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Jj sorry to hear you had a bad day at work! Some people really need to learn to think before they speak, you'd think it would be common sense sadly it's not.
katiecornflakes hehe being tired from too much bd'ing started to overwhelm my dh so we had do alternate days. Men frequently complain not getting enough but also when they get to much. All for a good cause I say!
Dahlia good luck! Hope all your ;-) hard work pays off!
amycvincent Welcome!!!!!!!! Great to have you with us sharing your special time conceiving your wee one. Wishing you lots of sticky baby dust! Not long now until testing! All the best!

AFM Absolutely exhausted! Baby sitting was chaos, and my house looks like a tornado hit it, just couldn't keep upwith the mess makers. Lots of little uterine twinges. Feels heavy and like its stretching so I really hope it's a good sign! Can't wait to test! Also can't wait for cuddles with dh when he gets home it's been a loooooonng day!

Thinking of all you lovely ladies waiting for your precious little babes!:-)
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Sounds like a few of us have had tough days.  Hopefully tomorrow is better all around!  Welcome amy, I hope you'll be announcing your BFP to the group very soon!  Sorry to hear about your BFN liv.


AFM, (TMI warning but where else can you talk about this kind of stuff?), I re-checked my underwear from last night and what I thought was blood tinged EWCM was not blood tinged at all.  I was just the colour showing through from the design on the underwear.  All day I've been having moments of feeling wet (not really egg white, just wet) and so I've been checking often.  Definitely clear, no blood... so far.  AF usually arrives on a Thursday afternoon.  Last month I had brown spotting start on the Wednesday and it eventually turned into AF on the Friday.  We'll see what tomorrow brings :-)

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Dahlia - Hope you get a rest from all the BDing soon and that it ends up in making that sweet little line for you! When will you test this cycle?


Amycvincent - I could have written your post when we were TTCing DD. LPD is so annoying! I ended up getting progesterone and I think it was the thing that helped me get a successful implantation. I stopped nursing a couple of months ago and still have LPD this time around (thinking it's probably still from nursing since DS was also a first try baby and my LP always seemed to be fine - that or I'm just getting old at 31, ha!). It's been short for 4 months now so I just got another progesterone script and I'm hoping it helps this time as well.  You might think about it if you don't get your BFP this cycle but I hope you will! dust.gifWhen are you testing?


Danielle - LOL at the tornado. That's what my house looks like that every day! ROTFLMAO.gif At least it got you through another day without testing. You're almost there! 


AKK - FX AF stays away today!!


AFM - Last night I totally fell asleep on the couch at 9pm but I woke up and rallied when DH got home. Go me! LOL! nut.gif Hoping for that positive OPK by Friday. I'm going to ditch the eye mask and turn on the bathroom light tonight for the whole lunaconception thing and try to encourage ovulation. This weekend is also peak fertility on my lunar calendar so hopefully it will all work together nicely for a BFP! It's also a girl month on my lunar calendar and while I'll be happy with any baby, I would love t not have to change over all our baby clothes again! LOL! winky.gif But I really shouldn't get ahead of myself. Need to ovulate first! lol.gif

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I am finally at a real computer, not my phone, to check in!! hug.gif to all of you who had such a rough day yesterday. Sending out lots of love and hopes for a much improved Thursday to you all!!


Danielle ROTFLMAO.gifTotally!! My house looks like a tornado tore through more days lately than I'd like but I hear you. I try to be kind to myself about this (which is hard) as I am currently working full time outside my home and have an hour commute on both ends of my usually 10 hour work day. I am exhausted when I get home and in no state of mind to do much cleaning or tidying. My house was so much more organized when I worked part time, partly from home, when DD was smaller. Having play date guests or babysitting always threw me for a loop too. Those twinges sound promising!!


AKK My fingers are still crossed!! SO hoping you just tested too early, or with a test that wasn't sensitive enough. goodvibes.gifto you!!


