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January 2013 TWW Thread

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Happy New Year!  champagne.gif


This is a place for everyone in the TWW!  Come in and say hello, get some support, ask some questions.  Then come back and let us celebrate your success or give you hugs and encouragement.



Good luck and dust.gif to all!  Let's make some autumn babies in the new year!




HPT accuracy DPO 
10 dpo : 35% 
11 dpo : 51% 
12 dpo : 62% 
13 dpo : 68% 
14 dpo : 74% 
15 dpo : 80% 
16 dpo : 88% 
17 dpo : 92% 

18 dpo : 99%



Beautiful BFP's  pos.gif joy.gif

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It seems like no one wants to leave December and move over here to January. The December TWW was quite something!
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I keep forgetting this is here smile.gif thanks for the reminder joyfam smile.gif
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LOL. I know, we keep wanting to be in December still! I'll come over with you, though. winky.gif I bet I'll be back here later in the month, anyhow. But maybe not! We shall see.

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:-) trying to move away from Dec...it's a new year. Now on to January!

Good luck ladies!!

Afm. I learned that I am on a 27 day cycle. So I'm O'ing earlier than I previously thought. This makes more sense as to why dec didn't work for me. DH was having a stressful long week at work right before the big O. So we missed the time frame. Live and learn!! 😜
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Cindy-lu I wonder if OPKs might also be helpful for you. Using them I discovered that despite a regular cycle, I vary on which Cycle Day (CD) I ovulate, anywhere from CD 10-14, which can make a huge difference in strategically BDing!! That said, I found them tricky to figure out the first month (deciding if the test line was actually as dark as the control or not) but now I really like them. Like the HPTs, I prefer the pink dye OPKs and found the blue dye tests very frustrating. And they do make digital OPKs if you want to eliminate any qualitative decision making smile.gif

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Well ladies, I guess I'll move onto the September DDC. I'm so sad to leave you all. I'm going to check in and see how everyone is doing though! I'll miss the December tww thread. It was really something.
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I'm not ready to move over just yet. Still hoping AF stays away. We will see
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Has anyone heard of or followed a fertility recipe? Like this one: http://womens-place.com/ttc/vitex.php

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Happy New Year ladies! I'd love to join you!! I stalked the December thread, so much activity! I am 8DPO, on CD 21 with an average cycle length of 27 days... This is my 2nd official month trying since my m/c in August. Last month I tested on 9DPO and 12DPO, BFNs and ended up being late so tested one last time and again BFN. AF came a couple of days later, so frustrating! This cycle I am determined to wait until day 27 which will be 14DPO. I asked DH to help and not let me test early and he joked that he'd hide the tests from me so I couldn't take them too early:) I have been going crazy trying not to symptom spot, so hard! How do you ladies deal with it?? I definitely need some support!!I have been extremely hungry for about a week now which is not normal for me. But, it could just be the holidays and all of the special food and goodies around... Anyway, nice to be here, very exciting!

Good luck everyone!! dust.gif

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I'm here but still in denial, AF due today and I got another bfn 😔 I can't stop poas lol
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Cindylu, I'm right there with you! Move on and hope for the best in a new year smile.gif

Mama- we will miss you! Please keep us updated on the little one that's staying cozy inside smile.gif

Becky and sereny- keep in mind that vitex generally takes about 3 cycles to work and that if you are pretty regular- either with AF or ovulation- it can screw you up. Most things I read said that people whose cycles did get screwy went back to normal after getting off vitex. I haven't thought about the recipe type thing just because I am taking most of those supplements already and my vitex says to just take it all the time! If you all do decide to take it please let me know how it goes! We should definitely keep in touch about it! I hope you guys figure out a solution smile.gif

Welcome suzie! I hope you get your BFP this time around!!!

Serena good luck still!!!
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Originally Posted by Serenyd View Post

If I don't get preg this month, I might try Vitex next month, I think I might have a hormonal imbalance. I'm having PMS symptoms around O, and from what I read that can mean an imbalance. Also, does anyone know about using mucinex for to thin the cervical mucus? I have noticed I don't have good quality cervical mucus in abundance like I used to. Can I use that with Vitex?

