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hug2.gif Hugs Dahlia. We cross posted. I think early miscarriage is much more appropriate myself. Please be sure to be good to yourself and take time to heal and process.

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MamaMash please do keep in touch!! I'm going to miss having you and your input here! luxlove.gif

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Hii ladies I'm new here, I usually have a 28day cycle af was due the 21st of dec its now january no af an bfn on hpt...I tink I od ltr than expected due to stress, I bd the early hrs of the 17th and 25th of dec on the 29th dec I spotted two drops of pink blood, iv had wat feels like a uti I'm bloated irritable and tired I feel like iv had pms for wks now, , iv a cold, frequent urination BUT no bfp?a pls help
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I really am sad to not have the December tww thread anymore! I may just chime in and say hi and such every so often here. I'm so happy to have gotten my BFP but I want all of you there with me. Conflicted feelings here 😕 I know there is still time for a few from that thread (sparkle becky katie jjh did i miss anyone?) so I'm holding out hope for them. Thanks for all the congrats again.
Dahlia! I'm still so pissed about your outcome. Ugh. I'll keep in touch though don't you worry. And I know you'll be in a due date club soon. ☺
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Oh guys... Another symptom after my very obvious bfn earlier... My boobs (im way too much tmi today) are sooooo sore!! Could be AF coming but holy moly I never really have it this bad.
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Good luck to all you ladies who are still in the game from December. Much love to you all.


AFM I took off tomorrow to just deal with my emotions. I'll be fine for a while, then out of no where, grief just hits me hard.

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And thanks MamaMash, as always, you rock

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Jj how many dpo are you? Anyone else testing in the next few days. I'm gonna hold out until AF comes
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Dahlia- I thin a day off will do you good. You time is always a great thing. Take it easy smile.gif

Becky- I am like either 8-10 DPO or 6-9 lol I really have no idea. I'm thinking closer to 8-10 but I keep changing my mind. OPKs don't work for me because my urine is always too dilute but I am fairly certain I felt ovulation cramps. I'm really hoping this is a PG symptom and not me just thinking too hard about it greensad.gif
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Ok, so I went yesterday for my ultrasound. I had been told it would only be t/v, but when I got in there, they did both extra and internal, as well as kidneys! My original appt had been for 8 am, but when I got there, I discovered I had forgotten my purse at home, and with it my order, Photo ID, etc. I felt so stupid! And I live about 40 minutes away so no running back home to grab it. They told me they could work me back in at 1030, so I went home and got it. Of course, she couldn't really tell me anything, except that they were full of cysts. I wanted to see the screen so badly! Lol
I am a weird case of pcos, in that I have NEVER missed a period, and usually ovulate, although like sparkle, it varies widely from day 10-15!

But it was so painful, because they were pushing so hard on my cervix and upward, that I ended up actually crying. I have an extremely high pain tolerance, but it was just that bad. I felt like such a baby...

Anyway, that just leaves my LH and FSH bloodwork on CD 3 or 4. Waiting on AF so I can do that.
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JoyfamMama I'm so sorry to hear that your appointment was so draining and uncomfortable/painful for you. I hope you can start getting some answers from your doctor, and that you'll have a successful cycle very soon! *hugs*

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Thank you, Dahlia. I hope the same thing for you.
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Thank You.. Do you know if I can get pregnant successfully this next cycle, following a very early miscarriage? I was about 3 or 4 weeks, so it was very early.. I hate myself for testing before my period. Ignorance really would have been bliss in this situation.

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Sparkle - what exactly is OPK?

Mamamash - will miss you! Don't be a stranger here!

Suzie - welcome! Lol I tend to bake a lot to pass the time. This last TWW resulted in 1 apple and 1 pumpkin pie, 2 loaves pumpkin bread and 2 loaves banana bread! Plus the regular meals! ☺

Dahlia - glad to see you here for another month!! You will not be alone!!

Afm- I'm only on CD 2
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I'm headed to September ddc as well, but I'll be looking in on you guys and hope to see some of you join! Good luck ladies!!!
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Cindy lu hi again. Can you remind me how to count cycle days? Does it start on the first day of your period? Or the last? I can never remember. I'm sorry last month didn't work out for you, but selfishly, I'm happy to have a familiar face here.

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Congrats again countrybound we'll miss you, but I'm so happy for you :)

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Hi ladies! Hope you don't mind if I crash the party. I have been following the Dec thread for a couple of days and would like to join in.

First off dahlia- so sorry for your loss (and yes it was a loss). I was keeping my Fx for you as I read the posts. I was so disappointed at the outcome.

AFM- I don't know that I am really on the TTC wagon. As much as I want to be, DH hasn't quite agreed to it. We have 2 children ages 10 and 5, but I have always wanted 3. DH says we are done when the subject comes up but we are not trying to prevent smile.gif so I am leaving it up to the good Lord. I had some midcycle spotting this weekend (which I have never had) and O pains. I really believe I O'd Saturday and since we BDed, I guess I am waiting to see what happens! Looking forward to getting to know you all!!!
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Dahlia - 😊 I agree!! A familiar face is comforting! The first day of your period is CD 1.

Countrybound - will miss you as well!! Wishing you lots of luck and love!!

Livn- welcome!!
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Livnkadesmom thank you... I was hopeful for a different outcome as well. It's been really hard, but then again, it's only been a day. I feel confident though that I'll be ready to try again by the time I ovulate, and if not, I know I can lean on everyone here. It's a great community; Welcome :)

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