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Dahlia huge hugs Hun, I really am so sorry that your body isn't playing very nicely for you. The waiting is terrible and does awful things to a woman. Sending you lots of positive vibes that you get the BFP you are so desperately seeking. Lots of love and strength while you wait.

cindy-lu Congratulations! Yay another October baby!

AFM Officially 4wks 1day pregnant now! And I'm sick :-( dh caught some bug at the leisure centre where he swims before work and has kindly passed on to me. So I feel like I've swallowed a pack of razor blades and just generally feel icky. Runny nose and sore head. And of course the tiredness which is seriously wiping me out completely. Today we've done supermarket shopping and a trip to the DVD store and nothing else.......... Yesterday I managed to cook dinner but not much else. Counting my blessings though.
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Sparkle, those are some crazy symptoms to keep getting a bfn. So frustrating.

Dahlia, I hope you get your bfp. Maybe your body needs more time to get enough hcg to test positive?

Katie, I do the same. I just tell myself I'm not to stop my brain from going bonkers!

Cindylu, did you test? Hopefully a bfp!!

Sereynd, that's awesome. Do you have a blog or anything? Mine is www.motherhoodineden.com. I would love to keep tabs on your journey, I love making other IBCLC friends who share the same passion. I started the LLL leadership process, but decided it wasn't for me. The LLL down here is very different. Nothing like from where I moved from, I loved those ladies! It's kind of strict here. Right now I'm teaching a breastfeeding course at a birth center and getting my masters in lactation and maternal health. Hopefully I'll sit for the exam next year smile.gif

Slammer kin, good luck!

Afm, something gross started happening to me today. Everything I eat has an after taste of chlorine. Like I swallowed to much pool water or something. It's not a sign of pregnancy so I've heard, so I don't know Wth it is....
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Sorry I missed your post Danielle.

I'm sorry your sick greensad.gif otherwise is pregnancy going good? Sounds like besides the bug your little baby is doing great? Are you experiencing any morning sickness?
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AHHHH I hate that! How did I miss an entire page???? This new app on my iPad is really screwing up the way I read the posts!

Dahlia, don't break out the tampax yet!! Hahaha. Still crossing my fingers for you! And you sparkle!

Congrats cindylu!!!! Haha, I bought a shirt for DS around Christmas and never got to use it. Hopefully I can this month :/
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Danielle, thank you so much for the kind words :) I'm sorry you're feeling cruddy! I hope you feel better soon!


Blonhrt, ugh that sounds gross! I have heard of food tasting weird as a symptom, but who knows!



AFM, just moping around being a downer haha. I feel like I'm basically out, and just really frustrated. It wouldn't be so annoying if I hadn't had that weird evap line thing a few days ago.

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jumpers.gifYeah Cindy-Lu!!! Congrats!!



Dahlia I've not given up but feeling pretty down myself. hug2.gif I'm not convinced you're out!


Katie Still crossing lots for you!!


Blonhrt Thanks, mama! Who knows. Maybe is is just early. I just feel so different this cycle and my temps seem so promising! I feel grumbly. I will have to check out your blog, sounds very cool. I started the LLL process also but my work commitments got in the way. I loved working with women in L&D and Postpartum. Now I teach health to Middle and Upper School students. Fun and rewarding but oh, so different. It's a lot of not your mom's Sex Ed.


AFM I am exhausted!! I cannot keep my eyes open. sleepytime.gif Night mamas!

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blonhrt :-) besides being tired allllllll the time, this little button and I are doing really well. Hehe the symptom spotting doesn't end, with my first pregnancy I had the same as I do now, not many symptoms just tiredness, and my baby was a boy, then second pregnancy less tiredness and more nausea and again a boy. So this time who knows hehe. Dh is really hoping for a wee girl this time around.
Weird about everything tasting like chlorine, hope that stops soon it sounds yucky!