Serenyd - I think that I too had hormonal imbalances before... I started taking Estrotone over a year ago which is a blend of: Evening Primrose Oil, Schizandra, Ginger, Black Cohosh, Chaste Tree/Vitex and Rosemary. I really think it helped, I had raging mood swings, etc.... Then, once I started TTC I overly researched everything I was taking and could not find any concrete answers either way on the Vitex thing (did find that Black Cohosh is not good in early pregnancy). Vitex is a very powerful herb and great for lots of female things including fertility, but I think using it blindly = without the assistance of an herbalist, naturopath, etc... is unwise when TTC (just my opinion, I'm sure others will share their knowledge/experience as well). I stopped taking Estrotone once I started to TTC because I read so many conflicting things about Vitex during pregnancy (read a lot of good things about it too, but the negatives scared me away). One thing that most of the reliable resources agree on is that it is slow acting and most benefits come with long term use.

As for the cervical mucus thing... Someone mentioned it a while ago and again... I'm a bit of a research fanatic, so I googled it and found this site that offers some helpful info about it:

 http://www.fertilityplus.com/faq/cm.html I haven't personally tried it but certainly wouldn't rule it out! Hope this helps:)


Congrats MamaMash! Hope to join you soon!!


Thanks for the kind welcome jjh5351!


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I'm all by myself allllll day today and I can't wait. Going to buy some dollar store tests now, I'm prepared for a BFN because its the middle of the day but I just woke up from a nap and have been holding my pee (sorry lol!). Ugh someone please send me to POAS anonymous!
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I agree with suzie but for me the benefits outweighed the cons because I do have PCOS. Once I get a BFP I am going to wean off becuse I heard just quitting cold turkey can cause a mc.
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I took EPO for acne once when I was breastfeeding, and it caused me to start bleeding (I wasn't having a period) so I quit. I'm a little wary of messing around with supplements because of that, and I don't have access to a naturopath or herbalist here, because I live in a small town. I'd be willing to try it if I can't get pregnant otherwise, but I'll be sure to read up on it beforehand. Thanks Suzie!

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Originally Posted by jjh5351 View Post

I agree with suzie but for me the benefits outweighed the cons because I do have PCOS. Once I get a BFP I am going to wean off becuse I heard just quitting cold turkey can cause a mc.

I read the same thing about quitting cold turkey = mc which really scared me! I couldn't continue to take it though because it was included in the blend I was taking and I definitely had to stop taking the black cohosh that was in the herbal blend. I couldn't find any instructions on properly weaning yourself off of it. So, I just decreased my intake by half for 2 weeks and then stopped completely... I really miss the 'balance' I feel that the Estrotone gave me but know that it will be worth it if I get my BFP! 

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Suzie- I think that's how I will wean off of vitex but there's no black cohosh in it so I am not as worried about taking it in very early pregnancy if it happens!
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Hi everyone. I guess I'll be trying again this month. We'll see how things go. Still dealing with my early miscarriage ( i hate the term chemical pregnancy).


Good luck :)

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MamaMash Warm wishes for a healthy, uneventful pregnancy. Enjoy nourishing that little life within you and growing round and beautiful. You will be sorely missed here.


Serenyd Yes, I've heard of many mamas using mucinex to thin CM. It's the active ingredient, guafenesin, that thins nasal and chest secretions when you have a cold, making them easier to clear. It does the same to CM, making it thinner and more watery, potentially easier for sperm to navigate through. I don't think there is any contraindication to using it with Vitex but I've heard a lot on both sides of the Vitex debate. I know Maca is more popular over on the Saner TTC thread, many mamas over there indicated they had lots of side effects with Vitex and not with Maca, apparently you shouldn't take both together. Best of luck!!


Welcome.gifSuzie! I remember seeing you over at The One thread. I am not one to ask about symptom spotting, I cannot help it. I try very hard to not read into what I notice but it is so, so hard. Just when I think I know what to expect, how I will feel in the TWW, I notice something new and then am convinced I might be pregnant. It is frustrating and can drive you nuts!


AFM Glad to be heading back to work tomorrow. I cannot stop obsessing and I know the POAS every morning is not good for me either. *sigh* The tests, they call to me!! And the symptom spotting. Tired, lots of lotion-y CM and stabbing vaginal pains this afternoon. As always, not remotely conclusive. 10 or 11 DPO today so not much longer to wait and to know. Fx and lots of good vibes being sent out to you all goodvibes.gifHappy New Year!!!

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