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Thank you, Chourd!! That's so kind. This is cycle 9 TTC #2 and I have a great feeling about this month. O'd later than usual so hoping that will assure a nice ripe egg. And I just have a feeling, you know? May I ask why you think this won't be your month? Not trying to pry, I just notice your signature and cannot recall you mentioning it. Totally none of my business and you can feel free to say so smile.gif I'm 36, btw, and DH is 44 so I too feel like the clock is ticking. Fx for you as well!!

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Originally Posted by DanielleNZ View Post

Can you see it??? joy.gif

Eeep!!! Totally see it!!! Are you going to test with FMU tomorrow?!
Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post

YAY DANIELLE!! congrats! definitely hang out here for as long as you like smile.gif

hope everyone's feeling good, and staying positive smile.gif fx for tons of October babies!

I'm only 4 dpo, so I know it's way too early to read into anything, but this morning I had TONS of creamy cm when I went to the bathroom to pee. like an absurd amount. this is gross, but it was pretty much falling out when I went to wipe. I wouldn't bat an eye at creamy cm normally, since it's on par to where I am in my cycle in relation to ovulation, but I have never had that amount of it in my entire life. just strange! although last month I had dull cramps from 4 or 5 dpo, and did turn out to be pregnant. if that's the case this time, I hope it sticks. so anxious!
Ahh that sounds so promising! I don't want you to leave me here but I hope you get a sticky one smile.gif
Originally Posted by AngelKissedKids View Post

If you'll allow me, I need to have a rant.  I'm feeling so down today.  I had very light spotting yesterday, brown blood; I only needed 2 pantyliners.  Today I have had more light spotting, mostly brown but also a touch of red (but not very bright red) and so far I've only needed 1 pantyliner.  This is not a normal AF for me.  I had another BFN this morning although an evap line appeared before the 10 minute mark which made me hopeful it might have been a faint positive; so very disappointing.  I was a little crampy this morning but not as much as yesterday and the cramps are different from AF.  Yesterday my uterus felt like it was one big knotted ball and for the second half of the day my labia felt swollen too.  AF cramps usually feel like they come in waves.  Today all that is gone and my uterine area just feels noticeable, not really bothersome.  I don't understand why my body does this.  Why when I was TTC#2 did I have a 5 day 'period' when AF was due and then got a BFP 2 weeks later (when I was 6 weeks along)?  It feels like that might be happening again (at least I hope so - I really want to be pregnant!) but it's torture dealing with all the guesswork of whether I am indeed pregnant or not.  If I am pregnant, why am I bleeding?  Why am I not producing enough hCG to get a BFP yet?  I don't understand why my body is so different than other women!  Ok, rant over.  Thanks for listening.  I think I could use some virtual hugs today :-)
I'm sorry that's so disappointing greensad.gif
Have you researched at all? Are you going to go to the doctor? I hope your body figures itself out. How frustrating greensad.gif

So I have drank sooo much today that my O testing is not going to go well. I am going to slow down on fluids and then test this evening. I just want to ovulate so badly because I don't want to have to do medical intervention and I am so nervous about infertility. Bah. TTC is totally stressful. Sorry to rant I'm just tired and irritated
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chuord - Come on o! Hoping the week goes by quickly for you!  Sending positive vibes your way. thumb.gif


Sparkle - We are the same DPO! Hoping we can graduate together this month! love.gif


jjh - Hopefully if you just don't drink anything for a few hours you'll get a nice strong pos OPK! Hoping that egg is getting ready to pop for you! 


AFM - I had to walk a couple of steps to close our door this AM when I first woke up (DS was screaming in our room and I didn't want him to wake up DD duh.gif) so I don't know that I trust my temp. That said, it is a big spike. I was hoping for that today so I'm going with it. Heehee. If my temp is up tomorrow I'll definitely say I ov'd on Friday sometime. I think I'll start progesterone tomorrow. That should be good. Supposed to be 2-3DPO and I had so much cramping in the evening on Friday that I think it was probably later in the day so if I start tomorrow morning it would be about 2.5 DPO. Hoping that will work! I know it doesn't matter when exactly I start but I'd hate for it to be too early or too late. dizzy.gif My cervix is closing and moving down so it's definitely done. I feel like we did everything we could from a DTD standpoint and with the progesterone support I feel really positive about this cycle. Trying not to let the stressing start! We have friends here for the next few days (one of the few people who know we are TTCing, which is nice) so that will be a good distraction. I feel like the first week of the 2WW is easy, it's after 7 DPO I get crazy! help.gif

