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scorp keeping everything crossed


darcy grouphug.gif sorry to hear you're having such a rough time of it - hoping it gets better soon.


lea oooo good luck I'm insemming next week too (the end).  Good luck with it!


qotd - I just take some pregnancy prep that's supposed to be good to regulate cycles & encourage ovulation if you're not already. It seems to work - since taking it my cycles have gone from 45-49 days to a regular 31-33.


AFM ordered the Danish swimmers last night for next week's shipping. Very excited!!!!!

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Hurrah for Danish swimmers, Lizbian! I'm glad pregnancy prep has worked so well for you; I took it for eight months and it didn't seem to shorten my long cycles at all... Though who knows, maybe without it they'd have been even longer!

Seeing follicles on the screen is definitely my favourite part of a visit with the RE, lovingisliving. Good luck!

I had the norovirus a couple weeks ago, Darcy, and it really is so awful... But at least you've had it and so are unlikely to get hit with it again. I'm sorry for how difficult things are right now. Hopefully next cycle with clomid will get those follies to the right size.

Exciting possible signs, KWPX2! Fx for you!

Ugh, twomommyfamily, those cramps sound terrible... Fx that it's implantation!

lea, I have no advice to offer, but good luck!

Great QOTD, escher... However, O don't have much of an answer! Like lea, I take a lot of vitamins/supplements and don't know how I'd choose just one. Maybe the B-complex...? If only because it seems to have a quick effect on my energy levels.

Scorp, I'm so hopeful for you! Fingers and toes all crossed!

And of course... CONGRATS, SPHINXY!!!

AFM:  It's 3:30am and I've been woken up by AF cramps, which is unusual for me past CD1... Ugh. I started clomid yesterday, and had a tough day at work that made me question if indeed I really was experiencing the dreaded side effects of the drug... Then I left work and immediately felt better! So I think I'm still one of the lucky ones whose body does very well with clomid.  Not much else to report, just counting down to my u/s in ten days! And trying to get back to sleep wink1.gif
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Hey all--threadcrashing alert! smile.gif

With all of this talk about test sensitivity, I wanted to let you know my experience with internet cheapies. For my chemical, they (I took tons of them!!!) picked up an hcg level of 14 (I know this because of my beta test) while the FRER did not. The downside of this is that I would have never had the heartache of the chemical...but that the same time, just seeing SOMETHING rather than the stark white test strips gave me hope that someday it would happen.

Anyway, just wanted to pass this along since most of the websites don't say they are as sensitive as they are.
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thanks for clarifying, lisedea.


BFN this morning, but temp went up, 14 or 15DPO depending on your interpretation, and no AF. Felt very nauseous this morning upon waking. My IC's had what looked like more evap lines last night, and I decided not to squint for longer than 5 minutes this morning. I'm tired. Ha. It better show up soon though, if it's going to!  

Really sore breasts as of last night, which never happens.

The waiting continues...

I won't test again until tonight (unless I get AF) because I will be at school all day. 

FX please!


granite, I hope clomid proves to work wonders for you!!


KWPX2, FX for you too!

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Liz - horay! energy.gifIt is Viking baby dust, it must be extra strong, right?


Scorpio - argh, the suspense is killing me just reading about it. I can't imagine how you must feel. I hope a line shows up soon fingersx.gif




Here is a QOTD for you all: If you could take only one supplement (vitamin, herb, antioxidant, etc.) to increase your fertility (let's say in addition to folic and/or a multivitamin), what would you take?


The only absolute must would be folic acid ind combination with B vitamins. Everything else seems optional to me. I love drinking my teas though.


afm - I have had odd feelings in my lower abdomen several times today and felt a bit nausea both in the morning and afternoon. My brain tells me it is biologically impossible to be pregnancy related at 2DPO, but it's just strange. It's not like I am looking for symptoms, it's that the crampy whatever going on in tummy is more than I can ignore. Oh well. I am only posting this here, that in case I do end up preggo (which I definitely don't expect), I can brag about having felt it really early orngtongue.gif

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Hi Everyone,

Scorpioma: It sounds like you are still having great symptoms! fingersx.gif

Lea: I'm impressed with how regular your cycles are! I don't have personal experience with timing with fresh, but from what I hear you should aim for earlier and it should live for a while. So I would say evening of CD14 or morning of CD15 at the latest. Good luck!

Sphinxy: It seems like a lot of people feel like EFAs are important for fertility. Thanks for the reminder!

Darcy: I'm sorry about your spotting and bfn. It's such a hard process. hug.gif It's exciting that you'll be using TSBC! They are wonderful. The phone counselors are very helpful and will generally happily give you lots of additional information on each donor (what the lab staff think about him, what he looks like, etc.). For TTC this baby we're doing one IUI at a clinic, at least for now. For the last baby (our son) we did 1-3 IUIs per cycle. What are you doing?

