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granite - if helpful, I don't know that it's all that widely accepted that a late ovulation = bad egg.  Short ovulation yes, but not so much longer.

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Granite- could you have O'd on CD 19? I see you got a positive OPK and had EWCM on CD 18, but didn't temp on CD 19. Were you checking your cervix too? 


Edited: sorry- just noticed it was Creamy CM on CD 18, but still. What do you think?

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IVI with frozen in a few minutes when DW gets home from the gym. Almost positive opk at 10:30am. Cervix is open and lots of EWCM. Yay!!!

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sotohana sounds like great timing! Cervix openness is the sign I like to rely on the most.

AFM -I'm starting imagine symptoms now I think... 6 DPO twingy cramps? They occurred right after browsing page after page of FF pregnancy cycle charts.... It's a slippery slope to be on!
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6 DPO sounds GREAT for twingy cramps, esenbee! FX!


And FX for you too, sotohana... I think you may have nailed the timing!


As for my chart, I see what you mean about the + OPK and the EW on CD17/18... My sleep was all messed up from the holidays, and so my temps were nuts.  But I haven't had the high temps that define my luteal phase, which makes me think I haven't O'd yet. Fluctuations in fertile CM and brief but incomplete luteinizing hormone surges (that can trigger an OPK, but are not actually followed by O) are pretty typical of my experience of PCOS... As my RE describes it, right now I likely have a whole bunch of half-developed follies fighting to see who'll get to mature and release an egg. The random CM and LH stuff will continue until that happens. However! I've got lots of EW CM right now! More than any point earlier in the cycle! And so I'm debating about buying an OPK at the pharmacy, as mine haven't arrived in the mail yet... Actually, cervix position is a good thing to check out, thanks for the reminder! Maybe I'll have DP go spelunking thumb.gif


chortles, thanks for the encouragement... I'd never heard that either until my RE mentioned it, so am inclined to think it's more his opinion.

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Granite - threadcrashing from my lurkdom at Q&P. I had crazy long and erratic cycles when we were TTC. Then I found my midwife, and vitex worked really well for me. So well, in fact, that I ovulated about 10 days after I started taking it - on what was like day 90 of my cycle. We had said weren't going to insem until the following cycle, thinking whatever egg I was producing would be far too cobwebby and wouldn't work. But my ovulation signs were too strong to ignore. And that 'old egg' is now 17 months old and asleep in the next room. smile.gif

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Granite - caveat that IANAMD (nor an RE) smile.gif I did read something about concern about longer cycle eggs being more "brittle" but I just asked the developmental biologist trying to sleep next to me and she pondered and said "shouldn't affect it - it's released when its ready, and perhaps that just takes longer sometimes".

I'm going to be asking all these questions and more at Monday's MD visit, so can return with my doc's opinion as well....
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That makes sense now, Granite. I love all the feedback about "old" eggs though. That's good to know and really encouraging, I bet! This could be the month you conceive your bundle of joy! Yay!


And I agree with Granite, Esenbee- twingy cramps sound like a great sign! 


AFM- DW and I are feeling like it was really great timing too! One things for sure- insemming at home was so much nicer even than at Alma. We love Alma, but having that intimacy of our own space and doing it in our own way was the best ever. 

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Good luck Sotohana!

And Esenbee - it could be imaginary, but it could also be real you know?

