles I feel your pain. There are soooo many babies being born here - 3 over the weekend alone!


twomommyfamily ta for volunteering

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Liz - I actually used 4 straws at the same time, each 0,5 ml (=2ml with 30-48 Mio mot sperm total)) at 34 hours past trigger. Last time I did 2 straws (= 1ml with Mot 20) at 24hours which didn't work. I personally wouldn't use less than two straws for IVI because the amount is simply too little imo.
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friederike ta for info & good luck!!!!

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Friederike - Welcome to the wait! May your hCG peak before your anxiety!!


Escher - I want to wait until FMU to test again. I went to the drug store to get a test and they were out of the FRER tests. So I just settled for the cheap-o test and I figure I will need my most concentrated urine to have the most reliable results. 


Darcy - I have been on the progesterone since last Saturday and have about 5 more days to go. I will be at the end of the TWW Thursday but AF isnt expected until next week according to FF.


Living/loving - I forget to say WELCOME!!

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Sphinxy: I love the clarity of the digital "Pregnant" you must be elated! biggrinbounce.gifbelly.gifROTFLMAO.gifI will start the new thread on the 31st. I just copy and paste the first post into the new thread, right?


Friederike: Wow! 4 straws at once! Now for the longest two weeks ever! Fx to you!!


Escher: This is my first cycle ttc so yes, this is my first cycle with progesterone. Its amazing to think I will have a normal length lp for the first time ever! Its awesome that you and DW are so calm going through this wait!


2justice: I hope that things resolve with your KD. That is incredibly disappointing. 


Darcy: For kaiser midwives, from what I understand, you do get to meet with a midwife before you go into labor but you don't have the option of a midwife following the pregnancy, I think only OBs do that. Also you can't have the same midwife that you meet with definitely be the midwife in labor and delivery when you go in. I think that kaiser just employs a team of midwives and there is always one (or more?) on duty in labor and delivery. Also they don't stay with you throughout the duration, they come and go, shifts change, they tend to other deliveries, etc. As for progesterone, I'm taking 200mg a day, 100 in the morning and 100 at night. Endometrin suppositories, are you taking the same? 


AFM, Since I'm a whopping 4 DPIUI and 6 days past trigger, I thought I would try to test out the trigger. I knew it would be a positive, but I thought maybe a faint line. Nope, a very strong positive. So I am still full of trigger HCG. The RE said that it could stay in my system for 14 days. So no early testing for me unless I manage to get a negative in there. KWPX, what day past IUI did you test out your trigger? Anyone else using the trigger shot manage to test it out?

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Twomommy I tested negative 7 days post trigger. I read that depending on metabolism it can take 6-14 days. I had been sick and with a fever for a couple days and knew my metabolism was in high gear so I tested on a whim and was negative. Everyone will be different for sure. It is quite possible that each person's round of trigger will metabolize at slightly different speeds too depending on circumstances. I just knew with my two feverish days it would be gone faster.
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I also tested out my last trigger. I used internet cheapies with a 25 miu/ ml sensitivity. It was negative after 6 days DPO, 7 days post trigger. The time needed for it to vanish depends on how many units your trigger had. Some people who undergo fertility treatments like IVF usually get 10.000 IU human chorionic gondatropin, for normal IVI/ IUI often only 5000 IU. Those numbers are for the regular hCG shot, Ovidrel is slightly different. The half life of hCG is between 24-36 hours. So:
5000 IU
Trigger +1__2500-3150
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No AF yet. Due tomorrow or next day.

Can someone look at my chart and tell me if they think today is 13DPO or 14DPO? Did FF mis-mark O?

I am getting really ready for this wait to be over. The last couple days are by far the worst!

Temps are still high, but I know they could drop tomorrow when AF is due. Still, higher than normal. Sigh. Just gotta get through the day... Will test in a bit. Maybe tonight.


I thought I saw a line on my FRER this morning, but it was so faint DP said it wasn't there. I think it was either an evap line or my brain playing tricks. Literally, I think it was an optical illusion. Lol. One second there, one second not. So faint. Faintest non-line I have ever seen. So I chalk that up to a BFN, and a mean trick by my baby-wanting eyes. (I know some of you might say, OMG, it might be a bfp, but I promise if you saw it you'd say, no line, haha!)



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scorp! I'm telling you, my first line was faint. How soon did you see something? I think evap lines only happen after the 10 minute read-time is up. KEEP TESTING! I can barely contain myself I am so hopeful for you!! fingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.gif

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scorpioma -Looking at your chart, I think you could be at 13 DPO instead of 14.  You had a +OPK the day after FF says you ovulated, but the temp pattern around O looks like November's.

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