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scorp -to echo what sphinxy said, my first lines FAAAAIINT too, like only visable if you held it a certain way in the light.  I had too many of those to be considered evap lines and two days later it was dark enough (but then disappeared) to be like, Okay, time to buy a digital to confirm.

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Scorpio - A line is a line, no matter how faint!! When we had BFNs, they were stark white, no mistaking them. I don't want to give you false hope in case it is your eyes playing tricks on you... But I have been sure all month that this is your month! I really, really hope it is. Test again! If I were you, I would have taken 10 more tests by now. smile.gif Good luck! Also, I think you probably did ovulate the day after FF says you did. If that second opk was truly a positive, it would be weird for you to still be surging after O. DW had long surges too, and she ovulated on the same day as her second positive opk.
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Also, scorp - Do you have CVS stores near you? The two-pack of Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Tests is on sale there this week for $13.99.


eta - I agree with esenbee and easttowest about your O date. Can't believe I didn't notice this before. For your past two cycles you have not ovulated on the same day as your first positive OPK, it has been the day after. So I think you ovulated on CD23.

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Thank you guys!! I am going to test with some ICs when I get home from gym... I am bummed its probably only 13DPO haha... More waiting, maybe!
Thanks for the positive vibes- I think I was going crazy about that line- like my desperation was putting it there in my mind. I'm so afraid to get AF really, and have to come back here and say I'm out, there is just so much emotion. Also my cramps are still here but now I worry about them being AF cramps...

As for CB Digital, are they less sensitive than FReR? Are the IC tests also less sensitive?

esenbee, east and sphinx- thanks for your help. Really emotional day! So nervous.
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scorp - here is the link to a chart of HPTs and their sensitivities. I don't see "saveontests" on here, but I would expect them to be similar to the babyhopes brand because those are the internet cheapies that I used. 


Looks like FRER and Clearblue Digital are the same. 




Hang in there, you are doing great! blowkiss.gif


eta: Do your saveontests ones come individually wrapped in a foil pouch? If so, their sensitivity may be printed on the outside of the pouch, and then you could compare that to this list. 

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eta: Do your saveontests ones come individually wrapped in a foil pouch? If so, their sensitivity may be printed on the outside of the pouch, and then you could compare that to this list. 


Our internet cheapies were Wondfos that came free with our Wondfo OPKs. We had assumed they were the super sensitive ones, but when I googled the number on the outside of the foil packet I figured out they were the same sensitivity as the digital test (25).

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alright, no idea what the sensitivity of my ICs are. No indication. Will poke around website. Sphinxy thanks for the chart, you are probably right! Did you ever get a + on one of those?


DP is on his way home with a CB Digital pack. I will take one today and one tomorrow.

Then just IC tests and wait for AF/no AF/ take temp. tomorrow, just see what unfolds... 


KWPX2/Darcy, when are your test dates? You are "up next," yeah?


Update: "Not Pregnant" on Clear Blue Digital. The waiting continues.

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Scorpioma: fingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.gif Your chart is looking great!

Friederike: How is the TWW treating you so far? It sounds so nice to be able to just stay in bed after an insem. Not being able to do that is definitely a disadvantage of doing IUIs at a fertility clinic!

KWPX: Any news? fingersx.gif

Twomommyfamily: I had forgotten that this is your first cycle trying. How exciting! I hope you get beginner's luck!

Sphinxy: What fun that you have a pregnancy ticker! Four weeks down! Only 36 or so to go!

Here is a QOTD for you all: If you could take only one supplement (vitamin, herb, antioxidant, etc.) to increase your fertility (let's say in addition to folic and/or a multivitamin), what would you take?
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Fingers crossed to those of you just starting, in the middle of, or nearing the end of your TWW!


I’m looking for some insem timing/sperm shipping advice for next week and I'm hoping y'all can help:

I'm trying to figure out when we should have our KD send his sperm (using test buffer from donor home delivery).  We only have one pack of test buffer left, so want to be pretty careful about the timing. Here are the factors:


-I get a positive OPK pretty consistently on the afternoon of CD14.  FF estimates my O day to be CD 15 (min 14, max 16), and I think I ovulate pretty soon after OPK for various reasons.

-When we did the successful insemination with KD in-person we tried the day before and day of OPK. 

-Earlier this month we did a by-mail at home insemination on the evening of OPK and it didn’t work (but, also KD didn’t pack it quite right so the ice pack was touching the vial when it should not have been).