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Haha, Katie, I was just thinking about how one more week until AF is due, and how am I gonna kill that time?!?! The second week is definitely the longest, and it's supposed to be -25C all week, so I can't even go for my lunchtime jogs to kill time greensad.gif
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You are welcome Sparkle! Re why I don't think it'll be my month... Ok get ready for the bizarre and lengthy - apologies lol, but aren't we looking for distractions too! Below is the post I made to the 'Scenic route girls' about my journey and why it is delayed in starting (background). Having said that I have become quite trusting of natural therapy smile.gif I've also met the most wonderful people who really care about resolving my issues, and so it has been a natural progression to start working on getting my body ready for pregnancy with natural therapy. With bowen they can open the uterus so it is ready to receive a baby, I have then had two very early losses (no +, but confirmed through kinergetics) I need to add that I got into this all by accident. Ranee who does my kinergetics/kinesiology can tap into the sub conscious and reprogram it. Apparently my early losses were to do with my dh wanting the baby to arrive quickly and not being able to wait, so he willed them out after a week or so (so wasn't happy at that point) lol! We have done work on my ovaries endocrine system, removed the block on dh swimmers etc. Believe me I know that it sounds weird - I'm right there with it... and yet it works for me lol. One treatment a while ago (before ttc) we picked up on the energy of a baby boy who would come to me around Feb. in a session. When I asked her if this month will work she said its too early (for him), I even asked what if we timed it all - she said it just wouldn't happen this month. lol I need to clarify she's not clairvoyant, just brilliant at tapping into energy etc. So I am still going to try (being a little sceptical) but if I end up pregnant next month with a boy... how bizarre would that be! Now you can see why I didn't post this info lol! Quite honestly I feel blessed that I am in a place where it seems easy to get pregnant,( twice out of two months without correct timing) I am so happy with where I am at and know it will happen soon.

Katie  - thanks for your happy thoughts, wishing you a +ve month goodvibes.gif



Originally Posted by chuord View Post

TF - I agree I think it sounds very promising... Don't read too much into this - but it felt like there was still 'something' to send energy to inside you during the night sometime lol (I woke up early since I went to bed at 6pm last night)
Indie - prepare for a short novel lol! Sep 07 married 2 years and we did a 2 month Europe trip - we relaxed and had fun. I remember lying awake one early morning and felt myself implant - twice lol... 2 hours ish apart. Felt pregnant too - I felt really Ill flying home from hong kong and knew I'd lost it. We were in Adelaide, end of that year we moved to Queensland for dh surgical training (oral and Maxillofacial - dentistry and medicine required) I project managed everything perfectly - but didn't allow any spare time for recovery/emotions. So I had a burn out lol would have recovered in a fortnight but as soon as I was well I organized all the stored boxes, so burn out again.. Took me the better part of that year to lose the nervous anxiety, get the feeling of overwhelm when in a shopping centre under control - lol my mum had to buy me some undies! (I'm a girl guide (scout) at heart and cheerful and hardworking - so it was really weird) then we moved to Brisbane, I got chronic headaches which I thought were sinusitis. We bought a house, did it up and moved in, I worked on improving general health, but had dizzy issues, went to Tassie (home) for Christmas and was so dizzy I got stuck there for 3 months (thank goodness for parents!) that's when I went to the purple house and de-programmed some issues - enough to fly home (with mum)... Saw a neuro got diagnosed with vestibular migraines, apart from being so dizzy doing anything was almost impossible (6 months where a good day meant I could wash my hair while holding the shower rail, a brilliant day meant I could go buy milk) and the head pain, I lost the ability (temporarily I hope) in the brain to smooth out things like the flicker of Fluoro lights... Which also affected tv etc, anyway they tried me on several meds that didn't fix it but held it at bay enough for me to start to get a life - you know shower, cook , shop for food lol! However they were contraindicated to pregnancy (cleft lip) so I worked on getting well enough to wean off them (sept 2012) and finally we can continue what we started in 07 and work on children! I did take up quilting so I had something fun to do while ok, sonetimes i would lie in bed due to a headache and plan quilts in my head lol! am heaps better now (except the random headache), the whole time I kept remembering there are people worse off than me and not to dwell on it too much - but there were still days it got me down. Lucky for me we survived without me working, oh and my doctorate in project management has sat there for 5 years unfinished - oops.
So that is why I feel close to you girls - I understand the medical tests side, the impatience and the emotional roller coaster. I used to be so upset when my friends told me they were preggers! Cos I couldn't even try.
We will all get there - one way or another...
Happy baby dust girls!
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Chourd Wow, what a journey! Thank you for sharing. I understand your hesitancy but I think most/all of us here embrace the idea that there is much beyond what we understand and can explain with traditional science. I am so glad that you feel secure and confident with where you are at and knowing this will happen for you when the time is right.  Thank you again for the energy, I genuinely appreciate it. Wishing you much luck this cycle but also feeling like February is your month. Fx!!


This is amazing, it is 6:43am and I am the only one (well person) awake in my house!! When I mentioned waking DD last week to head to work/school, that was a little before 6 am, so not really sleeping in. She is usually up between 5-5:30 am and I get up by 4 to get ready for the day. Sleeping in past 5am is always a treat! So it's just me and my dust bunny kitty. Happy Monday, mamas!!

