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jj, Maryland gets very humid in the summer. you get used to it and just learn to accept having frizzy hair from May to August lol
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So much for symptom spotting!  My DD spiked a fever last night.  Her increased nursing was probably due to getting sick.  But... my nipples are still super sensitive so I remain hopeful :-)  'Only' 5 more days until AF is due.

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Good Morning, Mamas!! So glad to see so many new members.


Becky wave.gifthere!! Super glad to hear you can get busy this month. literally and figuratively winky.gif And yeah for being able to able to take Clomid again. Fx!!


Blonhrt I hear you on the overwhelming desire and strange dreams. I know I am about to O when that's ALL I can think of!! My DH has a hard time keeping up with my drive this time of month.


Dahlia lol.gif Cute shoes!! I too love to distract myself with online shopping. I have so many carts full of lovely things I'd like and many sites. I try not to purchase as much as I browse. I think we may end up being cycle buddies, as I expect to O Monday or Tuesday myself!! Fx for getting our BFPs together very soon. I am completely fantasizing about an October baby!


How are you Katie?


Lots of hugs and good vibesgoodvibes.giffor all of you in the TWW. I'll be joining you soon! fingersx.gif for a roll out of record numbers of BFPs here.


AFM CD 9 and getting lots of watery to EWCM already. OPKs are negative but darkening, getting there! I am hoping the CM and my extreme, er, interest in DTD is a very good sign for our chances this month.  I expect to O early next week, usually happens around CD 11/12. I am really liking the charting of temps and CM with OPKs, not just CM with OPKs. I feel so much more aware. My temp has been really stable since starting and I noticed a slight increase this morning from where I've been. FF puts me at "Most Fertile" today and through the weekend. SO there's those plans for the weekend ROTFLMAO.gifAnd then I have work obligations this afternoon/tonight and DD has a playdate (so excited to grab groceries on my own) today and a birthday party tomorrow. Busy and good things to keep me occupied.


What is everyone else up to this weekend??

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Good morning ladies and lots of luck to all that have entered the TWW or WTO!!

AFM- I am pretty confident that I O'd on Dec 29th or 30th. I had the EWCM and ovary pain and after that everything dried up. That would make me 14 DPO and I usually only have an 11 day Luteal phase. However, that day would have been an early O for me and FF has AF coming this Tues. (I don't temp, that is just prediction from past cycles). In other words, I can't be 100% on O day. I am symptom spotting like crazy...which makes me a little crazy. I have have had mild aches in my lower abdomen, lower backaches, nausea after eating, *TMI warning* more of the creamy CM/wet feeling, tingly nibbles and OMG I have been so tired which in the past has been my #1 pregnancy symptom. I really am trying to hold off testing until I am late, but I don't know if I should consider myself late now or next Tues...what do you all think?
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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post

jj, Maryland gets very humid in the summer. you get used to it and just learn to accept having frizzy hair from May to August lol
Yeah that's how Missouri is smile.gif 90+ temps with 80% humidity all summer! It is cold in Pennsylvania during the summer!
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Oh wow jj yeah you're way up north! No wonder you miss warmth!


Sparkle that would be great if we're cycle buddies! I'm getting so impatient for O!


Liv wait it out if you can! Good luck!


AFM I've had a killer headache all day, ugh. Finally starting to feel better, but just really tired. I'll probably take a nap before my husband gets home, so I have enough energy for BDing haha.

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Well I caved...BFN. greensad.gif We'll see what the week holds.
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Thinking about temping next cycle just to know for sure on O. I hate getting my hopes up and then seeing that lonely line.
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Dahlia- ya super northern! Such a strange place! Maryland seems like it would be a nice place I would totally rather live there than here!

Livn- so sorry about your bfn greensad.gif temping is really popular around here smile.gif I haven't done it yet but I may start eventually!
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I'm sorry Liv :( fingers are crossed for you that it's just too early!! I started temping for the same reason- I want to see exactly when I O. I like it so far, because it makes me feel really in tune with my body.