Dahlia oh Hun, don't count yourself out until af arrives in full blown style. Crossing everything she doesn't show up at all! Do you have a hobby?
I'm knitting a bassinet blanket to keep me busy, which is great today the boys are trashing the lounge and watching DVDs and I'm curled up on the couch with my iPad and knitting. Only downside is it like 28degrees outside.
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Sparkle night night! All your signs are sounding very positive! Hope you get lots of rest :-)
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Danielle, I read a lot, and am interested in learning to knit/crochet, but have no idea where to start! I also enjoy painting, but haven't had the inspiration recently. I'm just in a big ol' funk. shrug.gif



Sparkle, I'm right there with you chica. It's so draining. I'm very very tired too, but fighting it. Good luck, hope you get your bfp tomorrow :)

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Congrats, Cindy-Lu!

So, I went and bought some blue dye generic FRERs because DH is going nuts not knowing what's going on, and almost as soon as I put it down and the pee hit the windows, I could see the "pregnant" stripe, but when I looked after 2 min, the line was so faint as to be just my imagination. WTF?! I am on cd 31 of what is a VERY regular 28-day cycle. I think I'm gonna test with fmu on Wednesday, and if its a BFN make an appointment with my dr. I'm NOT gonna spend any more $$$ on tests, though! Poo!

Sorry I'm so grumbly...weather sucks, my back is killing me...and the uncertainty is killing me.
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It's ok Lida, there must be a grump going around, I've got it too! Hugs, feel better and lots of luck
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Big hugs to all those feeling in a funk, emotionally and physically. I am counting down the hours until dh is home to take care of me. Only 2hrs to go. Think we can survive that long.
Dahlia I learnt to knit the basics from a girlfriend, started off doing hats. Best place though for anything knitting related is actually YouTube. Even now I am reasonably experienced I still revert back to videos on YouTube for advice on tricky things.
This is my current work in progress a baby blanket for the Moses basket I plan to get for this wee button.
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Those are ds2's little feet in the pic! Cute little sausage he is!
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Morning Mamas. Well, had a big temp drop this morning, another BFN and when I wiped realized I am spotting. Sitting down to write this I am feeling pretty crampy so I am reasonably certain I am genuinely out. I was feeling so good about this cycle, temping and timing BD, later O...Now I just feel like bawling.gif Good luck to all of you still in the running! I am still super hopeful Dahlia!!

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Aw, hugs to you, Sparkle! I just started bleeding too when I went to the toilet. So glad I decided not to test this morning!
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hug2.gifLidamama. I'm so sorry. This really sucks. And now I DO feel sick, head cold, body aches, blah! Some icky virus I'm sure. irked.gif

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Yeah, there's lots of icky stuff going around! Hope you feel better soon!
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Huge hugs sparkle & lida! Be gentle with yourselves in the coming days.

AFM - nearly 2am here and I feel like death, my head is thumping and I can't shakes the hot and cold chills. I have not been this ill in such a long time and I'm trying not to worry about baby but its hard not too! Keep telling my body to hold it together. :-(
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Aw you poor ladies who are sick, feel better soon!!


Sparkle, I'm sorry your period showed up :( I really had high hopes for you this month! Rest up, and clear your head for next cycle. *big hugs*


Lida, Hugs to you too! AF is a bitc*. Take care of yourself!


Danielle, I think I'll check out some knitting tutorials :)


AFM, I tested this morning, 13 dpo, and mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe got a shadow of a line on a wondfo? I'm not betting on it, cause it could have just been my eyes playing tricks on me, or a flaw in the test. I'll try again later, regardless. My boobs feel bigger today, which could very well mean my period is coming.

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Sorry lidmama and sparkle, I hate AF, hugs to you...

Danielle, I hope you feel better soon. Sounds awful. As long as you take care of yourself your wee one will be just fine.

Dahlia, I love the look of knitted. I just don't think I'd be too interested in myself. I don't have a lot of patience. Maybe you can knit a diaper cover for me, hehehe.
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