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Congrats suziesmiles!

Haha dahlia, good plan. I wish I could lay down afterwards....that's what I did when trying for DS smile.gif I just get in a little cuddling time after dtd and then I think of alllll the things I need to do or the toddler needs me or something lol.
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Welcome Dani, sithijaya and angel!

Morning all! 5.45am here - lol I wake up early naturally to read your posts!

Dahlia, serenyd and Suzie - thanks for all the info... I'll spend time thinking on it all -and surfing the web - later 😃 lol when I'm out of bed and off my phone!
Hi sparkle - you are so sweet that you have do little time and yet still spent ages writing to everyone!

There just seems to be a really good vibe with you ladies at the moment - I'm sure all this positivity is going to create some bfp next cycle... I can't wait to hear them
Apologies for my personals always being so random and missing people - lol it's hard to be
Accurate when typong on thr phone in bed - lol an its given me rsi!

One day past AF due only light spotting so far - debating whether to test...
Whatever happens my emotions have been hyper ever since O... Yesterday we had to take my husbands 17yo cat for her last vet trip.. She'd just spent 3 nights in there getting over uti and the runs, and her back legs stopped working... It has been killing me watching her suffer (4 days of migraines) but dh has never lost a pet before so I had to be gentle with him... Suffice to say yesterday had loads of tears and another migraine lol... But now I can finally get on with my life (she had been incontinent for 3 months!)

So ladies should I test?
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See I knew I'd forget... I love all the too much info on positions lol 😝😜 lol it's more things to distract me... And I've thought about doing it too
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Thanks for the lovely welcomes ladies! When ttc #2 I was drinking a lot of green tea to increase Ewcm but found research that suggested more than 2-3 cups would start to inhibit iron uptake. So many things to remember. Everything in moderation.
I have an anterior cervix so after dtd the best way for me to get the little swimmers to stay where they need to is to lay flat on my stomach for awhile. They recommend at least 30mins.
@ jj I really hope af eases for you!
@ Chuord - :-) test!!!!! And let us know ASAP!
AFM I have anxiety disorder which I am medicated for and as of late I've been feeling amazing, but the last 24hrs I've felt a little flat and quite anxious, I just want to be pregnant so badly, I feel like its almost completely out of my control which I guess is what stresses me out. Also feeling exhausted. Early night tonight I think.
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Oh and I'm sorry about your dh's cat Chuord it's such a hard decision to make! I hope your husband can find peace soon knowing she will no longer be suffering!
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Another completely random thing I was wondering where in the world are we all? Mainly in the U.S I assume. As my user name suggests I live in New Zealand.
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Hi ladies, I'm so sorry about all the bfns. Fx for next month.

Afm, I'm about 3 to 5 days from O! DP and I are planning to bd every other day for the next week! Any egg catching tips? I'm not really doing anything special.
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Each I have one that's a bit weird (and apologies to those who have heard it before) we watched a doco and they used dyed sperm and ultrasound to view... When a woman orgasms the muscular spasms actually move the sperm up and into whichever Fallopian tube has the egg that month - it was actually pretty amazing to see how dramatic it was - lol so that's my best tip!
Dani - thanks for your sympathy, I appreciate it - he'll get there - he is a doctor lol so it should have been easier you'd think!
Btw I'm in Aus... And an ex Tassie girl
Ok I did test - bfn - not even a squinter! So will just wait and see...
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Chuord I have also heard the big O really makes a difference when ttc. *waves* from across the ditch!!!! Hope your not close to any of the fires! So scary. My father at nearly 60 breaks down each time we lose a family pet, he is devastated each time. In part because he gets so emotionally attached to them. He nearly spent ten thousand dollars trying to save the family dog 18months ago.
*hugs* bfn's can be so deflating, I hope it is just a wee bit too early to test. Will keep everything crossed for you!
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Lol thanks! Unfortunately AF is here now... Oh well onto next month for me - at least I can have a drink with dh on the weekend!

Hugs to all
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Thanks Churod, I've been watching a YouTube video of a similar experiment. Very neat! So sorry about af. Fx for Feb.
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Btw I'm from the southern U.S. South west Louisiana.
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hola.gifDani, Sithijaya, and AngelKissed! Hope you get your BFP's soon smile.gif .

auntiekerry: So sorry to hear about the cysts; I hope they resolve with relative ease. Are you going to continue to test or wait for AF?

chuord: Bah, hope AF is mellow for you. Hope your DH is feeling better.

And hola.gif to everyone else as well! I've got quite a bit of TWW left to cover still so here I sit lurk.gif .
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Chuord, I'm sorry. I'm on day 4 of AF so I feel pain, literally, lol. On to the next month! Enjoy your drink!
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kerry I hope your cysts don't cause you any more issues! Feel better soon :) Best wishes!


Mamacats how many DPO are you? Good luck!


chuord sorry about AF :( Sounds like you're in good spirits though! Enjoy your drink!


Haha Blonhrt laying down is nice, but I find that if I don't focus on reading a book, I just think about how much stuff I need to do when I get up! Tomorrow morning we're waking up early before work to BD since my husband is going away tomorrow night (luckily coming back on Saturday!). That means BDing at like 5am!! Not that I'm complaining.... but I dooo love sleep lol. Oh well :) It'll be so worth it if I get pregnant this cycle! I just know I'm going to feel rushed to get up and get ready for work! Hooray for Friday though!


Rachl it sounds like we're close to the same O schedule! When do you expect it exactly? I'm thinking I'll prob ovulate on Monday. As far as catching the egg, my husband and I have sex daily for around a week surrounding ovulation. So, since I'm anticipating ovulation on Monday we had sex daily starting on tuesday, and will continue until next tuesday. Do you use any OPKs or temping? They are very useful in timing your sex.

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:-( sorry to hear af arrived Chourd!!!! Hugs to you as we'll Blonhrt88! This is definitely a game of patience isn't it. It's making me crazy. Waiting for the right time to try, then waiting to ovulate and then the dreaded tww to see if it worked. Having a bit of a blah day. The heat here is intense and I just feel like hiding. Had more Ewcm (tmi sorry) so ovulation is close.
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chourd, so sorry to hear about your cat.  I used to work in vet medicine and I know that everyone deals with their emotions differently after making that final decision.  I always viewed it as a final gift to a pet who is suffering.  A tough gift to give but a gift nonetheless.  And double sorry to hear about the arrival of AF :-(  Fx for you for next month!


Thanks for the welcome everyone.  I've really enjoyed reading the Dec and Jan 2WW threads - everyone is so positive!  It makes waiting out this much too long 2WW so much more bearable.


Seems like we're from all around the world.  I'm in Canada :-)

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chuord I forgot to say I'm sorry about your husbands cat :( I hope he's doing ok! Losing a pet is never easy, they're like little furry family members.


Oh, and I'm in the northeast US :)

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We really are spread out all over the world! How wonderful we can meet in a central place and bond over such a heart wrenching situation! Reading back through this thread all of you lovely ladies have been such an amazing support system to one another and I feel privileged to be a new part of that!
Friday afternoon here, dh is finishing work early In about 40minutes and is coming home and we are planning a quiet night together, he is cooking me dinner and we'll watch a film once the boys are down for the night.
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Sorry about the group comment - but thank you all so much for your support on both counts ☺ it's nice to have the random support that we all enjoy here!

Blonhart here's to next month!
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