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Congrats on the BFPs Danielle


Sorry to hear about the Lice Blonhrt


Danielle, an early beta isn't really what I want to do. I feel like waiting to test until next Friday will be the best thing for me. I don't want to get a false BFN and be sad all week for no reason. AF is due on the 2nd of Feb, but my cycles seem to vary from 25-27 days, so Friday seems about right. FX!


Having some vague, non-specific symptoms, and laughing at myself for symptom spotting when I'm only 7dpo! 


I know one thing for sure, I just want to eat all the time! Nom Nom Nom! lurk.gif


If I'm not preg, I'm probably going to take a couple months off to diet and get back down to my "starting weight" before I continue this. TTC has been hard on my waistline! Am I the only one? I feel like if I might have a baby in there, then I shouldn't deprive it of what it wants, and potentially skimp on the nutrients I need for babymaking. 

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I miscarried :-(


Betas were only 36 on Tues (my 4th and final day of bleeding) and then 30 on Thurs.  My doctor sent me for an emergency ultrasound today because she was really worried about an ectopic.  They mostly ruled that out and actually found my uterus was empty.  I'm so sad.  We'll try again right away but I was really hoping for this little baby... it's hard not to fall in love them right away.


Better luck to the rest of you.

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Danielle how exciting!!

Sereny hang in there! You're so close to testing!!

Akk I'm so sorry about your early miscarriage greensad.gif I hope that means a very fertile month next month so that little one will stick in for the long haul! Hugs to you!!

AFM sorry I've been MIA all! I've been so tired and I am trying to stay less stressed this TWW than previous ones. Sorry for not responding to everyone! I finally got a pos OPK so we will get our final scheduled baby dancing in tomorrow and be done with scheduling that for a couple weeks lol! I'm so excited about my pos OPK because it is exactly on time according to my calendar which means once again the vitex is working!! Sorry to sound like a broken record about vitex but I am just so happy and positive about it this second cycle on it. I may not be around much because I am determined not to symptom spot this time around... Won't happen but I will try! I hope everyone else's TWW is going well and you guys aren't spotting too much and making yourselves crazy wink1.gif
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More in the morning but wanted to say big, huge hugs AKK. So so sorry about your loss.
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Angelkissedkids I am so so sorry for your loss! Much love and strength to you in the coming days and weeks. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Huge hugs!

AFM- after a lovely evening out with dh, I came home to some devastating news, a friends son has today been diagnosed with leukaemia. He is just six years old. My heart absolutely breaks for the family. Early days so we will all know more soon, life just isn't fair sometimes. It's times like these that I know how truly blessed I am. Much love to all you wonderful ladies here ttc!
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I'm so sorry, AKK.
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AngelKissedKids I am so very sorry to hear that. I wish you much comfort and support. grouphug.gif Please know we are all here for you. I hope you are able to take time to heal and grieve this loss. I'm so sorry.


Jjh That is awesome news! Yah for + OPKs!! I am glad the Vitex works so well for you. Happy Baby Dancing to you!! winky.gif Fx that you catch that egg!!


Dahlia That sounds very promising!! Try to hold out, if you can. I know it's SO hard. You're so close!!


Danielle hug2.gif to you and hoping you can help your friend through this. What awful news!!

Serenyd lol.gif I hear 'ya! I too feel like I shouldn't deprive a growing babe of whatever it is I am craving, must be for a reason, right?


AFM 8 DPO. Temps quite high, another rise this morning after yesterday's dip. I had a ridiculous amount of CM this morning, came in sort of a gush (TMI, I know!). I'm a little crampy, yesterday and today. Also exhausted. Still queasy. But my biggest sign is a non-sign. I usually have quite a lot of fibrocystic breast changes the week before AF, especially on one side, starting by 7 DPO. I have one cyst that prompted a mammogram (it was that easily felt and large). So far, nada. I know pregnancy improves or eliminates these changes. Again, hard not to read into but trying! Feeling really good this morning. So glad this TWW is in the home stretch!!


Happy Weekend, Mamas!! Sending you lots of goodvibes.gif

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Morning, ladies.


Blonhrt - Hugs on the lice. That stinks!! They just had an outbreak at DS's preschool and I was obsessively checking his head. eyesroll.gif


Serenyd - I hope your patience pays off with a BFP! MY AF is due 2/1 so we're about on the same schedule!


AKK - More hugs. 


jjh - Yay for a + OPK! So glad the vitex is working for you. I love the stuff, too! Hopefully it brings us both BFPs this month!


Dahlia - Sounds like things are good over there! Backing you up if you decide to POAS or not this weekend. winky.gif


Sparkle - So exciting! Sounds so promising! When will you POAS?


AFM - 7 DPO today. STill feeling oddly relaxed, and I wonder if that's because it's not going to happen this month. Who knows. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic and careful to protect my feelings. It's so early but I just don't really feel anything at all. Even with the progesterone. Tired but I'm always tired. No sore boobs, etc. Sigh. We'll see. Still trying to hold out testing until next weekend, since then AF will probably come first, although maybe not with the progesterone. Anyhow, going to try to enjoy a day off today and not think too much about it!!

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Oh Danielle that is horrible greensad.gif it just makes me so sad to hear things like that. Ill be keeping that little boy and his family in my thoughts... You as well.

Sparkle I feel like this could be your month! I am hoping for non signs too because my last few months have been horrible pre AF signs!

Katie how long have you taken vitex? Also I hope the progesterone does it for you! I was thinking about buying a natural kind but it seems like it doesn't do the trick for most and I am also not sure that I need it because of my excessive pre AF, progesterone related signs.