Dahlia Super excited we're cycle buddies!! I am feeling so good about our chances of October babies. I think I already said this but if I was successful this month, my due date will be within days of DDs. That would be very cool. Has FF "detected Ovulation" for you yet? Mine hasn't put up cross hairs yet!


Katie dust.gif to you and hope you're able to sneak in lots of BDing this weekend!!


Welcome.gif Amy and anyone I missed (this thread is so active I can't always keep up!)


AFM As I said last month, just when I think I know what to expect of my body, the universe devises new ways to mix it up! So I am CD 14 today, + OPK yesterday and this morning. Still feeling O twinges and had some short, sharp pains this morning. I am thinking today is the day!! I have been Oing on CD 10 or 11 in recent months so this seems really positive. Much better chance of a really nice, fat, mature egg thumb.gif Here is the very weird part: I am temping for the first time in my life. Love it, btw. I had a temp dip on Tuesday morning (I figured cool, Pre-O temp dip) and then a small rise yesterday and today (though both higher temps were about the same and about at my coverline, not yet above). If my temp increases tomorrow will that indicate O happened today? Or is it possibly it's not going to happen until tomorrow? I am still new to this. I don't usually get 2 + OPKs in a row either, usually an am and pm + on the same day and it is - by the following morning. And to add to my confusion, I always feel distinct O discomfort (it isn't really painful). I have some twinges for a day or so followed by short, sharp pains on the side I O from. Two months ago I KNOW it was the right side, last month left. Yesterday and today I feel twinges left and right (though more discernibly sharp on the left this morning). Anyone else had bilateral O pains before? Any thoughts/advice/wisdom about the temping would also be very welcomed.

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Thanks all! I broke and tested this morning...BFN. I still have a few days since I'm only 11DPO, but I've been feeling (what I think are) symptoms since 7DPO so I'm super impatient!


katiecornflakes- Did you have an LPD until you got the progesterone? It seems like my cycle is evening out this month. Even if I don't get a BFP, I'll be happy just with a cycle with a normal LP! I really didn't want to wean DS, so this not fixing it would be heartbreaking. I'm totally willing to take progesterone as well though. I'll call my NP if I don't get a BFP this Saturday!

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sparkle, no crosshairs yet, but I had a small dip yesterday, and then a drastic rise this morning, so I think I must have ovulated yesterday or overnight! I'm so excited about seeing it laid out so neatly for me! definitely takes the guess work out of it! I think I'll stop temping on Sunday though... if my temp drops I know I'll be sad and I'd rather wait and hold out hope.

Katie, I'm going to try to wait until I miss my period to test.. well see haha
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Sparkle, can you link to your chart? I love analyzing. thumb.gif Temping is really fun and interesting. Oh and I hear you on the long work days and never being able to clean! I work 60-80 hrs a week and I've just had to learn to live with the mess. eyesroll.gif

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I had a dream last night that I was feeling no symptoms, but I took a test and my husband checked it and it said "pregnant". Then I took another blue dye test and got two plus signs. We celebrated and tried to figure out how it happened since I only ended AF a week ago. I woke up, so so depressed. It was only a dream greensad.gif
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Whoops, didn't see those other posts!


Amy - I did have LPD until I used progesterone. I was nursing also and wasn't willing to wean. I showed my charts to my OB at the time and showed her how short my LP was and she immediately wrote me a script. The prolactin produced when nursing can decrease progesterone levels. The first cycle I was using it my LP lengthened out to 13 days and the next cycle I was pg! So I'm a fan. I completely hear you on being happy with a normal LP even if you're not pg. It's the little things, right?


Dahlia - that's exactly why I love temping. It's so nice to see it there in front of you. I also usually stop in the 2WW, though. I don't like that anticipation if it drops. You can do it, you can wait!!


Blonhrt - I had a couple of those dreams last cycle in the 2WW. Such a bummer when they're not true. Hugs.

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hopefully that links to my chart smile.gif

thanks for the vote of confidence Katie smile.gif
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Dahlia- The link didn't work. To link to your chart, click on the "Share" button under your chart and then copy the URL for sharing under there!


