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Link to February http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1373561/queer-conceptions-february-2013 smile.gif

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thanks Pokey, this is good info


DW is now taking herbs prescribed by our acupuncturist (who specializes in fertility), she is also eating more protein, nutrition powders & superfoods/greens...and folic acid.


I'll talk to her, perhaps we'll mix in the other items you mentioned, thanks again for your thoughts.  I hope you're feeling great.

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Originally Posted by SanDiego78 View Post

I'm missing a lot here, just dropping in after a few days, good luck to all in the TWW and those who received their fresh BFP!

...so, as DW & I are taking a cycle off, I am left with time to think.  Not always a good thing!

Question/feedback appreciated - DW has had 2 chemical pregnancies in a row...got our BFPs around 13/14 DPO both times.... and when her HCG was first tested both times it was super low, a 13. (so bizarre that she initially got the same level both times) Numbers increased well both times between her second and third beta tests...and then finally drop off around 19/20 DPO & the bleeding/tissue passing started.  We are working with very close ultrasound monitoring (sometimes daily leading up to IUI), trigger, and then insem 24 hours later.  Is it possible that timing of IUI may be our issue/problem?  I'm thinking of how long both parts are viable.  I'm trying to rule out all possibilities...

Right now, between our DRs and us, it seems to just be an issue with low progesterone/implantation, which we're going to adjust next time... but could it maybe be other factors?  Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

Has your DP had her progesterone tested?
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Hi everyone, just trying to join this thread, Amanda

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Welcome, Amanda! We're so happy you're here. The Queer Conceptions actually gets a shiny new thread each month. You've posted in the January thread and I'm afraid most folks won't see it. Come join the group over on the February thread by clicking here: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1373561/queer-conceptions-february-2013/80#post_17257834

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