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Haha, dahlia I know exaaaaaaactly what you mean. Fun fun.
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Dahlia OMG, you have nothing to apologize for!! This is what we're here for, to support each other through these lows and celebrate each others highs smile.gif You are not being a downer. You are being honest. Real life is messy and that's okay. I am still feeling really good about your symptoms and think you'll see your BFP tomorrow morning! love.gif And ROTFLMAO.gif for your signs, I doubt you're a side show!! Sounds promising to me. I'm experiencing similar gushes.


Katie Thanks for checking it out again. That's what I thought but then I wonder if maybe I was misunderstanding. I am SO excited!! I have my FRER, timer and little disposable cup all set for tomorrow morning!! I had a dream last night that I POAS using a FRER and got a BFP. It's hard to stay positive and hold onto that zen through the crazies of the TWW. You are so close!


Fx Nova!!


Great plan with freezer meals, Dahlia. I do that sometimes but often I am not quite that organized, though I aspire to be blush.gif I was better with that when DD was small, I used her nap time to get meals prepped and to bake bread and healthy(ish) sweet treats. I also have an hour commute on both ends of my day. I am up by 4am, out the door by 6 with DD and we rarely get home before 6:30pm. Trying to get dinner together, help DD with her 30-60 minutes of homework, read with her before bed and get DD into bed by 8pm is a challenge. I am typically wiped out by the time DD is in bed. I try to plan these things on the weekend but I am always playing catch up with laundry and cleaning and I want to chill out and have fun as a family, not get too militant with my housework. The playdates and b'day parties (with an hour drive to and from also) add to weekend craziness. Occasionally it is nice to hang out with my own friends as well! And so I have accepted a less than perfectly cleaned home, clothing, etc. Right now, I have a mountain of laundry to fold. It's calling to me. hug.gif mamas!!

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Thanks again Sparkle :)


Katie, my fingers are crossed for you!!!! I'm still hopeful with my symptoms. They're just weird,  physical things that can't just be in my head ya know? Unless I'm forcing my nips to be strange with my obsessive ttc brainwaves lol


blonhrt, the gushes are so awkward!! And they seem to happen most in public lol, naturally. I feel like I get the deer in headlights look everytime haha

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Haha me too. It's a good thing though, our bodies are doing what they are supposed to.

Sparkle, that description made me a little exhausted. We changed lifestyles completely when we moved to miami beach. We pay twice as much in rent/mortgage for half the square footage. But, we never drive. We are blocks from the beach, publix, whole foods, 3 different parks/ splash pads and a million restaurants and events. It's not for everybody, but it's liberating to only have what we need and walk everywhere. Hearing your busy schedule makes it a little easier to live in my closet of an apartment :/
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Sparkle, we have pretty similar schedules. It's just craziness! I love my job, but plan to get one closer to home semi-soon.


Ugh, I'm totally exhausted. My husband got home, and we just had dinner. I got uncomfortably full really fast after not eating much, and now I'm a little queasy. I hope I'm not getting a stomach bug.

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I just showed my husband my freak show nips, and he agress that's a new development haha. At least I know I'm not crazy thinking the little bumps weren't there before!

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Dahlia I'm so sorry about the confusing hpts greensad.gif I have a good feeling for you this month, give it a couple days. I also know how you girls feel about people who get pregnant so easy not understanding. I know this is horrible but there is a girl I work with who just had a baby and she wasn't trying at all with her boyfriend and now she hardly even pays attention to the baby. It makes me so angry because it is so hard for me to get pregnant and I know I would just have so much love for a baby and I think every child deserves a loving home. Ugh people just make me so angry!! Sorry rant over!
I would reply to everyone but I am so exhausted. My neighbor upstairs has been so obnoxious lately and my dog barks when he is loud... Agh! No symptoms for me but I am not 2 DPO! I'm thinking about you all!
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wave.gifJjh! Sending you lots of goodvibes.gifFx!!


Dahlia It is reassuring when someone else can confirm what you are experiencing. Fx that today is the day you see your BFP!!


