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Sparkle how are you doing? I feel like it's been awhile since I heard from you! :) Hope all's well lady

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I have been busy at work and have not been doing a good job keeping up this week. Vacation/Break days to 10+ hour work days makes for a bad thread keeper-upper, so sorry!!


Jjh I am SO sorry to hear about AF!! Fx for next month, mama. Hope you can take time to rest and recover. hug2.gif


Dahlia I agree with the other assessments of your OPKs, getting close but not yet positive. I also test twice a day once I get a clear change in color/darkening (as you obviously have). It should not be long now!! I don't think you need additional Vitamin E or Omega Fatty Acids based on what you're already taking. Also agree on your BD plan, btw. With temping and OPK use, it should be more clear when you O this month.


Fx Chuord.


Serenyd I think Guafenesin use is recommended around O, 2-3 days before through the day after. You can find 12 hour tablets at a pharmacy/grocery store. I understand it can be helpful for men too, making seminal fluid more liquid-y as well. And Jjh, be careful to find Guafenesin alone, not a Robitussin cold/allergy formula with other meds for colds/allergies (like antihistamines and decongestants) that can actually cause dryness. You are ONLY looking for Guafenesin, which liquifies secretions, helpful for colds and also CM!!


Boo on AF, Ladyelms!


Blonhrt Again, so very sorry to have been correct. I know when my first few PP AFs arrived they were quite wonky. It took a good several months to become regular. It sounds like a good bet that this month is the real deal, meaning ovulatory, as opposed to previous months, if it feels that different. Fx for next time!!!


wave.gif and hug.gifKatie and Becky!!


I just cannot stop thinking ahead to our October DDC!! Such fun biggrinbounce.gif Getting ahead of myself. . .


jumpers.gifYeah Suzie!!! jumpers.gif So exciting and SO glad you're seeing lines darkening.

And Congrats Devilish! Wishing you both a happy, healthy 9 months!!!


AFM CD6. AF has gone. I feel renewed and ready. I am feeling SO good about an October baby!! Night Ladies sleepytime.gif

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Good to hear from you sparkle smile.gif thank you for your support and insight!!
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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post
Suzie does krill oil have a funky burpy aftertaste? What do you all eat with your vitamins?? I take mine in the morning before leaving for work (early, around 6), and they make me soooo nauseous! What have you found that is quick and easy to eat on the go, that will help the nausea?

Blonhrt aw I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy blowkiss.gif I hope this month will bring us all bfps! My method is just going to be to have sex for a full week- the days leading up to O, and a few days following. I'm even laying on my back in bed afterwards for 20 mins lol.

Suzie yayy! I'm so happy for you! Feel free to hang out around with us as long as you want :)

LOL, yes krill oil can have a very funky burpy aftertaste! OK ladies don't laugh, but here's how I remember to take all of my supplements... I use one of those daily pill things with compartments that you see at the pharmacy... Pause for laughter... Yes, I'm a dork... Anyway, my prenatal is 3/day, so I got one of the pill containers that has AM & PM compartments. I distribute some of them in the AM and the rest in the PM (both of the prenatals in the PM). I always eat when I take them just to make sure I don't get nauseous, feel yucky afterwards or get those gross burpy aftertastes!

To answer your question about what I eat with them...I usually have yogurt, granola, blueberries, banana or apple and dried cranberries for breakfast or oatmeal or raising bran with hempmilk or a smoothie, these are my staples and I have no problem taking the supplements with these. Lunch is usually a salad or some homemade soup, occasionally have a sandwich on ezekial bread. I take the krill in the middle of the meal usually with lunch, this way in my mind at least it will have food before and after going down, kind of masking it so that hopefully I won't taste it and it almost always works. If I'm going to be eating out somewhere, I stick 'em in a little ziplock snack bag in my purse and take them with me:) I've become really good at remembering now, but is took some practice. So, basically, I'd recommend taking your krill with a meal later in the day, not on an empty stomach on the way to work. As far as quick snacks, I love bananas or apples and raw almonds or cashews, I often throw nuts in a little baggie and eat them when I'm out and about... Definitely try taking your vitamins with food, I bet it will help:) Sorry about the long response, but I tend to be a little long winded if you haven't noticed.blush.gif


And, I love your comment about laying on your back afterwards for 20 mins. I totally did this every time we BDd and one time I even did a shoulder stand, heehee, tmi, I know, I know...lol.gif Thanks for saying it's cool to hang out, you guys are awesome!


Originally Posted by SparkleMaman View Post

jumpers.gifYeah Suzie!!! jumpers.gif So exciting and SO glad you're seeing lines darkening.

And Congrats Devilish! Wishing you both a happy, healthy 9 months!!!

AFM CD6. AF has gone. I feel renewed and ready. I am feeling SO good about an October baby!! 