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jj I LOVE maryland. I totally recommend living here :)

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I tempted when TTC DS and it happened in 3 months. It is amazing how our bodies tell us everything we need to know.
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Jj - if you like hot and humid it's 26 (centigrade) here at night... 36 in the day - and about 70% humidity! Lol I'm in Brisbane qld, but Danielle and I are both in a heat wave /bush fire danger that is currently engulfing Aus and new Zealand... The weather is nuts at the moment!
Angel - ouch! Good distraction lol, but am guessing you could do without a sick dd?
Sparkle - you sound all ready for this cycle - awesome! I was hoping for a September baby due to the weather lol... October would be almost as good - but heavily pregnant here in the summer?! I can barely cope outside as it is lol! Wishing you lots of quality swimmers this weekend!
Livn - I think it sounds really positive... But I'm second guessing myself now as I had all those symptoms and still got AF... Maybe I was right and I had an early loss - who knows... Sorry you got a bfn but don't be distressed as its prob too early! Best of both worlds... Here's hoping its a bfp for you!
Dahlia - hugs for the headache, you have all. My sympathy on that xxxx Wishing you heaps of quality swimmers too!
To anyone I missed sending good sticky vibes
Afm - I'm starting to cheer up after both the AF and the cat loss, so annoying to be at my emotional cycle peak when it all happened... So I guess I'm on cd3... Ladies who temp when should I start if planning to? I googled but still unsure... Here's hoping this time is a goer!
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Chuord- I know what you mean. I hate that early preggo symptoms are so much like AF. I have been trying to tell myself all week that these "symptoms" could be AF, but it is so hard not to think (hope) they are preg symptoms. I didn't test with FMU and it was a $tree test, so we will see what happens. I bought 2 and will probably wait till end of next week to test again...that is if no AF shows up.

Thanks everyone for the nice thoughts. I'll just have to wait it out. Hoping to see some BFPs soon!!!
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Chuord- As for temping, when I did it I started when AF started and tempted everyday. Mainly just to stay in the habit. Some on here have said they wait until AF is over. I guess it doesn't matter as long as you have plenty of pre-o days to see a good surge. Fertility Friend.com is a great charting resource and does all the work for u. They also have a great app if you have a smart phone.
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Chuord I agree with livn- I have read about it a bit and it seems like you should start as close to AF starting as you can!
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Hang in there, Liv!


chuord thanks for the headache hugs :) I haven't had a migraine like this in so long. I wonder if it's hormone related? I'll tell you one thing though, it's definitely NOT putting me in the mood for BDing. My husband won't be home til later, after watching the Raven's game out on the eastern shore then making the almost 2 hr drive home irked.gif hrmph. Not my ideal BDing circumstances.. but hey, neither was doing it at 5 in the morning on friday lol. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It's just put me into a cranky funk, not a sexy time mood haha. You asked about temping- I started temping this month, on CD5. I would have started on CD1 but I thought you were supposed to start after your period, which was wrong since you can pretty much start anytime before O. Like Liv said, it's about getting a nice feel for your body temps in order to see the change when O comes. I use FertilityFriend on my kindle, which is really handy. It lays it all out for you, and entering all your info (temps, CM, etc) is super easy. I definitely recommend it! As of now I pretty much have no idea what exactly I'm looking for in temp shifts, but I'm learning, and it makes me feel like I have more control.

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angelkissedkids I hope your daughters fever is short lived and she's back to her usual happy self ASAP.
sparkle everything sounds like its heading in the perfect direction for a successful cycle! So exciting!
livnkadesmom sorry to hear about your bfn I will keep everything crossed for the coming week and hope you get the outcome you want!
dahlia glad to hear the headache has subsided, that's no fun. Hope you enjoyed your nap before your dh got home! Have fun this evening!
Chuord glad to hear things are starting to ease up in terms of af. I hear you on wanting a sept baby, October will be wonderful though, and fx just In the nick of time before it gets hot again. It's just crazy here right now. Going out in the middle of the day just isn't an option.
AFM - cd14 here and even though the ovulation pain has subsided I'm still having other symptoms, thought it was odd I'd had Ewcm but just not the usual amount, until this morning so more bd'ing just to be sure we catch this little egg.
Sunday morning here, lazy day me thinks. Hope your all enjoying your weekends! Sticky baby dust to all!
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Dahlia- I also use FF and once it detects O it will give u a nice read line to show you when you O. There is literally no "figuring" on your part. FF does all the work for u and takes the guessing out of it. You will be really impressed when u see how it works. I love the app!!
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Another one here who loves ff!!!!
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