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Dahlia I am also having a hard time remaining optimistic today. Trying but I was really thinking I'd see a positive if I am pregnant. Especially with the symptoms I'm noticing. *sigh* I'm thinking the triphasic chart is irrelevant. greensad.gif
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I feel your pain, Sparkle. It's so frustrating. You're earlier than me though, don't lose hope!

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Hugs, Sparkle. The triphasic chart can definitely be misleading. Mine looks really good today but hardly any symptoms so I'm afraid mine will be a red herring as well. But don't lose hope. 10 DPO is still early! Implantation could still be happening today! 


Dahlia, same for you. Don't lose hope just yet! But I understand needing to protect yourself from getting too hopeful as well. 


Serenyd, I hope your BFP is in the works!! We can hold out testing together!

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I am waiting at least until 10 DPO to test, if not more (if AF hasn't come by then). My first cycle off BCP only had a 10-day LP. The second cycle was so wack that I don't know when/if I ovulated. This cycle, who knows?

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hug.gifDahlia and Katie. Thanks for the kind words. I am crossing fingers toes and all areas in between fingersx.gif and sending goodvibes.gif for a string of BFPs this week!!


I just found this info from Fertility Friend re: Triphasic Charts:


"After analyzing almost 150,000 BBT charts, they found that 12% of all pregnancy charts showed a triphasic pattern. When looking at non-pregnancy charts, they found that only 5% of charts showed a triphasic pattern. So, based on this data, you have about three times more of a chance of being pregnant with a triphastic chart, than without.


Having a triphasic pattern on your BBT chart does not guarantee that you’re pregnant, but it does seem to be a good sign."



Interesting. Not at all conclusive. Similar story for "Implantation Dip" with ~10% of non-pregnant charts showing an "Implantation Dip" and ~25% of pregnant charts showing them.


More waiting. And still obsessing, despite previous claims this morning that my busyness would distract me!! dizzy.gifIt's just making my head spin, mamas!

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I'm with you obsessing Sparkle. I don't know what to do with myself, and I'm off today so I'm not even distracted with work.

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And every time I think I must be out, another wave of nausea. I am NEVER nauseous!! I have thought I was going to completely vomit several times today. WTF?! Ugh!!!

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Arg how frustrating! That's like me and the cm. I'll be like oh I'm just crazy, I'm not pregnant, then there's an awkward gush haha. I think my boobs feel bigger today.. could be nothing though.

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Which is exactly why this is SO frustrating! Everything could mean something, or not. My CM doesn't seem as gushy today. I don't know...I knew my zen would be nonexistant at this point. Sanity about gone too wink1.gif
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I hear you girls! We just went out to lunch and I almost couldn't eat I was so nauseous! But it could be nothing at all related. Grr!!
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In other news, I found my cervix. Lol. I'd never been able to until now! I'd apologize for tmi, but I think I've said grosser things haha


My line-eye is so bad, pretty soon I'll start to think that my pure white cat has stripes. I should really not test unless I miss my period lol

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Sorry, wanted to get on earlier but busy at work.  Goofy system upgrade testing getting in with way of 'important' tests :-)  Woho! I'm so not out of my mind.  All weekend I thougth I was just sick from the flu bug but Nope.  BFP!!  Now i know my nausiousness and sore boobs have been the real deal.  That line popped up so quick!  I did test at 10DPO (which was my last tester) and got an BFN.  So ladies, don't give up until AF comes.  LOL...I have the stick hiding in my desk drawer.  Every now and again I open my drawer, look, and verify that I wasn't seeing things.  I'll post a pic after work.  I have already made an 9:15 apt tomorrow to verify with the doc.


sparkle - Sore boobs are so in!! :-)


Dahlia - I will sadly admit that last months I found my cervix for the first time as well.  Also, my cycles are shorter than yours from what i can tell.  You are a few days behind me so don't give up just yet!  According to my FF, my DH and I probably dind't BD enough this month.  Boy was it wrong.  This maryland weather is horrible! 

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WOOO HOO! Congrats Cindy lu!!! That's awesome!



I'm just feeling hopeless about this month. Like I might as well break out the tampax.

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Wow the pregnant line is darker than the non pregnant one
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Dahlia - I was so thinking that it was all because of being sick. To the extent that we made plans to head to New Orleans for Mardi Gras the second week in feb late Sat night!

A sober MG will be interesting! :-/. Now, how to tell DH. Hmmm...I think I'll slip in that "bun in the oven shirt" I bought for Xmas.
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Congratulations Cindy Lu! What a dark line

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Wildgreen - thank you!

Sparkle - what dpo are you? And when did you last test?
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Congrats cindy lu;) beautiful line! Send some of your awesome baby dust this way!!
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Congrats Cindy-lu! joy.gif

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Congratulations Cindy-lu! jumpers.gif

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