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Thanks, mamas. I'm not officially out, no full blown AF yet. Just my gut feeling. 11 DPO. Really light spotting this morning followed by mild cramps for an hour. Now nothing. Watery clear CM. No cramps. I just feel congested and achey now. Hugs to all and Fx!
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Sparkle, fingers tightly crossed for you!! It's a good sign that the spotting stopped! And you're 2 days behind me, don't give up!

Lida if I'm any good I'd be happy to lol but no promises I'll get the hang of it orngtongue.gif

So, I did another wondfo, and there is definitely a line..!? I'm hesitantly hopeful that it will turn into a dark bfp for me..
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I said Lida when I meant blonhrt lol whoops
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Thanks, Dahlia! My spotting this morning was really light pink and just the one wipe but I still suspect I am out. Time will tell! Dahlia Ooh, so exciting on your end! I SO hope it's a BFP for you!! Honestly, it's hard to believe all that BDing wouldn't result in a BFP for you wink1.gif Fx!
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How long is your typical Luteal phase? I bet you still have time :) I'm still holding out hope for you Sparkle!


I can't stop staring at this test... I really really thought I was out. But maybe, juuust maybe there's a glimmer of hope! I wish I could get a picture, but my phone sucks!

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So many positives! Congrats everyone smile.gif sparkle your chances sound good so don't lose hope!
Dahlia keep us updated! I'm so exited to hear smile.gif

Welcome to all the newbies too! I'm trying to keep my cool this TWW so just lurking and not venting has been helping me smile.gif

AFM it is a nasty day here but only rain, no snow. So that's totally a positive! Hubby and I are running errands because Monday and Tuesday are our days off of work so pish posh to this rain! I keep getting random lower abdominal cramping so I am hoping maybe just maybe I could be implanting early! I'm only 3 DPO so I know it is so false but a girl can hope smile.gif I just realized that if we were to conceive this month our little one would be born right after our 1 year wedding anniversary (don't tell my mom we've been trying since may lol!)... It would be a pretty awesome gift smile.gif I hope you all are weathering this crazy weather for the US people and Canadians! And I hope the weather elsewhere is cooling down! And feel better to all the under the weather ladies!!
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Good to hear from you jj :) Fingers crossed for you this month! If I'm pregnant, I'd be due on my and my husbands wedding anni too! Mine is October 8th, when's yours? It would be such a sweet gift :)

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So, we all know that i'm horribly afflicted with an addiction to peeing on sticks... wellllllllllll I just did a frer, and got a faint positive!!!! It's faint, but so there! And showed up pretty quickly too! Please pray for a sticky noodle! I'm still hesitating to get completely excited, but it's hard not to be!

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YEAY! Dahlia! When is your period due? Maybe hold on to this positive and don't test anymore until after AF is due. Your body could just be trying to adjust to hcg levels and some tests may be more sensitive than others. This way your not on this crazy emotional roller coaster and you can relax smile.gif

Jj I hope it's implantation for you!

Sparkle I hope yours spoting stays as spotting!
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Dahlia : I've not posted much on this thread but been following your posts pretty closely for the past two days. I really hope that faint line turns darker!! Praying for u!! 

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Hi Dekan, Thank you!!


Blonhrt, my period is due tomorrow!  Fingers crossed!

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Thats wonderful Dahlia!! You give me hope. I too will be due on oct. 8, that is if af dont show up... Fx
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I've missed a lot but I'm reading along when I can! Many hugs, Sparkle. I hope it's implantation spotting! Dahlia you simply must post a pic for us!!! Hoping AF stays away for everyone else! Mildly tender boobs and super emotional here today. But I've had a hard couple if days at work and AF may be coming so who knows.
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Thanks, Nova! I hope you get your bfp :)

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I'll save up my pee and get a good pic up here tonight :) FX!!

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a friend messaged me this morning on FB and told me she was pregnant and all my resolve to wait until Friday flew out the window! 

AF is due on Saturday and I'm not going to tell family until I've missed my period for sure, but these look pretty good, huh? 




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YAY serenyd!!
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Possible due date buddies!
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Originally Posted by dahlia810 View Post

Possible due date buddies!

So do you calculate from conception date (assuming that is O) or LMP?

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Congrats Serendyd and Dahlia!

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