Blonhrt Thank you. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be as tired or worn out as I feel much of the time!! I do truly love my job and it allows my DD to attend the private school where I teach (which I'd never be able to afford otherwise, tuition is more than I made yearly at my previous job). I am so grateful for that piece. It is crazy and tiring and I do not have a spectacular or large home in exchange. We have a tiny home we've built ourselves, literally, which is apartment sized at best. What we do have is a lot of property, ~20 acres of woods and 2 ponds. DD has always had opportunities to explore the natural world, to play, get dirty, and have fun outside. That is my trade off. Honestly though, if DH was on board, I'd prefer what you described!! smile.gif


AFM 10 DPO and same symptoms. Dahlia, I've had that same issue the past few days where I get full really quickly whenever I eat and feel queasy most of the time. Alternatively, if I don't eat, I feel really nauseous. Crackers and candies have helped.  I don't think it's a bug as it's gotten more intense and shows no signs of going away. I took a nap yesterday, which I never do, and slept for 2 hours!! I was still exhausted but pushed through to watch Downton Abbey last night. Was out like a light immediately after. Another temp rise this morning, my chart is officially triphasic. I tested this morning with a FRER and BFN greensad.gif Feeling discouraged. Perhaps it's too early. Super busy week so I'll be distracted and less able to obsess.


dust.gifSending up tons of babydust and hopes for lots of BFPs this week!!!

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Sparkle, don't worry, it's still early for you! I know how hard it is not to get discouraged, though. I'm right there with you hug2.gif My new motto is becoming "another day, another bfn" hah. I hope you get a bfp very soon! What you described about feeling queasy if you don't eat, but then getting really full and feeling a little sick is what I've been feeling off and on. It really only started last night after dinner, so we'll see if it continues. I have high hopes for you this month! I think your home sounds wonderful, by the way! I grew up on a small farm, on 10 acres of wooded land and fields. I loved it, and wouldn't have had it any other way. It definitely instilled a strong love and respect for nature in me, and I bet your kiddos will feel the same!


JJ, I completely understand what you mean about how unfair it is that some people get pregnant without trying, and take it for granted. Luckily my friend adores her son, and is very excited about the baby on the way, so that's not an issue. I think what gets to me, is how little she actually knows about ttc! Last month she was nagging me to test at 8 dpo, and when I told her it's too early she was baffled, and asked what difference it makes, and was annoyed with me for not testing. I know I'm just jealous that it was so easy for her, and that's not really ok for me to feel, but I can't help it. Good luck this month! And I hope your neighbor shuts up lol.


AFM, 12 dpo, and *whomp whomp* another bfn with fmu. I'm getting frustrated, and starting to wonder if I'm just crazy and not pregnant this cycle.

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AKK so sorry!!

Afm- ok ladies AF should have came yesterday. Still no sign of her!! My boob are super sore. I haven't said anything to DH. He did mention out of the blue this am that my boob feel bigger. I do have lots of ewcm, and I'm usually dry before AF. I'm on my way into work. Going to buy a test on my way to my office!! Wish me luck! I had pinching last Tuesday and Thursday for very brief moments!
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Sparkle and dahlia :-) were all rootin for you.

So many new ladies! Good luck!!
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Good luck cindy lu!!

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Wow, so many of you are so close to sharing some BFPs with the group.  The next few days are going to be exciting around here, I just know it :-)  Good luck, everyone!!!

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How are you doing angel?

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Dahlia and Sparkle - Hugs on the BFNs. irked.gif I hope it's just too early. 


Cindy - So exciting! Post a pic for us!!


jjh - No worries, no one will judge you for symptom spotting at 2 DPO! LOL!


AKK - More hugs. Hope you're doing ok.


9 DPO here. Still tired but otherwise pretty symptomless. Blech. I will feel a wave of nausea or my boobs will ache but then it'll go away. So annoying. I think I'll probably be in the BFN club this cycle but I'm still waiting to see. The fact that I think I'm not is making it easier not to test! 

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Thanks, I'm just so annoyed! If I'm not pregnant then why are my nips weird lol

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I swore to myself that I wouldn't be a symptom spotter, but damn if I haven't been today. I'm 5 DPO and started having odd smells last night and this morning. I was smelling Cheerios and urine, how odd it that? lol. And this morning I've been having cramping/abdominal discomfort. I am prepared to write this all off as just being crazy, but one never knows, eh? wink1.gif

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Lol Good Luck, slammerkin! How long are you going to wait to test?

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Sorry to hear about your loss, Angel.


Dahlia, I hope you get a true BFP soon.


Blonhrt, I'm working towards my IBCLC too. I'm already a nurse. I just took Gini Baker's lactation educator class from UCSD online. Great class, lots of homework though! I'm in the process of starting a La Leche League group here in town, as we no longer have one. I'm hoping to get a fair amount of hours doing that.


Sparkle, I hope this is our month!


I'm still holding out testing until Friday and I'm determined not to cave this time. Friday's the day before AF is "due" about 14 dpo assuming I o'd about 24 hours after my positive OPK. 

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Thanks, Serenyd, I'm starting to lose hope again, but still have 2 days til my period is due. Good luck to you too!

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