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Great news! I'm sure he'll love his gift. joy.gif

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Wow, Danielle, congrats!!! I'm so happy for you!  Send some babydust this way :-)

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Congrats Danielle!!! 


I just told the Dad-to-be a couple hours ago by putting all 4 pregnancy test in a box and as he opened it up, the biggest grin came across his face.... best thing in the world. 


I haven't really had any other symptoms show up today...just feeling like AF is coming...no nausea, change in smells, frequent urination, or sore boobs... It's strange. 

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Hi all! Just a quick catch up - I'm trying to spend time having a life this pre O time - lol instead of reading posts hours a day!
It all sounds so positive and exciting - good luck tww ladies, happy swimmers to those ovulating... Lol and patient waiting to those like me in the waiting to O group!
Danielle & autumn Congratulations! 🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈🎉
Danielle - it was looking good for you from the start lol - you had that vibe going... Can't wait to see when you have a brighter test 😃 although I agree it's definitely positive!
Hugs all xxx
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Thank you all for the congratulatory messages! It's so exciting! I hope nobody minds if I stick around here for awhile?!
Very early days and your support is so wonderful!
All the very best to everyone waiting at which ever stage of the game you are in! Loads of baby dust to everyone!
Still trying to figure out the cutest way to tell dh. This exhaustion is intense though I have to say. Napping is essential! Thinking of all you lovely ladies! :-)
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Huge hugs... And I hope you do stay around for a bit 😃
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YAY DANIELLE!! congrats! definitely hang out here for as long as you like smile.gif

hope everyone's feeling good, and staying positive smile.gif fx for tons of October babies!

I'm only 4 dpo, so I know it's way too early to read into anything, but this morning I had TONS of creamy cm when I went to the bathroom to pee. like an absurd amount. this is gross, but it was pretty much falling out when I went to wipe. I wouldn't bat an eye at creamy cm normally, since it's on par to where I am in my cycle in relation to ovulation, but I have never had that amount of it in my entire life. just strange! although last month I had dull cramps from 4 or 5 dpo, and did turn out to be pregnant. if that's the case this time, I hope it sticks. so anxious!
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Dahlia That sounds like a really good sign!! I am SO hopeful. I have such a good feeling about October babies!! I have two days of elevated temps so I am pretty comfortable saying the pattern indicates 2 DPO. I am also feeling worried and anxious, wishing I'd been able to be as busy as you were wink1.gif It is what it is and I am still feeling really good about our chances. You're waiting until AF is late to test, right? I 'm not sure I can be that strong. I'm hoping to hold out longer than last month. Fx!!

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I'm going to hold off on testing for as long as I possibly can.. if I were to have another early loss it would break my heart all over again, and I'd rather not deal with that sadness again. not to say that I won't be symptom spotting like mad though lol. I didn't intend to read into anything, especially this early, but my cm is so out of my norm.

I have a good feeling for you this month smile.gif I bet you got enough bding in to catch the egg.
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Dahlia I can definitely understand that. And the early testing does just add to the craziness and obsessing too. I just don't seem to be able to stop the symptom spotting, despite my best efforts, once I hit the second week of the TWW. I will try to hold out on testing as long as I can in solidarity!! I too have a really good feeling about this month, much more so than last month when I also felt pretty good. I keep reminding myself it only takes one sperm to get the job done. Each ejaculation has hundreds of millions and it takes only 1!!  I know it's magical thinking but I got my first and only + when I found out I was pregnant for DD was on January 29. I am really looking forward to 1/29 and hoping it brings me the same great news. And I have a great feeling about your chances, Dahlia!!

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At what DPO do you guys plan on testing? I am obsessed. I feel nauseous but is that because I do or because I want to be because it would be a pregnancy symptom and I have convinced myself? eyesroll.gif

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I'm trying really hard to wait until my period is late... last month I made to 10dpo I think  eyesroll.gif  It's so hard to wait! 

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Dahlia That totally makes sense. I fully support you and hope we can help each other through the next 10-12 days!!


