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Weeellll I guess I'll join this thread ladies. I think ovulation will be today. Hoping to see a temp rise tomorrow. I was chilling over in the CTA thread for the last two cycles, but then I told my DH on Sunday that if he felt like knocking me up to come home after work and have his way with me. And to my great surprise he did! LOL. So we've now DTD three times during my fertile window and I guess we'll wait and see what happens this month! Won't be too upset if it doesn't happen, and might actually be a little panicky if it does, heh. I was anticipating a more formal transition to officially TTC than this, lol!

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Congrats Angel!


I'm currently 4-5 dpo and trying NOT to symptom spot. Got a bad uti and I'm taking macrobid. I tried to fight it off for 3 days but cran and water wasn't doing the trick and I passed some blood clots this morning and was in a fair amount of discomfort, so I gave in and started the antibiotic. Hope it doesn't interfere with anything that might be going on in my uterus. Keeping my FX that we BD enough to catch the egg this time. If not we can try again next month. Trying to "think positive". smile.gif

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I'm trying not to. Doing pretty good this mirth because I'm so friggin busy. I'm glad it's taking my mind off things.
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Serenyd, hoping that your little bean is growing well and not influenced by the UTI.  At this stage, your bean won't be implanted yet and will rely on the yolk sack for nutrition, so nothing you take will be passed on.  I hope you feel better soon! 


I'm also trying not to symptom spot.  I had some awful heartburn for two nights and slight nausea for two days, but that's all gone.  I think it's easier not to have those things and prepare for a BFN than to think that all these things are symptoms and be dissapointed.


Blonhrt88, I'm glad you found something to keep you occupied!  Oh, how I wish I could be one of those women who realize a month down the line that A/F didn't show.  Instead, I'm always well aware of what's going on.  It makes everything seem so much more complicated!

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Wishing luck and patience to everyone in the tww!
AFM I got a BFP this morning! Now just hoping my little one is making it nice and comfortable in there for the long haul.
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jumpers.gifCongrats, Wildgreen!!! Sending sticky vibes!

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wow, congrats wildgreen!! how many too were you when you got your bfp?

beautifulcanvas, I agree it's hard when you think you have symptoms but then get a bfn. good luck!

blonhrt, glad you're keeping busy! it definitely makes a huge difference smile.gif

serenyd, hope you feel better soon! fx for a bfp for you!

afm- I'm 7 dpo today! feeling pretty good, trying to ignore things that could count as symptoms and drive me crazy if I let them. still having lotssss of creamy cm, and dull cramps. my legs were a little achey last night but that could be in my head cause it was a definite symptom last month before I got my bfp.
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wildgreen, I meant dpo, not too. Damn autocorrect
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Yah! Congrats Wildgreen!!!

It is bitter cold here, it hurts! I am feeling so weird today. Very nauseous since this morning, hard not to read into that even though it is SO early. Food helps but only briefly. Coffee smelled awful, like cigarette smoke, and everything just seems to smell gross ( I almost left a meeting this morning because the room smelled off and I thought I mightget sick). I know this can't possibly be symptoms, I'm only 5 dpo, but so, so strange. Dahlia I keep trying to ignore it and then I feel another wave of nausea. So hopeful!
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sparkle, who knows, maybe your body knows smile.gif fingers crossed for you! feel better though! I feel off today too. so tired even though I got a full night's sleep. where are you from? it is sooo cold here too, UGH
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Thanks Dahlia! It's just very unlike me to be nauseous. I so want to think maybe but seems not possible realistically. I'm in central NY. We won't see temps above 0 today. And it's windy. Brrrr. Fx!
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It's getting cold here too! A whopping 70 degrees Lol.
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Sparkle, that sounds promising!! We used to be in Western NY until recently. I don't miss the winter there!


Blonjrt - Wow! That sounds nice! Where are you?


Tired today, too. Just 4 DPO so trying not to think about it. Temps are high but I think I'll stop taking them now that I've confirmed ov. I know the progesterone is going to keep my temps high anyhow. Just need to be patient!

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Sparkle, that sounds promising!!! I'm experiencing periods of nausea and smell sensitivity too. And, as of yesterday, intense hunger. I ate supper, had a snack, bathed the kids, told DH I needed to eat or I was gonna puke, had a snack, put the kids to bed, had another snack...This morning I was driving past Tim Hortons and suddenly decided I NEEDED a bagel with cream cheese and an Iced Cappucino...this was after breakfast, mind you, and I usually never eat out :) I'm sure it's all progesterone, but it sure is messing with me...ANND it's super-duper cold here too. My car thermometer was reading -27C, and with the wind chill they were saying it was -40C.  cold.gif

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Sounds like there are lots of positive things going on around here! Welcome to all the new ladies ttc! :-)
Crazy crazy hot down here at the moment, heading off to the zoo this morning with my boys and a friend. Feeling pretty ok, have had a wee bit of nausea in the past few days and lots of cramps twinges, which I hope is this little one getting nice and comfortable in there. Only CD25 still. So still waiting to see a super dark line on a test. They are getting darker as the days go on, on to super cheap tests now which aren't as sensitive. Will use my last FRER test on cd30. Feeling quietly optimistic, but still very nervous. Hopefully once I contact my midwife we can book in for an early ultrasound scan. Baby dust to all :-)
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That's fantastic! Congrats, Danielle!


Your comment about it being CD 25 for you made me go and check what day I'm at...I'm at CD 26...AF is due this Sat...Woohoo, I thought I had another week left to wait! Yippee!!! Can't wait to test Sat morning :)

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Lida - how many DPO are you now?

Danielle - Seems crazy it's hot there! Hope you have fun at the zoo. Lots of sticky vibes!
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Miami beach!
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Btw, if we had sex less than 5 days ago, think a sperm will be waiting if I ovulated yesterday? My LO has been really needy and we haven't been able to dtd nearly as much as we hoped. Kinda bummed out about that...
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Don't lose hope! There could definitely be some swimmers in there! FX for you. Miami sounds nice right now!
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