So, this time we’re trying fresh sperm by mail again and need to figure out when to have it delivered. Assuming I get +OPK on CD 14 again, should I aim to inseminate the night of +OPK, or the next morning? Or another time altogether? (also a note that may impact your thoughts: our KD has slightly low motility and morphology). I’m worried about missing my window if I inseminate too late, but I’m worried about doing it too early also.  


My doctor is an ND who has a good understanding of the process, but it isn't her specialty, and other than consulting with an insemination specialist almost a year ago (who we got some good info from but decided not to work with) we aren't working with any other physicians or REs (yet), trying to be diy (for now) about the whole thing, so your collective expertise would be super helpful!




Also, very curious to see responses to QOTD. I take SO many vitamins supplements (see: my doctor is an ND) that I don't even know how I could choose just one, but she was pretty adamant about adding a B complex when she learned I was ttc - and having me continue it during pregnancy but that may be specific to me for other medial reasons too.

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scorp - I used my babyhopes ICs in a previous cycle. This time around we had no HPTs in the house until we bought the FRER on Sunday, and then the digital yesterday. So no, I never got a positive on the ICs. Sorry your digital today was BFN. Sending you patient thoughts, tomorrow is a bright and shiny new day! fingersx.gif Take good care of yourself. 


escher - I didn't try a lot of herbs and supplements, but earlier this cycle I did figure out that the essential fatty acids which are present in most prenatal vitamins (but were not in my previous regular multivitamins) probably lengthened my follicular phase by a good 2-4 days. I believe that means a potentially stronger, more viable egg. 


lea - I would shoot for insem on the same day as your positive OPK. Fresh sperm needs more time to swim, so I would worry that the day after your OPK (day of O) could be too late. I'm not sure how long the shipped sperm lasts because I didn't use it personally - do you have to use it all at once, or could you stagger them by 12 hours?

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Darcy - my wife had a rough time her first time on progesterone suppositories... she did have few issues with vomiting, but not the second cycle, email me if you want to chat more.

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Will be back later for personals..started spotting yesterday and tested BFN. More spotting today so AF will probably be here tomorrow or Thursday. I have been having a really hard time dealing this time around. We have spent so much money these last few months and my gut feeling is that my follicles aren't getting big enough so when the lh surge occurs a immature follicle gets released and the egg inside it isn't even a contender. Just trying my best to stay positive but the cost and late cycle ovulation are making me feel like I have no hope.
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Escher: I have to agree with Sphinxy on that one. Essential fatty acids (omega 3) helps to regulate hormones and then during pregnancy it promotes healthy brain development. I've tried many supplements and herbs, but now i only take an organic, food-based prenatal and Nordic naturals prenatal DHA..

Friederike and KWPX: thank you so much for the info on testing out the trigger. Unfortunately I had the 10,000iu shot so I will have false positives forever. Or so it seems.

Lea: I would also think insem same day as positive opk.

Afm, cramps are bad today. It's a side effect from progesterone, i think. Feels like first day of AF with extra back cramps thrown in. I had a hard time sleeping last night. I just kept thinking this try is probably a bust and why can't modern medicine find a solution to the tww? I know it has to do the implantation and hormones, but still...

Edit for Darcy: I'm on my phone so I can't put a hug smiley in. Hugs to you! I'm so sorry to hear about AF!! Did it come even though you were taking progesterone? I feel terrible for all you've been though with kaiser and the lack of info and what seems like wasted money. Next month with clomid should be more promising. It will grow the follies and mature the eggs. Don't lose hope!
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lea - When it worked for us using shipped sperm, we inseminated the day of the positive opk (day before ovulation).  He overnighted it, and we got it about noon (positive opk with fmu that morning).  We're pretty sure that based on the fade out and temps that she ovulated that night/early morning, but that was sheer luck.  I would tend to aim for earlier rather than miss it completely, but sometimes timing is a crap shoot.  

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Darcy, hug2.gif

So sorry you are feeling bad. I know, this process feels so impossible sometimes, doesn't it? You do have hope, but it is so frustrating that it can take awhile for us to get pregnant!

Keep us posted... Hope it is not AF after all...

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Darcy - Darn it I hate that you're feeling helpless and frustrated. You're getting good vibes from our corner for sure! FX for AF to stay away!!