Afm - I just had a major freakout but DP calmed me down a bit. We now have to cancle this cycle because the swim team wouldn't have arrived in time. Todays noon US at CD 9 showed a great egg which the nurse triggered. Today also was the planned shipping date for the tank and we had already gotten the tracking number. So I was really happy to insem tomorrow on a weekend and my doc said everything looks great. Then I got doubts and had DP check with UPS about saturday delivery and it turns out, the tank wouldn't have arrived after 1 day as it usually does on a normal weekday. So instead of wasting 800 bucks on sperm that is 36 hours late, I had DP call Denmark. Luckily it was not shipped yet. They are keeping the order till next cycle. This all happened while I am on a train for a business banquet, so I couldn't even cry for a bit. Now all I have is the pain in my butt from a wasted trigger shot. Even with medical supervision this timing thing sucks. Thankfully my cycles are short, so now I am looking at a 1/31 insem.
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Thanks, everyone, for both your congratulations and your empathy about the work/baby balance thing. It's great to see how creative we all are about our plans, and open-minded in the face of so much uncertainty! You've reminded me that this can be a messy question for lots of people, and probably would have been for me regardless of the promotion... so I'm going to try to just let myself feel happy for now and stress less about what comes next. I work from home now, and I know some people who assume that will make it easier on me when we have kids, but the fact is that my day is just as full as when I worked in an office. Yes my schedule is a bit more flexible, but I look at my typical day now and think there is no way I could be a primary caregiver simultaneously. I have a hard enough time squeezing dog walks into my work day. So something will inevitably change, and I guess we'll just figure it out as we go.  

sotohana - This sounds like great timing - yay! How many insems are you doing this cycle? Are you ready to be moved into "Waiting to Know"? biggrinbounce.gif I am so happy for you that you had a good insem experience. I know for me, switching to at-homes made a world of difference. 


granite - What a fun surprise to realize that you may be able to try this cycle, and any day now at that. If I were you I would so buy the OPK!  


esenbee - I hope these are all signs of good implantation happening for you. Take good care of yourself during these next few days, I know it can get crazy-making!


Friederikehug2.gif  Ugh, the timing drama is the worst, and I guess none of us are immune regardless of method. So UPS doesn't do Saturday deliveries at all in Germany? In the US we can get Saturday delivery through FedEx for our sperm shipments, but it costs extra. I'm so sorry you're going through this. 

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Sphinxy-I really like your attitude. You will definitely find the right way for you and your family how to balance work and childrearing. We havn't figured that out either. My DPs contract ends in August and although they want to keep her it isn't set in stone. Right now I would stay home for 7 months and her abother 7 when the baby is older and less depending on bf. (Germany gives 14 months paid leave).

UPS does deliver on saturdays, they just can't guarantee the 24hrs. It was a 50/50 chance or so. Our tank ships from Aarhus in Denmark to Copenhagen to Stockholm in Sweden to Cologne Germany and then us in southeast Germany were are (south of Berlin). That's a lot of flight connections, maybe there are less options on the weekend. Who knows. I got over the disapointment a bit by treating myself to a venti coffee.
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Stopping in to share this article. It gave me quite a bit of comfort as I move into the TWW this morning. Sphinxy- yes, please add me to Waiting to Know. Thank you!! :) I'd forgotten all about that.

Thinking of you too, Friederike. Coffee is the best self-care, isn't it?!


Navigate Change: Mind the Gap by Sonia Connolly

When we step forward into an inviting future, we need to pay attention to the gap between our existing habits and our changed environment. If the change is unwanted or the future is uncertain, we have even more reasons to be mindful during the transition... (link to the rest of the article).

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Welcome chortles! Welcome.gif


esenbee: good luck! fingers crossed. I'm not even sure what a twingy cramp it but it sounds promising


rs11: good luck picking a donor, it can be an agonizing process for sure


friederike: bummer on having to cancel this month, so sorry but the short cycle is a plus. My mom has offered to help buy sperm too, now that we are going with a KD, maybe I should ask if she wants to buy the shipping kits, hmm....


san diego: so so sorry, I hope the dr's can figure out what is going on


fmorris: hope your mom is doing better


sphinxy: congrats on the promotion, that's fantastic!!! biggrinbounce.gif We too worry about work/baby balance. I want a career as does DW, but we both had stay at home moms, I did until school and DW's mom is still a stay mom. We are hoping to each work from home at least one day a week and hire a nanny. We'll see how it goes. I have the bigger income and absolutely no desire to not work, whereas DW does, so if we decided to have someone quit working and stay home it'd be her. I don't know how we could afford it though. 


sotohana: good luck, sounds like perfect timing a good experience overall, DW and I are excited to do insems at home, hopefully it works out that way


AFM: This cycle is weirding me out. Is it normal for the time between your LG surge and ovulation to vary? In the previous cycles that I have temped and done OPK's, I ovulated the day after the positive OPK. This cycle I got the positive on Tuesday and barely had a temp jump today. I'd post a link to my chart but I'm not quite sure how to do that...maybe I'll figure it out and come back and post it. 