Thanks Sparkle - glad to hear that you feel renewed and ready. goodvibes.giffingersx.gifenergy.giffor you!! Sending tons of babydust to all of you future October mommies!!!dust.gif

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Can I join in here too? My name is Dani and my husband and I are ttc baby #3 we were going to wait until next month to start trying but I stopped taking bcp at the beginning of this year and I'm now cd11 and a positive or nearly positive opk indicates things are working ok even though I was concerned after some pre ovulation pain that things had been mucked up by bcp. So here we are! And so incredibly excited to be here! I have to say I am a little obsessed with ttc. Wishing you all the very best and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all!
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Suzie, I mostly have black tea and fruit teas (blueberry, pomegranate, apple, orange). I know chamomile is supposed to be bad. 


Sparkle, thanks for the info on guaifenesin, I think I have some mucinex tabs lying around, I'd be willing to try as long as it wouldn't hurt anything. 


My DP and my daughter are both born in Oct. so I don't know if I really want another Libra around here! But I'll take that over no baby at all. Definitely! Plus the 3 month FMLA covers all the major winter holidays - halloween, thanksgiving, xmas, and new years! 

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where can I find a trustworthy list of teas to avoid? I drink soooo much tea and don't want to mess anything up!
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and welcome, Danielle! good luck!

serenyd, my mom and my sister and dad are ALL Libras! I'm just a poor little Taurus (as is my brother) so I understand what you mean!

Suzie, when I'm bding on or near O I lay on my back with a pillow under my butt for 30mins just reading a book! I definitely notice little to no .... leakage.... sorry I know gross lol. the things we share here!! hahaha
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arg I keep posting and then realizing I forgot to say hi to someone!

sparkle I'm glad you're feeling back to yourself and ready to take on this cycle smile.gif
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Thanks Dahlia! I find completely conflicting things on tea safety. I stick with organic green tea, mostly decaf, during the TWW. It's super frustrating, I'm a big tea drinker. But almost everything I like has some warning about prengancy. Bummer, I know.
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I'm at 11dpo and every morning have gotten the same ridiculous faint faint faint strain your eyes hpt line.

I have been having stabbing pain in my lower left abdomen since yesterday afternoon, and now it is adding severe nausea and mid-section pain as well. I'm a mess. It hurts so badly. I'm waiting to be seen in the ER.

If I end up with an ectopic pregnancy on our first ttc try I don't know if I'll honestly ever try again! This is so painful and scary, whatever it is.
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Dahlia, my oldest son and I are pisces and my middle son is a sweet capricorn, and we kind of get run over by these bossy libras sometimes! 

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Kerry good luck!! I hope you're ok!
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Good luck Kerry! I hope everything goes well for you.

Sounds like everyone else is doing well for the most part.

AF has kind of been horrible but my flow is like not heavy at all. It generally really is heavy so I am wondering if it is the vitex. Ah this is all so confusing and frustrating.
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Hi!  I am new to Mothering and so glad to have found this thread!  My husband and I are trying for our first Little Bean.  This two week wait is so tough!  Especially since I don't seem to have any of the typical symptoms!  So far, I've only experienced abdominal twinges and extreme tiredness early in the evening (e.g. sleepy by 8pm!) and sleeping more than usual.  I am expecting AF this Sunday but am sooo tempted to take an early result HPT already!

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Good luck! Fight the urge to test!
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I'll try!  What I've been doing is deliberately missing the opportunity to test my FMU, haha.

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Hi all, I followed along in the Dec 2WW thread and was so sad when Dec was not my month for a BFP.  I'm trying to not get my hopes up as high this month although I'm sure hoping that the new year brought me some new luck!  AF is due in one week.  I refuse to test early again; the disappointment was too much.  Wishing everyone lots of baby dust and lots of sticky baby vibes!!!

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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post
where can I find a trustworthy list of teas to avoid? I drink soooo much tea and don't want to mess anything up!

Dahlia - I know it is all so confusing, one source will say one thing and another source the complete opposite! Grrrrrrr!! Well, here's a few links that I found, I'm not saying they are all accurate/trustworthy or that I completely agree with everything, but I like to gather info from all kinds of sources (mainstream, alternative, etc.) and make a judgement after weighing in everything and of course going with my instincts as well... Hope this helps and that it is alright to be posting these here:)






Hugs Kerry, hope everything is OK, please let us know.


jj - hope AF mellows out for you soon. 


Welcome DanielleSithijaya and Angel!!dust.gif

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Hi again smile.gif thank you all for the good thoughts.

I have ovarian cysts on both ovaries, one of which is rupturing and causing my pain. And I can't do a thing about it.

I have to go home and research how this can affect fertility. I am so sad, and so upset, that this might cause us difficulties ttc.

I've worked so hard to try to make trying even possible (I lost 66 lbs in 2012). I don't want my chances to fizzle because of a cyst!!!
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