Twomommyfamily: I'm sorry you're experiencing cramps. I hope you feel better soon!

KWPX2: It's so hard at the end of the TWW. Will you get a beta to know when to stop progesterone?

Lovingisliving: I'm glad that your acupuncturist is hopeful that it will happen soon. I know that a lot of people find acupuncture to be very helpful.

Lizbian: It's so exciting that you ordered your swimmers! How many insems are you planning to do this cycle?

Granite: I hope that the clomid continues to treat you well!

Lisedea: Like you, I found ICs to be plenty sensitive, and as sensitive as other more expensive tests. I'm so excited for you with your triplets!

Friederike: Fingers crossed that you're feeling super early pregnancy symptoms!

AFM: So my wife's temps are pretty low. On the one hand, there are some obvious reasons why her temps might not be terribly valid (the biggest being that our son is up numerous times throughout the night). But it makes me a little bit nervous that her progesterone might be too low. Anyway, she had that tested this morning, so we'll know soon enough. When she had it tested a few cycles ago it was 10 point something and our RE recommends supplementation for anything under 10, so we may need to try supplements next cycle. We'll see!
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Scorp - BFN here too. I realize I am only 13 dpo/dpiui but it seems like things should be happening. I keep noticing every little thing with the hope that it could be the sentinel symptom! I suppose I will be off to the store for more tests this evening! Keeping my FX for you!


Escher - My RE just told me to stop after 14 days on the progesterone. I supose she figured I would test + or - by then as it would be 16 dpiui at that point. I am suposed to ring her up and let her know the test results. Perhaps if I have a bfp then she will test me to see if I should stop or not.


Friederike - I had a lot of tenderness and crampiness for several days after insem. I am still hopeful it was all good signs. FX for you these next several days!


Darcy - Sorry about the virus but yeah! now you know you wont be sick like this with progesterone again.


Granite - Good luck growing follies!


Afm, not much to report. Bfn this am at 0400. We had a band of bad storms roll through with hurricaine force winds. My phone made this terrible alarm (which evidently is new) from the emergency brodcast system to let us know the big bad wolf was huffing and puffing upon our house. So needless to say we were up pretty much for the day. We did try to sleep but with the tornado sirens going off every 15 minutes even after the storm passed it was pretty futile. No more pregger symptoms to report. Tomorrow will be the last day of our TWW. I suppose the POAS gets down and dirty!


edit: today at work one of the Xray techs was about to zap a shot in the operating room and I didn't have a lead apron yet. I almost yelled "Stop, I may be pregnant!" I did get my apron and didn't have to spill my beans to a room full of people who I probably wouldn't have on my "A-list" for first notification. Just thought it was sort of funny.

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Friederike: I know you've triggered before so you know how you feel post trigger. For me, the 3 days post trigger I felt very pregnant. Lots of activity in my uterine area, bloated, dizzy, tired. That being said, what you're feeling can definitely be something! I've been writing down everything I feel each day. Fully aware that its mostly the trigger followed by the progesterone causing most of it.

KWPX and Scorp: it ain't over till its over!!

Scorp: this is a crazy long cycle for you and a long lp even for someone who has long lps. Your chart looks so good!! Fx for you!!!

Escher: temping is so rough when sleep is constantly disturbed. Keep us posted on the progesterone test today!

Granite: you are so lucky to have no yucky side effects with clomid! Grow follies!

Lizbian: the dream is almost a reality! So exciting!

Darcy: I truly think that the small follicle issue can be resolved. I think the next cycle is going going to show big improvements!!

Afm, 6dpiui. Blah.
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Alright, folks. Here's the update!


Late this morning, I got a faint BFP. Yes! So faint, but actually pink this time. I'm still was doubting my sanity. Talked it over AT LENGTH with lisedea and another MDC graduate friend, and they are thinking it was a faint BFP.


My period is due today, no sign of it yet, and I am nauseous and exhausted. 

It is so early, however, that I am still a bit cautious about it, but we are hopeful!

I am testing again when I get home tonight and using my last digital in the morning.

Really hoping for a sticky baby...eyesroll.gif


2whistle.gif for that strong +!

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scorpio!! banana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gif

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gasp!!! scorp!!!!!!!!

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oh, lord.


(my mind, all day)

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scorp... BREATHE.... one teeny tiny (BABY!!!) step at a time!  <3

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thank you so much justanotherjenny!  that felt like a virtual hug!  luxlove.gif

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Scorpioma!!!! That is SO incredibly exciting!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see your next post!
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Sorry for the double post! Guess I'm just THAT excited for you!
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Congrats, scorpio!!! I had a good feeling for you this month! Stick around, baby!! joy.gif

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Omg!! Congrats Scorpioma!!! How exciting!!
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Scorpioma- congratulations!!!!
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