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hey ladies,


I'm so jealous about you with good maternity leave - over here there is no statutory, it depends what my company feels like offering me which is likely to be 6 weeks 90% pay then another 6 weeks 50% or thereabouts. Government/state benefits are £15 a week which is nothing! DP gets no 'paternity' leave either i don't think so will consider that when it becomes an issue.


AFM thought it best to prepare the folks for the news they will hopefully become grandparents soon rather than springing a pregnancy on them as wasn't sure how they were going to react. As it is it's almost 3 days and I've had no response!  I think my psychologist mother is either 1) trying to draft an appropriate response so as not to offend me 2) died of shock 3) trying to convince herself not to cut me off from the family. It's all fine though as my 5 sibs are very very supportive & are going to 'socialise' her to the idea this weekend. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall thumbsuck.gif


Sphinxy I completely agree with you - I work for myself from home as well as working 2.5 days in an office & have 3 dogs so it's going to be a challenge!


Friederike you're also going to Denmark for the swimmers? Can I ask if you're going to Cryointernational or EuropeanBank? We're going to Cryo & very excited - they've been so helpful so far and have heard good reports.



Good luck to those waiting to know & happy weekend all

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Congrats Sphinxy on your promotion - I'm sure I will love hearing about your adventure since there are a lot of themes with us as well.

Crossing fingers for you and DP, sotohana! You probably just convinced me to do at home IUI - it costs more for us but in the grand scheme of things if it helps with comfort and stress relief I'm all in! Great article as well.

AFM: I've been off work this week (if it wasn't obvious by my prolific posting) and have been wrapping myself around the axle a bit with regards to TTC. We had our donor picked but then freaked out reading the bank reviews on DSR. Further clicking revealed that Every. Single. Bank. has someone bitching about them, and we have no KD options, so there it is. The banks all seem completely unable to track offspring which is mildly terrifying, but as long as they're able to track genetic aberrations and remove those donors when it happens expeditiously I guess we have to say "ok". Which rolls me into feelings of anger and being held hostage by this stoopid stoopid process. I'm also going to my MD on Monday for my final checkup before we go to TTC. I won't have all the pieces until my 2nd round of bloodwork is back in a few weeks, when we'll know if we are truly green-lighted. And I just went surfing around last night in the threads and I'm the oldest participant in the "over 30's" thread which makes me wallow even more.
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good question re: the timing of OPKs/surge and O, 2justicemamas... DarcySD had the same question this past cycle, right?

I don't know!! I always O 36 hours-ish from the surge, but I wonder if for some people it varies... That would be really good to know!

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2justicemamas -I would lean more to the conclusion that you havent ovulated yet.  LH surge and then the egg failed to release.  If that was the case, you might still ovulate this month.  Do you have cheapie OPK's that you can continue to test with?  Are you in a charting cycle or did you plan to insem this cycle?  I can't remember.

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Here we go, let's see if that works. 


esenbee: I don't have anymore OPK's, the fanchy schmancy fertility monitor is supposed to arrive today I think. We aren't insemming yet, just charting, trying to figure out when I ovulate in relation to all the signs. 

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I would go with ovulation on CD 17?  How many just charting cycles are you planning?  I would start checking your cervix changes starting the day after your menses.  I usually get a slightly creamy EWCM around my OPK and then it moves to clear and just wet, and then very little clearer EWCM.  CM isn't a good indicator for me, so I like to go by cervical position.

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chortles don't worry I'm way older than you if that makes you feel any better winky.gif

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