Katie- Dang, trying not to regret that I weaned without trying a progesterone script first. I tried a natural progesterone cream and it did nothing for me. I also tried Vitex and B6. I wasn't ovulating at all before I started Vitex! My LP has been 5-6 days for about 7 months now. Weaning was such a tough decision and a horrible process (my DS is very attached). Next time I will try the progesterone script first!

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Dahlia - will def look at your chart! It's confusing to get the right link at first since it always defaults to the main site.


Amy - Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had weaned. I had to wean DD after I had an infectious exposure at work, literally overnight. It was so, so painful for both of us. I literally cried for a week. It's amazing how hard it can be. Those progesterone creams have have a huge variety in how much progesterone you actually get since they aren't FDA regulated so it's possible you hardly got any at all. I also take Vitex, B6 and Maca. I like them all. LOL. Well, the Maca tastes horrendous but I'm ok with that! Before I started the progesterone last time I did find my LP was slowly lengthening on its own but seemed to stall out at 10 days so the progesterone helped after that. 


Ok, need to stop procrastinating my run! It's cold and rainy out there, just don't want to go! But off I go. Will stalk some charts when I get back! ;)

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So glad I'm not the only one who cried for a week with weaning. My DH thought I was nuts!

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amy, I definitely cried too when I weaned DD1.  It's heartbreaking to say no if they continue to ask to nurse once you've weaned.


AFM, BFN with FMU on a $store again this morning :-(  Feeling like AF is gearing up to arrive later today.  No evidence yet that I'm for sure out this month but I'm feeling pretty blue about it all.


Re: progesterone, I've read that nipple sensitivity is directly related to progesterone.  Since I had NS last month for 5DPO and this month for at least 12DPO, would you guess that my progesterone levels are improving?  Since I'm still nursing I know that prolactin lowers progesterone and I'm not actively doing anything to alter my hormones (no supplements, not weaning, etc.) but I'm curious about the difference between last month and this month.  Thoughts?  I wish I could temp but co-sleeping and a restless LO between 5-7am ruins my chances of getting consistent temps.  I'm definitely using my Clear Blue Fertility Monitor next month so I'll know for sure when I ovulate, rather than just relying on CM/CP.  Just wishing I didn't have to think about TTC again next month...

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AKK- Boo on the BFN :( What DPO are you on?


Does anyone have any thermometer recommendations? I use a CVS brand basal thermometer right now, but the past two days it's given me a really low temp (96.5 and 97.1) and then I'll re-temp a minute later (while still in bed, not moving) and it'll be back in the 97.5 range. I'm not sure if the first temp is right and I'm going to be starting AF soon, or if my thermometer is going wonky. 

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Katie Here's my chart - not too complete, only a little over a week's worth of data! http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/41c7dc

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sorry for not responding individually to you all- I'm at work and it's a little busy. I'll try to do it later smile.gif

I hope I did this link right!

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Hi everyone! I am scrambling to get ready for work otherwise I would respond to everyone individually but I have a question! With wondfos do you all see the lines getting darker as you get closer to O? I know that is probably a really dumb question but I haven't o'd before taking vitex so I don't know if the wondfos just have a test line that shows up anyway or what! Ill respond back later to everyone smile.gif
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Sparkle - I don't think it is clear yet that you ov'd. Hopefully that spike happens tomorrow! FX


Dahlia - I bet if you get 2 more temps that are higher that FF will give you crosshairs. I think you probably ov'd yesterday but the next couple of temps will tell for sure. 


jjh - You will usually get a light test line before they're positive. That's normal since we all usually have some LH hanging around. But it'll get super pos when it's pos. Sounds normal to me. thumb.gif


Amy - I hear you on the weaning! It was terrible. DH kinda got it and was really supportive but they just can't understand, yk? I still get sad when I think about it. bawling.gif

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thanks Katie, that's what I was thinking too smile.gif
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