I woke up way too early this morning considering I don't have to be at work until 3... DH is loud in the mornings lol! I'm trying to figure if I should make a doctors appt for May (our 1 year TTC mark) to ensure that I can get in ASAP once the time rolls around or if I should just wait it out and remain optimistic that something will work. It's so hard to remain optimistic sometimes!
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AKK, I'm so sorry for your loss. It is devastating, because you fall in love with the little bean immediately when you get the bfp. If you ever need to talk, I'm here. I had that happen to me last month, and I truly feel for you. It will get better, just let yourself cry, or feel angry, or whatever you need to do. Take good care of yourself, and know that I'm rooting for you. lots of love and hugs.

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I don't know what to say except that I an so sorry AKK.
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Danielle - I'm so sorry about your friend's son. How terrible. I often think about how we could make it through something like that. I'm not sure I could sometimes. Hoping for a quick treatment and recovery for him. 


jjh - I used vitex for a month when we were TTCing DS. First try baby! Sounds crazy now. ThenI took it for 7 mo when TTCing DD. Been on it since August now. I hear you on the progesterone creams. They're not regulated so for a lot of them they don't even increase blood levels much or anything at all anyhow. I hope you catch that egg! I would probably make the appt for May to be sure I had it but that's just me. 

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Yes Danielle, our entire house and everyone in it smells like tee tree oil lol. That stuff is amazing. Your tests look prefect, just relax and know everything's going to be great.

Dahlia, you crack me up. My brother in law is dating someone in Pennsylvania and she says the same thing. She doesn't drive any different and her car doesn't have special tires, she just hopes for the best. And she is trained what to do if the car looses control.

Serynd...I hope you'll get To your goals and be back ttc soon if this isn't the Month for you. I am happily in the best shape I've ever been, be ause after my son was born we started baby led weaning, and it has stuck with us, both DH and I. We are healthier than we were pre baby.

Hugs angel. I hope your healing is smooth.

Sparkle, I'm curious to hear the effect your previous pregnancy/lactation had on it?

Katie, thanks, it's so frustrating, no one I knew had it, my kid doesn't have it, I really don't understand what happened, it sucks! I'm so better now thou. Only 24 hours later and now I'm just dealing with dry scalp, which coconut oil is alleving really good. I did a too shampoo rinses about 4 hours apart yesterday, and my wonderful DH has been checking my head all the time. I couldn't have done this without him!
I hope AF stays away from you!

Jjh, maybe wait it out a few more months? May is DS birthday so it's on my radar too. I'm just afraid making that appointment might effect your emotions and your ttc in a bad way compared to taking it easy the next couple months.
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Blonhrt I don't know if this brand is available where you live but I've used Quit Nits brand products to repell lice when there have been outbreaks at DD's school. They are natural, tea tree oil based. Good stuff. They also make natural treatments. I do hear you on the bring on the chemicals reaction though!

As for the fibrocystic changes, it was never much of an issue before DD or while pregnant or breastfeeding. It was more of an overall texture change that would happen premenstrually then. It totally disappeared when pregnant and nursing. About 4 years ago I found a lump on one breast that wad worked up and turned out to be fibrocystic and completely benign. Scarey experience though. Since then, each month, starting around 6 DPO, I notice the cysts get larger and tender. They resolve a day or two after AF begins. Since I notice no fibrocystic changes thus far, texture, actual cysts or pain, it seems like a really good sign!
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Sparkle - I am going to look into that product for DS as well! Thanks for mentioning it. I hope the lack of breast changes are positive for you!! Sounds promising for sure.


I am feeling kind of down today. So silly, really, since it's so early and implantation wouldn't have even happened yet! But last cycle I "felt" all sorts of symptoms. Of course I wasn't pg so I shouldn't even think about that! But it's like I'm counting myself out and the 2WW is only half over. Who knows. I know I'm being silly. I hate TTCing! irked.gif

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katie, I've gone through so many of those ups and downs this cycle as well!! It's so emotionally draining. I'd be lying if I said I was still feeling zen haha. Keep your chin up, and try to stay calm and think positive. I know how hard that is though. Good luck, I hope your 2ww flies by!


Blonhrt I'm glad your itchy little problem is starting to get better haha


AFM, I am in no way feeling calm, zen or grounded haha. I'm itching to test.. Today in the shower, I noticed realllllly tiny whitish/yellowish bumps clustered all over my areolas. so weird!! My nips feel fine, they don't hurt (although they hurt really really bad on sunday and monday).. they just have the little bumps! wth?!

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I promise I'm not a weirdo, I'm just a student IBCLC so I'm very interested in everything to do with breasts. Lol
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blonhrt, IBCLC? Lol I feel like we all need the "i promise I'm not a weirdo" tag on our thread! The things we talk about.... ROTFLMAO.gif



Anyone have any idea about my bumpy nips? lol

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ROTFLMAO.gifI agree Dahlia!! International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) I have no insight re: your nipples. I figure anything new is a potential symptom though.  Blonhrt You're too funny! I didn't think you were weird smile.gif I am a nurse and used to work in Labor and Delivery and then Postpartum. I've assisted countless women initiate breastfeeding. It's so gratifying! Good for you!! thumb.gif  Katie hug.gif Hang in there! This is all so draining! You're in the home stretch!! And Dahlia, I fully support whatever you decide, btw. POAS or not! It is painfully hard to wait. AFM I feel so 'wet' which is weird for 8 DPO. Lots of creamy CM. Also hoping it's a good sign!!

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Sparkle, I've had toons of creamy cm since 4dpo! I'm hoping its a good sign for us both!! Being a lactation consultant sounds like such a gratifying job! And thanks for the support, as always :)

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