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Thanks sparkle! I get energy too whenever I treat anyone else lol so it's win win..
Have a fab day 😃 I'm off to bed shortly.... 10pm here - and still hot, I'm so jealous of your winter right now lol! I think our climate is a lot like Florida?
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Chuord, thank you! that's so sweet of you! You've had such a long road, and I'm glad that you're here with us ttc! I love your positive attitude and optimistic approach :) Good luck!


Sparkle, woo hoo for sleeping in!! I'm off work today for the holiday, so I got to enjoy sleep too! :) How many dpo are you now?

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Lidamama Agreed. The second week is definitely the hardest. hug.gif Hang in there, and stay warm!!


Dahlia Officially 3 DPO today, FF put up the crosshairs this morning, so I O'd on CD 15 (Friday) as I'd suspected. Very excited and optimistic, feeling really good about this month. Are you still temping or did you stop? I plan to continue, as the information and charting format is so interesting. Sending you tons of good vibes goodvibes.gif


I am enjoying the day off, playing and reading with DD. She just built a fort in the living room so I am doing a quickie check in, so to speak lol.gif Trying to hold onto my zen om.gif  as long as possible, suspecting I won't be feeling it much by next week, though I have lots of end of semester work to keep me busy!!

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I'm not temping; I dont' want to have more to obsess over honestly. I know that I'll read into every temp change, and if my temp dropped I'd be disappointed. I just want to hold onto the hope as long as I can I guess. I'm feeling really good so far, very positive feeling :) I'm sending you good vibes as well!!!

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Well, I GUESS I should be grateful that I have to work today, to keep my mind off the TWW, but honestly I'd rather be at home :) What holiday is it for you guys?  It's wierd, I feel like my kids are picking up on us trying for another baby. Both DDs are especially cuddly lately :D

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Just have a second. Yay for everyone sleeping in today! DD was basically up from 3am on. Fun times. :P But I did get to go back to bed for a bit since I have to work tonight so it could be worse!


Can someone look at my chart? I don't know why FF hasn't given me CH. I think I'm 2 or 3 DPO today. What do you think? I think I'm going to start the progesterone today but I really thought I'd have CH to make me feel good about that decision. 

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It's Martin Luther King JR day, so lots of businesses are closed. It also conincided perfectly with my football team having a playoff game that was on last night, so I could stay up late to cheer them on, and I didn't have to worry about being miserable and tired at work today! yay haha! plus they won wooo, so going to the superbowl! it was a nice distraction last night :)

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I think I posted the wrong link. Try this!

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Katie You know this is all totally new to me but your chart looks similar to mine, with a pre-O dip and slow-ish rise. I'm assuming you won't get CH until tomorrow, with 3 temps above your cover line, even though Saturday's temp was rising. I'm guessing FF will put your O on Saturday, but again, this is based on my very limited knowledge and experience. I think you're safe to assume you are at least 2 DPO today. I hope that helps!!


So random aside again, I was just reading about slow temp rising (mine took 4 days from pre-O dip to spike above cover line, your's was only 2 days) being associated with slow progesterone rise and increased twin possibility which supports my bilateral O pain experience. The idea being that the progesterone signals to the other developing follicles that ovulation has occurred and prevents multiple eggs from being released, with a slower rise, this doesn't happen and the possibility for multiple eggs to be released is more likely. Very interesting!!

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that's really interesting, sparkle!


Good luck, Katie!! I'm too new to reading charts to be of any help though, sorry!

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Well girls...AF has officially moved in for a visit. I was actually relieved to finally see her since I was pretty certain that I wasn't preg and didn't know what would be keeping her away. Bought a new basal body thermometer and started using it today. I will feel much better when I see what is happening with my cycles. You all are wonderful and so supportive. I will probably hang around to see how all these promising TWW turn out! Good luck and lots of baby dust sent your way!!!
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Hugs Liv. You will like temping!

Thanks girls. I think I'm maybe 2.5 DPO so I could probably start now but maybe I'll just wait until I get home tonight to be safe.
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Aw, hugs, liv. I hope AF moves on quickly so you can start focusing on next cycle. Temping is great because it really gives you a feeling of control, and having a greater understanding of what your body is doing is very empowering.

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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post

Aw, hugs, liv. I hope AF moves on quickly so you can start focusing on next cycle. Temping is great because it really gives you a feeling of control, and having a greater understanding of what your body is doing is very empowering.

Thanks! I have temped before and loved it. DH has gotten on board with TTC#3 but said he would rather wait and start trying this summer. That timing would probably be better for me too since I am a teacher and a spring baby would be great. I also thought it would give me a few months to chart and figure my cycles out. However, if God wants to bless before then that would be great too 😜!
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