Twomommy - I had 10,000 units as well and it was gone for me at day 6.


Scorp + Sphinxy - Tested with a cheapie this am still BFN. I want to look at the chart and see what the sensitivity is. We have FX for you Scorp! Tomorrow is another stick!


AFM, Today I had a crappy morning between 2 and 330 am. Too hot and generally uncomfortable to sleep. I got a couple of hours of spotty sleep before I took my temp at 530. It was still in the acceptable range but I have to wonder if it is the progesterone keeping my temps up or the bun in my oven!? I felt so tired this am I decided (probably not a good choice) to go to my favorite coffee shop and get a small latte. I have been caffeine free for about a month. I drank about half of it and felt queasy a couple hours later. That left me but this eve I have been pretty queasy and have little appetite. Is this because I still have so much sinus drainage from the flu or because there is a baby brewing? I have one more cheapie stick for tomorrow morning then I suppose I will go get some more sensitive ones. 


QOTD....good one. I suppose aside from folic acid I'd have to say raspberry leaf tea.

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darcy. . sorry you are feeling so bummed


scorpioma. . my first line was a super squinter too!  seriously could almost not see it!  I think digitals are almost always less sensitive so don't go by that


lea. . if you don't get a + OPK until the afternoon I would aim for the next morning.  One thing I might suggest (if there is a FEDEX right near you is have them hold it at the office and go meet the shipment and take it right home) Out of our shipped trials, the trucks were late twice so if you were aiming for the morning after, it can get dicey.  if it's not near you that might not work but ours was only five minutes away so it would have helped!  One time I went to go get it there bc it had missed the truck before!   When we got our + we insemed on day of +OPK and the next day so don't know beyond that.     Good luck though!   Also I have heard that if you try to keep it out of the light after you open the shipment it helps as sperm are very sensitive to light but i have ZERO evidence to back that up. . 

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Wow, Sphinxy! Congratulations!
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sphinxy - That digital confirmation is beautiful!! You must be over the moon! joy.gif


scorpioma - Thanks for the info on the tests and for the support. I am scared of this next cycle because I really don't think we will see a follie that reaches the correct size. I don't want to buy anymore sperm and inseminate if the egg is no good ya know? Much luck to you tomorrow morning! goodvibes.gif


escher - Thanks! Looking back now I think I had the norovirus. When I got back to work yesterday I found out a bunch of people had been sick over the weekend like me. I don't think it was the progesterone anymore which is good for next month. We are starting the registration process for TSBC. I am very excited to have found a bank with a 10 family limit again. Do you do 1 insem or 2 per cycle? Are you going to a clinic or doing it at home? I am really glad to hear that you are feeling calm during your TWW. 

friederike - Congrats on your insem! I love that you were live blogging from your IVI. I am so nervous to mix the solution next month. I am glad you were able to do it despite the splinters. I would have freaked! 
KWPX2 - Thank you for the support. I hope you are feeling better. FX for you tomorrow!!! 
Twomommy - Thank you for the midwife info. And yes, I was on the exact same dose of progesterone. I stopped taking them yesterday (CD12) when I started spotting. When I got the BFN I just wanted AF to arrive so I could get on with the next cycle of monitoring and tests. I really appreciate your support. I hope the clomid helps but I have a sinking gut feeling it's going to be an uphill battle. 
Lea - Since fresh sperm can last a lot longer than frozen I would insem earlier than later. I would probably do it as soon as I got the positive opk. 
SanDiego - Thank you - I actually am pretty sure I had the norovirus so the progesterone is off the hook at this point. I am sorry to hear DW had a hard time with it. 
Cordelia - Thanks so much.  
QOTD - DHA/Omega 3's - The pills are huge but I love them (even though I usually have trouble with horse pills) because they are strawberry flavored and I have never gotten the dreaded fish burps. 
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Thank you ALL for the warm welcome!  DP and I started acupuncture today and the acupuncturist is hopeful for positive results sooner rather than later.  So keep your fingers/toes crossed, pray to whoever you pray to and blow some baby dust our way goodvibes.gif  We meet with our RE on Friday and I can't wait to see my little follicles on the screen haha! 


fmorris: the FertiliTea is pretty bland tasting.  I'd much rather it be that than an awful taste.  There's always honey for better flavor!  How long have you been taking it?  


Congrats sphinxy on the positive test!!! 

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