Wildgreen While you're sure to find some women who do get positives early, most very sensitive HPTs won't be positive for most women even if pregnant until 11-12 DPO. And even then, many women still won't get a positive until closer to their period being due or after. Most HPTs you'll find at a pharmacy or convenience store are not very sensitive and won't pick up a positive until even later. That said, some of our members last month got BFPs at 10-12 DPO and one other not until 15 DPO (despite testing every day from 9 or 10 DPO with a very sensitive test). A few months ago there was a string of 9 DPO positives on The One thread. The danger with early testing is mostly disappointment. It is so sad and deflating to see that negative staring at you. It is so much better to continuing on thinking maybe. And even if your test is negative, you may still be pregnant and saddened for no reason. Early testing can sometime detect a pregnancy that may end in a very early loss, causing undue stress and distress as a result. If you hadn't tested early, you might never have known. You may have had a heavier than usual period on time or a day or so late and never have known. Last thought, tests are expensive. So it is also a waste of money. Most signs/symptoms we attribute to possible pregnancy during the TWW are actually Progesterone mediated Luteal Phase symptoms. VERY few women actually have signs/symptoms during the TWW that are truly a result of pregnancy, even if they do turn out to be pregnant. The hormonal changes are not significant enough to cause symptoms until 6 weeks for most women.  After telling you all that I can tell you that in all honesty I have not been able to stop myself from POAS early or symptom spotting the past few months. The TWW obsessive I need to know, NOW got to me and I did test early, to much disappointment. I am hoping to hold out this month and take my own advice!! This is easier in the first week of the TWW, I find my zen disappears the second week dizzy.gif


Random note: I am finding myself obsessing a bit today about timing and wondering if we DTD enough. I found some studies that indicate BDing 1-3 days before O is actually more likely to lead to conception than BDing on the day of O, with BDing the day before MOST likely to lead to pregnancy. This was happy news for me, as I know we hit 1 and 3 days before!!

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If you'll allow me, I need to have a rant.  I'm feeling so down today.  I had very light spotting yesterday, brown blood; I only needed 2 pantyliners.  Today I have had more light spotting, mostly brown but also a touch of red (but not very bright red) and so far I've only needed 1 pantyliner.  This is not a normal AF for me.  I had another BFN this morning although an evap line appeared before the 10 minute mark which made me hopeful it might have been a faint positive; so very disappointing.  I was a little crampy this morning but not as much as yesterday and the cramps are different from AF.  Yesterday my uterus felt like it was one big knotted ball and for the second half of the day my labia felt swollen too.  AF cramps usually feel like they come in waves.  Today all that is gone and my uterine area just feels noticeable, not really bothersome.  I don't understand why my body does this.  Why when I was TTC#2 did I have a 5 day 'period' when AF was due and then got a BFP 2 weeks later (when I was 6 weeks along)?  It feels like that might be happening again (at least I hope so - I really want to be pregnant!) but it's torture dealing with all the guesswork of whether I am indeed pregnant or not.  If I am pregnant, why am I bleeding?  Why am I not producing enough hCG to get a BFP yet?  I don't understand why my body is so different than other women!  Ok, rant over.  Thanks for listening.  I think I could use some virtual hugs today :-)

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Oh AKK, sending you lots and lots of hugs and good vibes. I have no amazing insight, just much understanding that this process is often frustrating, confusing and dowright unfair. I'm thinking of you and wishing you comfort and peace.
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Danielle and Autumn- CONGRATS!!!!


AKK- (HUGS). It's SO hard not knowing!

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angel, I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. TTC is such a draining, and emotionally exhausting experience, and I totally understand your frustration. It feels like this should be easy and natural, not time consuming and stressful! It's upsetting not knowing what our bodies are doing, or why! Try to keep your chin up, and know that we're all here for you to talk, rant, laugh and cry whenever you need to! Your day will come, I just know it! hug.gif

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Akk I'm really sorry to hear your having a hard time, you couldn't get in touch with your dr or midwife and request bloods? Huge hugs mumma!
It is hard to wait to test *sigh* tested again this morning and still a BFP but not as dark as yesterday :-/ will wait for my cheap tests to arrive before testing again. Still have full blown symptoms which is comforting.
Lots of baby dust to everyone!
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Hugs, AKK. Hopefully you'll get some answers soon.
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Dahlia - I have a good feeling about it also! I just did some quick energy on you and your embaby - here's hoping it is a sticky one!

Sparklemama - I also did you lol... I'm hoping it's a + this month for you both... Fx!

Afm - still a week before O according to the chart... Better get into the BDing lol... Although I'm sure this is not my month, but ok with it.
Happy symptom spotting ladies! I know last month I had half the symptoms listed on websites - it was very compelling lol.
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